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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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Beer Review 115: Yards General Washingtons Tavern Porter


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Holy crap... the 4th of July is almost upon us.  What better way to creep towards the official holiday of BBQ's then drink (and review) some of our Founding Father's Brews?  Yard's is a fantastic brewing out of Philadelphia that has been known for their Pale Ale and Brawler, with ESA (Extra Special Ale) as their flagship (look for them in a upcoming Featured Brewery segment).  Yards also did a very cool thing for us history nerds out there... they found beer recipes from a few of our Founding Fathers (George, Tommy and Benny) and re-created the brew to modern day standards.  So sit back, crack open an old school brew and when it gets too hot by the pool or BBQ, come inside and watch some reviews.  Founding Fathers!  Cherry Tree!  Historical Beer!


Beer Review 102: Left Hand Fade to Black Volume 3


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Today we revisit a favorite brewery on the Colorado Brewery Tour 2010 - Left Hand Brewing. Left Hand is moving across the US with the much anticipated (for this Beer Friend at least) Milk Stout Nitro, so in the meantime we figured we'd feature a special release as the SPotW to tide us over. Fade to Black is a great series in which Left Hand brews a dark beer with a different twist each year. Volume 1 was a Stout that poured of licorice and with a 8.5 ABV was nothing to mess with. Volume 2 was a Smoked Baltic Porter with 7.8 ABV and a decent smoky taste, and finally Volume 3, a Pepper Porter at 7.2 ABV. The ABV is a good thing because if the pepper taste doesn't slow you down, maybe the higher ABV will. Spicy! Series beers! Metallica!


Beer Review 85: Founders Dry-Hopped Pale Ale


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Today we return to Founders to continue reviewing their excellent line of delicious brews.  This week it's Dry-Hopped Pale Ale which is a aggressively hopped pale ale much like Dale's Pale Ale but with a different flavor.  This week we are also introducing the Beer Friends Home Game - grab one of the beers we're reviewing and drink it and post your thoughts below... want extra credit?  Grab Dale's Pale Ale and make a comparison review.  Founders!  Grand Rapids!  Home Game!


Beer Review 79: Founders Porter


Hello Beer Friends Nation! This week we had friends!  Chris O'Leary (@BrewYorkNY) of the famed Brew York, New York stopped in to enjoy a Founder's Porter with the Beer Friends.  Now we seem legit... like we have actual friends... this is a big day for us.  Anyway - we've reviewed a few Founders in the past (and this one, and this one, and don't forget this one) but this one was special... because of friendship.  Founders!  Grand Rapids!  Actual Friends!


Beer Review 73: Odell Cutthroat Porter


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Full Disclosure -last week we mentioned we liked beer, a lot, this week we mention we like Colorado Beer, a lot.  This week's SPotW is Odell Brewing Companies Cutthroat Porter.  Odell is located in Fort Collins, Colorado and was a excellent stop (twice in fact!) on the Colorado Brewery Tour.  Odell currently has a smaller distribution range (8 states and they mentioned something about England soon with their traditional English style brewing techniques) so if you find it, get it. Small Distribution!  Big Delicious Taste! Rare Beer!


BFF4 - Brad Bracket First Round


Hello Beer Friends Nation! It's that time of year where EVERYONE is swept up in the madness... yes - Beer Friends Final Four Beer Bracket is BACK!

Forget Louisville in the First Round and bubble teams, we're talking ales in the First Round and drinking the suds...

This year we (kinda) followed a regional bracket match up instead of the style like last year.

Brad's Bracket includes beers from Colorado and the Michigan area (somehow Great Lakes snuck in there...).  Vote your favorite brew through and pick that Cinderella team, sorry, stout.  Pick the winner and hold it over your friends heads until the next year (Brooklyn's Dark Matter anyone?) Beer!  Voting!

The 1 vs 16 match up pits Last Years winner, New Belgium's Fat Tire against a stout from Boulder - Avery's Out of Bounds Stout.  The Out of Bounds was delicious when infused with coffee, but Fat Tire seems like the fan favorite - should be interesting.  See more of this entry for voting!

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The 8 vs 9 match up has Breckenridge Breweries 471 Small Batch IPA against Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter.  This is a interesting choice because Edmund Fitzgerald is a multiple award winner - but the selection committee always gets a few wrong (they failed the "eye" test?)

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The 5 vs 12 match up sees Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout against Bristol Laughing Lab.  This is a Colorado knock down drag out... Yeti is known all over the US and Laughing Lab all over Colorado - both delicious beers - I'm guessing multiple overtimes.

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The 4 vs 13 match has upset special all over it.  Odell Cutthroat Porter against the ultimate mid-major in Equinox Nova Pale Ale.  These two breweries are miles apart (if even a mile) but the beers couldn't be different.  Dick Vitale is watching this one as a "upset special!"

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The 6 vs 11 match up has another two close breweries duking it out.  Oskar Blues Dale's Pale Ale against Boulder Beer Companies Cold Hop.  Both beers are available all over the US, but only one beer became available at my local grocery store which puts their RPI in the 20's!

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The 3 vs 14 match up is another mismatch.  Founders Breakfast Stout against Fort Collins Brewery Rocky Mountain IPA.  While Rocky Mountain IPA is a great beer, Breakfast Stout is built to win.

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The 7 vs 10 match up could go either way.  Two completely different beer styles in Bristol's Mass Transit against Founder's Porter - but great brews in their own rights.  Will the up-tempo smooth play of Mass Transit triumph over the slow down pace of Founder's Porter?

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The 2 vs 15 match up could be another upset special.  Bell's Oberion vs Ska Brewing Company Pinstripe Ale.  Oberion is a summer time favorite but Ska is quickly moving up the popular breweries ladder.  With Ska Brewing Company now available in cans... will this be enough for the 15 over 2 upset?

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Beer Review 21: Rogue Mocha Porter


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Happy Belated July 4th!  Beer Friends here exploring summer beers and although it's hot outside there are plenty of good dark beers still available.  The Beer Friends explore Rogue Mocha Porter and determine whether or not it makes the hot summer weather dark beer cut.

Check out our Live Blog of the Rogue Brewery at Blind Tiger here.


The Beer Friends Final Four: Round 2

Corporate Kerouac

An exciting round of voting yesterday to get us to the round of 16.  Brooklyn and Sixpoint were the big winners in the first round, both coming through with three wins.  The biggest upset was Troegs Hop Back Amber Ale over the Harpoon Celtic Ale.  Not so big but still significant was Sixpoint Sweet Action also over the slightly favored Magic Hat Vinyl, and the West came out strong and sent New Belgium Fat Tire on to the next round.  Ithaca Flower Power surged late but ultimately it was not enough to beat the lower seeded, but nationally popular Sierra Nevada Torpedo. Now, on to the second round.

No Surprises in the Stout/Porter Bracket despite Beer Friend Brad's best efforts. The Cinderella story stopped Dostal Alley Stout stopped before it had a chance to begin when it lost out to the heavily favored Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout. Round 2 pits two New York favorites against each other in Game 1 and two rarer, but still well regarded, brews against each other in Game 2.

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The Wild Card Bracket brought us some surprises. Sixpoint Sweet Action had a strong showing against Magic Hat Vinyl to move on to the next round. Also, Bud Light Lime scored no points even though their coach had promised that they would be able to keep it close in hopes to be able to steal a tournament win.

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The IPA Bracket was the most fun to watch throughout the first round. Three of the four games were back and fourth late into the evening and into this morning. It's West coast versus East coast in both match ups today featuring Sixpoint against Stone and Brooklyn against Sierra Nevada.

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The R.A.B. Bracket holds true to its name today with one of each style moving on to the second round along with the surly underdog. Troegs Hop Back Amber takes its unorthodox approach into the round full of traditional styles.

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The Beer Friends Final Four

Corporate Kerouac

It is March and here at the beer friends we are all swept up in bracket madness.  We picked 32 beers to fight through a bracket to see which one would come out #1.  Today is the first round of voting to help us decide the #1 BFFF Beer.



Beer Review 04: Flying Dog Gonzo Porter

Phil Foleen

Hello again all Friends of Beer!  This week's review features the Gonzo Porter from Flying Dog Breweries.  The audio is a little soft during the program so be careful with the intro and outro(we're working on solving the audio part, we'll have it fixed real soon).  Enjoy! [youtube=]