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New York, NY
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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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Beer Review 74: Sixpoint Righteous Ale


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Finally - 4 for 4, batting 1.000, we've got the shooting touch, hat trick plus one, and out of sports metaphors... Today we tried the final available (for now) Sixpoint Nanokeg - Righteous Ale.  What used to be called Righteous Rye, this beer has toned down a bit but certainly is as good in the can as off the draft... Batting 1.000!  Nanokeg! Beer-cycle!


***Bengali Tiger*** - ***Sweet Action*** - ***The Crisp***

Bonus Beer Review: Sixpoint Bengali Tiger in Cans!


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Today was a great day.  All day long tweets and Facebook post flew up announcing where people could find Sixpoint Bengali Tiger and Sehr Crisp Pilsner around New York City and the Beer Friends were suckered in... we ran around like tourist trying to find Times Square, and our faces lit up when we did.  Today we post a Bonus Beer Review of Bengali Tiger in 16 oz cans, finally a bit of Redhook in our fridge.  Beer at Home!  4 packs Tallboys! Sixpoint!

UPDATE! 5/30: You may notice that the Beer Friends may have reacted a bit differently to the Bengali Tiger in Cans than they did to the growler review they had done previously.  Come to find out, the beer that made it into the cans is a bit different from the beer that was enjoyed out of the growler.  Apparently, about 3 months prior to the release of these cans, Sixpoint tweaked the recipe of Bengali Tiger and changed 1 of the 4 hops they use in this IPA.  They replaced the Amarillo hops with Citra hops changing the flavor of the beer slightly.  So this became a review that wasn't just about the cans, but unwittingly a review about the new Bengali Tiger recipe.  So with that new information, get yourself a nanokeg and see if you can taste the difference.