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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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Live Blog! Great Divide Night at Idle Hands

Phil Foleen

Hello Beer Friends Nation! It was a dark and story night. Two intrepid beer drinkers braved the elements, the sheeting rain and slow busses to bring you a night of one of our favorite breweries out of Colorado. Wetsocks and all we are always excited for a little Great Divide and a Cowboys From Hell burger with crab seasoned tater tots from That Burger. Read on for the goodness...

Phil's First Hoss - For the beers that we are having tonight, this one is probably the one I would've picked to drink first anyway. It's not an overly strong beer, but with good malty notes from the Rye it doesn't disappoint. Smooth all the way down to the bottom of the glass.

Brad's First Hoss - Hoss is a great beer, I've had it before and it's a perfect fall beer, but without a pumpkin theme so it's great to drink year round.

Brad's Second Titan IPA - As I just got done talking with (name drop in 3, 2, 1...) Dave Woodlock the Great Divide beer rep, I told him that Titan is top 5 IPA for me. Balanced and piney really gives it a nice Colorado IPA feel.

Phil's Second Titan IPA - this is one of my all time fav's from Great Divide. Nice and hoppy, hoppy almost to the point of a double IPA, but without that overbearing bitterness and sweet ending that is pretty typical of those. I agree with Brad that this is just a very well balanced beer, a little floral taste from the hopes too but not in a tea-leaf kinda way.

Phil's Third Hercules Double IPA - this is the great next step in hoppiness for tonight. I love this beer, very hoppy and it does have that double IPA sweetnes but it's ny ere for a little bit and doesn't become the defining flavor on your tongue. That's left up to the hops, thankfully.

Brad's Third Hercules Double IPA - Re-read the Titan Review above.... Now double it. This is a delicious brew with a sneaky 10ABV that will seduce you like a beautiful woman (or so I've heard beautiful women seduce people... Lucky bastards).

Phil's Fourth Yeti Stout - yum yum yum yum yum. This is such a great opposing taste to the rest of what we've had tonight. So smoky and so dark and so delicious, the bitterness is such a great point at the end. A slight coffee taste, good and burnt that just makes you want whole second glass right away.

Brad's Fourth Yeti Stout - as much as this pains me... I agree with Phil - mostly on the Yum Yum Yum Yum part. This is a delicious stout that of course Great Divide with put into all sorts of barrels (whiskey, bourbon) and different varieties... (Belgian, Oak aged, Chocolate, Espresso). What's amazing is the base beer is so delicious by itself!

Brad's Fifth Rumble IPA - I've had this before and I like what they do. Honestly I'd like it more if it was bourbon barrel aged and a double IPA but we can't always get what we want. Also that's incredibly unfair to the beer because the version at present is delicious as well.

Phil's Fifth Rumble IPA - I agree with Brad to a point (theres a lot of agreeing going on here tonight, maybe they put something in the beer) I would like this a bit more if it were a Bourbon Barrel, BUT it is still a very good beer. A little on the sweet side for me, but still hoppy enough to keep me on board. Definitely a good choice for the smaller glasses.

Thanks to Rev and Rob at Idle Hands Bar and Dave bringing the Great Divide around. Can't wait for the next one!

Featured Brewery: Great Divide Brewing Company


Great Divide Tap Room Hello Beer Friends Nation!

A highlight of the Beer Friends Colorado Brewery Trip was Great Divide Brewery in Denver, Colorado.  Great Divide was a great time and well worth the drive and parking in downtown Denver.  PLUS it's within walking distance of a few other breweries and hosts a Denver breweries walking tour (Click here for info).

The Tap Room itself has a very friendly atmosphere.  The bartenders are more than willing to share Great Divide's fantastic brews with you.  You get four free samples when you come in that you will quickly want to follow up with a pint or two of your favorites.  Everyone in the place were regulars, even if they hadn't ever been there before and they all seemed to know each other.  One Beer Friend even randomly ran into a guy from his father's hometown who, through not so many degrees of separation, knew all the same people he did.  Great Divide is a great brewery, the brews great beer and seems to attract a great clientele.

Great Divide has always had a good showing in Beer Competitions, including this Year's GAFB with Colette a saison winning Silver in Category 64: French and Belgian Style Saison.  Past awards include A gold medal in the 1997 GABF (Hibernation Ale) and silver (Denver Pale Ale - DPA), 1998 Silver Medal in World Beer Cup (Hibernation Ale) and Bronze medal (Denver Pale Ale), Gold medal in 1999 GABF (Denver Pale Ale), Bronze medal in 2002 GABF (Denver Pale Ale), 2003 Silver Medal at GABF (Hibernation Ale), 2005 Silver Medal GABF (Yeti Imperial Stout), 2006 Gold Medal (Old Ruffian Barley Wine) and Silver Medal GABF (Hibernation Ale) and Bronze Medal (Denver Pale Ale), 2007 Gold Medal Australian International Beer Awards (Hercules Double IPA), Bronze Medal 2008 GABF (Yeti Imperial Stout) and three Silver Medals in the Australian International Beer Awards (Hercules Double IPA, Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout, Titan IPA), Silver Medal at 2009 GABF (Yeti) and two Bronze Medals (Hoss, Old Ruffian) and earlier in 2010 a Bronze medal for Hoss in the World Beer Cup. Wow... impressive!

Brad's Taste:

Hades- good beer, smooth and light, but with a crispness not found in a lot of Belgian Golden Ales.  The ABV on this is high (7.3) but leaves no alcohol taste.

Hoss - This is a complex beer with a lot going on.  Nothing overpowering creates a nice smooth beer, this Rye beer has more flavor than the typical rye flavor.  I can certainly understand why this has won a few awards in the past two years!

Denver Pale Ale (DPA)- This is heavier than the typical Pale Ale.  Full flavor but not as light, I'm really finding a collection of good pale ale's in Colorado (Dale's, Midsummers) but now how do I find them in NYC?

Rumble IPA- Oak aged IPA that is light on hoppiness and heavier on vanilla.  This is a interesting take on a IPA with less focus on the hops and more focus on the flavors that compliment them.

Smoked Baltic Porter- This is a awesome beer.  The smoky blends perfectly with the smoothness of the porter, a lot of flavor and range in a single pint.

Graham's Tastes:

Samurai - I'm not usually a huge golden/blonde ale type of guy, but this one was pretty quality.  Smooth with a golden refreshing flavor that went with the August temperatures outside.

Hercules Double IPA - This Imperial/Double IPA is big and hoppy.  As a self-proclaimed hop-head I fell in love immediately.  After having a sample I order a whole pint of it so I could keep that flavor rolling.

Yeti Imperial Stout - The stickers with the picture of a Yeti that read "Believe" aren't the only great thing about this stout.  It is full of flavor from roasted malts to a tad bit of coffee.  It is smooth and still packs a big stout punch.

The Great Divide Tasting Room is located at 2201 Arapahoe Road, Denver, CO 80205 [googlemaps,0,16728202394686972799&ei=RFeWTI3JIcWclgfOyN2nCg&ved=0CCEQnwIwAQ&hnear=&ll=39.753671,-104.988568&spn=0.006295,0.006295&iwloc=A&output=embed&w=425&h=350]

The Tap Room is Open:

Sunday - Tuesday : 2p - 8p Wednesday - Saturday : 2p - 10p

Tours available : 3p and 4p Monday - Friday, 2p - 7p (Every hour on the hour) Saturday, and 2p - 5p (on the hour) Sundays