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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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Beer Review 64: Brooklyn Sorachi Ace


Hello Beer Friends Nation! This week we returned to a favorite brewery of ours... Brooklyn Brewery, to try not a six pack, but one of their bottled beers, Sorachi Ace.  Sorachi Ace is one of Garrett Oliver's Brewmaster Reserves that the Beer Friends seem to LOVE.  Sorachi Ace didn't disappoint and because of limited available we suggest that you get this ASAP.  Check out below the video for more Brooklyn Brewery reviews! Brewmaster Reserve!  Catalogue of Beers!  Brooklyn!


Brooklyn East India Pale Ale

Brooklyn Brown Ale

Brooklyn Local 1

Brooklyn Dark Matter

Brooklyn Pilsner

Brooklyn Summer Ale

Brooklyn Black Ops

Brooklyn Pennant '55

Beer Review 29: Brooklyn Dark Matter


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Last week was supposed to be our final Brooklyn Brewery review of the month, PSYCH!  We pulled this one from the vault because it was a delicious beer and hope that they could recreate the formula at some point...

This week we reviewed Brooklyn Brewery's Dark Matter, which we had the pleasure of going to the release party and enjoyed some of the first taste, then found at a local bar and HAD to do a growler review...

Be sure to keep up-to-date with the Brooklyn Brewery expansion project here, and a big thanks to BrewYorkNewYork's Chris O'Leary (@ohhleary) for a mention in the excellent post about his beer blogging, which can be found here.


Dark Matter Private Release Party


Dark Matter Release Party The Beer Friends invade Williamsburg!  Here live blogging at the Dark Matter invite only release party from Brooklyn Brewery. In the spirit of Black Ops (shhhh) and Manhattan Project comes Dark Matter, with 7.5 ABV this "robust" brown ale is a side project turned amazing pour. The Beer Friends ventured out and found some amazing beer, good times, and are reporting back to you.

Brad - First one - Same taste as before, like a shot of Maker's Mark, unbelievably smooth, slightly warming and finishes mostly clean with a slight pleasant ling


Graham - First one - A lot of complex and subtle flavors going on here probably from the barrel aging techniques. Solid from start to finish. If this doesn't prove that dark matter exists then I don't know what will...

Phil - First one -wow and again wow. This was one of the favorites the other night, but there's something to be said for getting one from the brewery at the brewery on the launch night for the beer you're drinking. Complex with a sweet start before you get on the malty rollercoster for the rest of you tasting adventure, coming out clean and refreshed on the other side wanting to go back for the second round.

Paul - There is a huge difference for me as I'm having this beer as the first of the night. It is much stronger with a clean palette. The flavor of whiskey is very potent, but the brown ale mellows it out. It's a spectacular pull. Definitely get one if you come across it.

Many thanks to Ben, Eric, Garrett and everyone else there at Brooklyn Brewery for a fantastic evening.  These guys and gals really know how to throw a party!  Looking forward to the upcoming expansion and the exciting things to come!