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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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New York City Craft Beer Events for the Week of August 21, 2011


Wednesday, August 24 - Beer and Lobster Fest @ David Copperfield's, Manhattan: Head on up to the Upper East tomorrow for a chance to snag a delicious deal - lobster, corn on the cob for a $1.  They have 30 lines of craft beer for you to pair with the lobster.  After our New England Brewery Tour we'd suggest an English style IPA.  And since the lobster is only a dollar, you can try pairing over, and over, and over, and over...  Enough said.

David Copperfield's is located at 1394 York Avenue between 74th and 75th Streets, Upper East Side, Manhattan.

Wednesday, August 24 - Beer Club Night @ The Bronx Ale House, The Bronx:

Here's another reason to head up to the Bronx - that often avoided borough that deserves more respect than most New Yorker's give it.  The Bronx Ale House, arguably the Bronx's only craft beer bar, has started a "Beer Club." Similar to a few other beer club's in New York, however while other craft beer bars only reward you once you reach 100 beers the Bronx Ale House rewards you at different points along the way AND once you get to 100 you get quite the package - your name engraved on their wall of fame, a Bronx Ale House t-shirt, a personalized growler which gets you discounted growler fills and %50 off every Wednesday night.  That's where tomorrow comes in.  You might not be a Gold Member, or any kind of member yet, but tomorrow is a good a day as any to start.

The Bronx Ale House is located at 216 West 238th Street between Broadway and Putnam Avenue, Riverdale, The Bronx.

Thursday, August 25 - Goose Island Specialty Night @ Standings, Manhattan:

Goose Island has officially passed the test.  Everyone got up in arms about the Anheuser-Busch purchase saying that this sort of business move could begin a chain reaction that would destroy the craft beer industry, the quality of Goose Island would go down, that buying Goose Island is supporting a major beer company.  Well, craft beer is still here, Goose Island still tastes great and in the end drinking good beer is drinking good beer.  Head over to Standing's on Thursday to taste the best of Goose Island's specialty brew line.  We're talking Fleur, Pere Jacques, Matilda and Sofie plus 22 oz bombers of 2009 Goose Island Christmas.  And in good Standings tradition they'll be slinging free brat's from Weschler's alongside the brew.

Standings is located at Downstairs 43 East 7th Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, East Village, Manhattan.

Friday, August 26 - Anniversary Beer Night @ The Lazy Boy Saloon & Ale House, White Plains:

Staycation is everyone's new buzz word.  Instead of spending tons of dough on flights and hotels, take a few days or a weekend  stick around where you live and explore your region.  We got a staycation for you.  Take a half day Friday and take the early Metro North Train up to White Plains.  Maybe even get a hotel so you don't have to travel back home.  Then head to the Lazy Boy Saloon & Ale House for an anniversary of epic proportions.  What's the anniversary for?  Does it matter?  No.  What does matter is that they'll be tapping several kegs of anniversary brews including Great Divide 17th Anniversary Wood Aged IPA and Captain Lawrence's Five Years Later.  That sounds good enough to hang out all weekend.

The Lazy Boy Saloon & Ale House is located at 154 Mamaroaneck Avenue at the corner of East Post Road, White Plains, New York.

Saturday, August 27 - Long Island Beer Event @ Breukelen Bier Merchants, Brooklyn:

Long Island brewing has been booming recently.  Head on over to Beukelen Bier Merchant in Williamsburg for a chance to taste the offerings of three of the best upstart Long Island Breweries.  Barrier Brewing Co., Great South Bay Brewery and Blind Bat Brewery will be bringing their beer and brewmasters to showcase their diverse lineups.  If you're looking for some new breweries and brews to add to your vast realm of beer knowledge then this is the event to hit up.

Breukelen Beer Merchants is located at 182 Grand Street between Bedford and Driggs Streets, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

New York City Craft Beer Events for the Week of August 14, 2011


It happened today - you looked at your calendar and started to get depressed.  We've all noticed that as of today it is the mid-point of August.  Summer is almost over - and that is a depressing thought.  We're already starting to feel it slipping away.  It's been an especially hard summer for Manhattanites - street temperatures in the heart of the city hitting well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, air-conditioners keeping everyone inside cool but pumping out waves of hot air for the rest of us, concrete hot enough to cook an entire turkey and that beautiful skyline blocking any sort of breeze from giving any respite.  So this week the Beer Friends are giving Manhattan a break. That's right - this week every NYC Craft Beer Event is happening outside the center of New York City.  From Brooklyn, to Jersey, to Westchester (first ever I believe!) we've got beer events for everyone else in the Tri-State, multi-boroughed area.  Check em' out!  And watch out for the Manhattan yuppies!

Monday, August 15 - Brooklyn Brewery "Ghost" Night @ The Diamond, Brooklyn:

Talk about black ops - this event might not even exist.  It's the kind of thing that gets blacked out in government documents.  That shady characters with dozens of names and passports engage in only to disappear into the fold.  Some people may or may not have found some brew that may or may not exist and it may or may not be served TONIGHT at a bar that may or may not be real.   Actually, it's all very real - there are four bottles of incredibly rare and specialized brews that sound, to be honest, made up.  Which makes them all the more desirable.  Here's what we're looking at:

Crochet Rouge Rose - Local 1 aged on chardonnay and pinot noir lees. Crochet Rouge Riesling -  Local 1 aged on reisling lees. Barrel Aged Cuvee Noire - Self - explanatory Black Ops Late Bottle Vintage 2007 - Self-explanatorily AWESOME!

There will also be drafts of Blast, Sorachi Ace AND the debut of an all new Brooklyn brew called "Radius."  As if that wasn't enough awesome in your Monday night they'll be pouring the Brooklyn Brown through  the cask engine.

Just remember, keep this under wraps - you definitely didn't here about this from us.  Actually, you totally did and should tell all your friends you heard it from us too.

The Diamond is located at 43 Franklin Street at the corner of Calyer Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Tuesday, August 16 - Tuesday Night Tastings with Sierra Nevada @ Bierkraft, Brooklyn:

Brooklyn's beer selling masters at Bierkraft will be featuring Sierra Nevada brews and the sales-rep Brian Dwyer as the next installment of their Tuesday Night Tastings series.  The Tuesday Night Tastings events are a great way to get to know a brewery's style and in this case, to help you remember why you love a brewery that you're familiar with already.  We all know how Sierra Nevada rolls and we all love it.  If you haven't had a sampling of Sierra recently then hit up Bierkraft for tastes and pints of Torpedo IPA, Pale Ale, Tumbler, Life and Limb and Ovila Saison.  You get some old, some new and some a rare one to tide over your secret or not-so-secret Sierra Nevada lovefest.

Bierkraft is located at 191 5th Avenue, between Union and Berkeley Streets, Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Tuesday, August 16 - Sam Adam's Beer Lovers Choice @ The Cloverleaf Tavern, New Jersey:

Who says Jersey doesn't get a say?  We certainly don't.  In fact at the moment they're one of the only advertised places that do get a say - in this years Sam Adam's Beer Lovers Choice that is.  Every year Sam Adam's asks you, the customer, to choose between several at first and then narrowed down to just a couple of brews for the newest member of the Sam Adam's family.  This year the choice is between an Oaked Ale or a Maple Pecan Porter.  The people are divided and the lines have been drawn.  Head out to the Cloverleaf Tavern in Caldwell, NJ this Tuesday for a chance to voice your concern - an have a few pints of each!

The Cloverleaf Tavern is located at 395 Bloomfield Avenue in Caldwell, NJ - Driving Directions Found Here

Wednesday, August 17 - Meet the Brewer: Evil Twin @ The Double Windsor, Brooklyn:

Networking is huge.  And unless you're a brewer the only reason you'd come to this event has nothing to do with networking.  You'd most likely show up, having heard of this Danish brewer and his legendary status, expecting the best.  Then you'd taste the beer.  After it blew away your highest of expectations you'd insist that you meet him, only of course to be reminded that he's from Scandinavia and not in town.  Except he is.  And he's at the same bar you are.  Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø of Evil Twin brewing (of which he IS Evil Twin brewing) from Denmark will be bring a range of his brews - Ryan & the Beaster Bunny, Wet Dream, Katz Pis, Before, During and After Christmas Beer and Biscotti Break - as well as his famously vast knowledge of beer brewing.  At this point you will inevitably decide that even though you work as a hedge fund manager/teacher/lawyer/doctor/sanitation worker/subway train driver/mayor/president of the USA/David Beckham/Madonna that networking with this man is imperative for success in your life.

The Double Windsor is located at 210 Prospect Park West between 15th and 16th Streets, Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Friday, August 19 - Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA Night @ The Lazy Boy Saloon & Ale House, White Plains:

It was a dark, late night in June (or maybe July or August).  The Pony Bar was mostly empty, not a soul to be seen (realistically there were probably around 8 - 10 people to be seen).  That's where my love affair started.  A taster of a strong elixir  was poured and handed to me with the explanation - "We can't serve it in anything bigger."  I was immediately intrigued.  What could be so dastardly, so impressive, so BIG that it could only be served in a 6 oz. tasting glass?  I brought it up to my lips, took the first sip and fast forward over two years later and I will search draft pours of brew out at every opportunity.  The Lazy Boy Saloon & Ale House, White Plains' brightest craft beer bar will be tapping a keg of 120 Minute IPA this Friday at 8 pm.

We anticipate that you will be out of luck acquiring a pint around 8:15.  So get there early.

The Lazy Boy Saloon & Ale House is located at 154 Mamaroneck Avenue between East Post Road and Maple Avenue, a short walk from the White Plains Metro North stop, in White Plains, New York. (Or you can drive in)

Saturday, August 20 - Ballast Point Tastings @ GRAB Specialty Foods, Brooklyn:

After this Beer Friend's recent trip to Ballast Point Brewery there was no way I was going to leave this one out!  Head on over to GRAB Specialty Foods for a sampling selection of one of San Diego's hoppiest breweries.  The full line up of brews has not been released but we can only anticipate Sculpin, Big Eye and other hop-monsters to be pouring this Saturday.  Make sure to pick up a growler of SoCal to take home with you for this weekend's summer barbecue or lazy day at the park!

GRAB Specialty Foods is located at 438 7th Avenue between 14th and 15th Streets, Park Slope, Brooklyn.

There you have it all you Beer Friends out there!  Enjoy adventuring to far off places - like Brooklyn - and locations you only dreamed existed - like White Plains - in search of your favorite, rare and always delicious craft brew.  We'll see ya at the taps!