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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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New York Beer Events for the Week of August 20th - 25th


Hello Beer Friends Nation! We know why you've come here today, just sit back and let us plan your week of beer swigging events...

Monday August 20th -

Murray's Cheese is a locals favorite of most New Yorkers - legendary on Bleecker, I recently had a true New Yorker get so excited that "Murray's now sells beer!" As if the craft beer revolution was now official in his mind.  Well, those of us who've been following for quite some time welcome Murray's Cheese to the table and let's see what they got!  On Monday, August 20th, Murray's Cheese pairs with the Shelton Brothers to present "Belgian Beers and Cheese" - the problem is (with Murray's being new to the craft beer scene - we're very cheap) it's $75 to get in and availability is limited (10 seats for this class).

Murray's Cheese is located at 254 Bleecker St., New York, NY

Tuesday August 21st -

Who doesn't like a little competition?  If there is one thing New Yorkers do well is tell you how great New York is, and we love to prove it.  So head down to Mission Dolores for their NY vs CA Can Beer Night.  Representing CA are breweries such as: Bear Republic, Firestone Walker, Sierra Nevada, 21st Amendment, Stone, Lagunitas and Green Flash.  Representing NY are breweries such as: Southern Tier, Sixpoint, Kelso, Barrier, Empire, Brooklyn Brewery, and Captain Lawrence.  So make your list of great NY things, and stuff from California you can crap on - and head on down!

Mission Dolores is located at 249 4th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 

Wednesday August 22nd -

The baseball season is winding down and most fans have realized whether or not they have a chance for the off-season.  This means that now baseball games actually start to mean something!  Standings is celebrating it by having a few baseball themed beers on tap including Green Monsta Ale from Wachusett Brewing Co. (it doesn't suck like the Sox this year...) and Summer Love from Victory (see the Sox comment and apply to Phillies).  Best thing about Standings? It's directly above Jimmy's No. 43 so make it a doubleheader!

Standings Bar is located at 43 East 7th St., New York, NY

If this doesn't sound interesting - check out Mad River Brewery at Blind Tiger.  Be sure to get there early, the event starts at 3pm and fills up quickly!

Blind Tiger is located at 281 Bleecker St., New York, NY

Thursday August 23rd - 

Bierkraft is legendary in Craft Beer in New York City - so when they invite a "new comer" like Barrier it must be a big deal.  Well, that's partly true - Barrier Brewing Co. is a really big deal.  Barrier started just three years ago in a 1 barrel facility, yada yada yada... a few awards later they've expanded to a five barrel facility in Oceanside, NY.  If you see them around, try their stuff - if you haven't - get to Bierkraft on Thursday when Barrier takes over the taps.

Bierkraft is located at 191 Fifth Ave., Brooklyn, NY

Feel like playing some video games?  Check out the greatest idea for a bar since... well ever - at Barcade in Williamsburg.  Barcade has a excellent draft list (always) and this Thursday they invite Flying Dog from Maryland.  In addition to their great year round beers (Gonzo, Snake Bite IPA), the draft list looks very dangerous, so bring your wits and your quarters.

Barcade Brooklyn is located at 388 Union Ave., Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Friday August 24th - 

It's Friday!  Find a Happy Hour and enjoy yourself!  Be sure to check in on and follow us at @thebeerfriends, @beerfriendbrad, @beerfriendphil, @beerfriendpaul, and @beerfriendgrahm and let us know what you're drinking!

Beer Friends Nation Review #1: Stone Ruination 10th Anniversary

Phil Foleen

Hello Beer Friends Nation!!!  You may have noticed our fancy new logo AND you may have noticed we are up on iTunes now(so you can take us everywhere with you) BUT here's our brand new feature: Beer Friends Nation Reviews!  That's right!  Have we missed your favorite beer?  let us know by writing up a review and sending it to or and we'll get it up on the site!  Spread the love and Spread the word! For our first BFN Review we have Michael from San Diego telling us his thoughts on Stone's Ruination 10th Anniversay.  Click through for Michael's review...

Stone Ruination IPA 10 year anniversary.

This being my first review I will start off with a small introduction about myself. Im in the Navy and curently stationed in San Diego, so most of my beer reviews will be about beer created in the magical beer factories of the San Diego area.

Now that the introductions are out of the way, lets talk beer. The Ruination IPA from Stone is an Imperial IPA or 'double' IPA, given the name because this style uses double the amount of hops and double the ABV of normal IPAs. If anyone is curious this one is 10.8% ABV so be forwarned.

I first opened this beer and like any 'responsible' beer reviewer I sniffed it. Once I recovered from my mental walk through the pine forest the initial whiff gave me I took a sip, and contrary to the smell of the beer, it is actually very drinkable. It still has the trademark bite that I've come to expect from a Stone IPA but the aftertaste is much fuller than its non-imperial cousin. It even feels richer when I swish it around my mouth.

One thing that stands out as a plus for me with this beer is that even as I nurse it slowly, it being a pint and quite strong, I am finding no reduction in taste or enjoyment; which is a large selling point for me since IPAs are made to be consumed while cold and any beer that stays tasty while it warms up is an beer I can enjoy.

Thanks again Michael.  We'll have another one from him for you guys next week!

Hashtag Battles Week Five


Hello Beer Friends Nation! In the spirit of competition, Beer Friends would like to invite everyone to our NFL season hashtag battles! Using we will pit two breweries against each other when their NFL counterparts are facing off on the gridiron. Are you ready for some football? And drinking? And #hashtag battle?!?!?!

What's a hashtag battle? When you're drinking a beer of a brewery competing in the battle (#stone vs #newbelgium), throw a #hashtag of the brewery and tweet it (or setup your foursquare or untappd to push to tweet and include the #hashtag) and we'll use to declare a winner after the Monday Night football game on ESPN. And because football needs beer, we're starting on Saturday morning to include the brews consumed during College Football Saturdays. Support your team, support your beer, drink local and hashtag battle!

Hashtag Battle Week Five Matchup: Denver vs San Diego (#newbelgium vs #stone) 

These are two of the heavy weights in West Coast brewing.  California and Colorado are great beer producing states and fortunately San Diego and Denver both play in the AFC West = at least two games this year (I smell rematch!)  This is a great way to feature some fantastic breweries out west... let the hashtag battle begin!

San Diego has been tops in the AFC West for some time.  Top 5 in Offense and Defense last year - however, their special teams was a horror show that eventually kept them out of the playoffs.  Stone Brewery has been producing high quality beers even longer in San Diego (since 1996) but tend to knock it out of the park with their Special edition brews.  Can Stone Brewing Co. teach the Chargers a thing or two about special(ity) teams/beers and combine to win this weeks hashtag battle?

Denver, well... (this is a subject close to my heart -but I can admit it) the Broncos suck... a lot.  We are a shell of the once proud franchise we were (remember those back-to-back Super Bowl wins?).  Mike Shannahan lost his touch, Josh McDaniels was the wunder-kid hired to re-build the honor but instead acted like a small child with matches and burned the thing down.  Trading away all talent (and hurting the team for years to come) Coach McD was fired and old-school, run-first, solid-defensive-minded John Fox was hired. As the Broncos build back up they can look at the consistant model New Belgium has used for years.  New Belgium is (probably) the one brewery everyone is dying to get out on the East Coast - but New Belgium was smart, they didn't try for anything they couldn't do really well and are slowly building up for a (maybe) push into the NYC market (all pure speculation).  Can these two build together and work towards domination of their respective markets?

New York City Craft Beer Events for the Week of August 28, 2011


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Wow, so that just happened. The Beer Friends hope everyone is safe (to drink craft beer) and has power (enough to watch our videos). While people are getting power back and lives together, this week we'll feature something to do every night in effort to get you out of the house. Some of these events are weekly happenings so if you like it, come again next week!

Monday - 25 Cent Wings and Daily Double at Lansdowne Road

The Beer Friends love The Pony Bar, but Lansdowne Road has a special place in our hearts as well. Maybe because they are run by the same amazing manager, maybe because they are a block and a half down the street from Pony Bar, or maybe because every Monday night they have 25 cent wings which you order in 6 packs (naturally). In terms of craft beer, the same manager from Pony Bar has his hand in Lansdowne Road taps so favorites like Sixpoint Sweet Action, Stone IPA, and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale are available along with a Daily Double: a draft and can/bottle beer that is available for 4 dollars all day long. First to find the Beer Friends gets a free Daily Double of their choice so we'll see you there!

Lansdowne Road is located at 599 10th Ave., New York, NY

Tuesday - Anglo-American Pale Ale Tasting at Bierkraft

The Beer Friends love growlers. There is (almost) nothing better than cracking open a rare beer from a fresh draft pull and enjoying it with friends (we had a few during this Irene thing...). Bierkraft was always mentioned as a destination in Brooklyn for great beer and every time we've made it down we are impressed. While famous for growler fills and a great selection of take home brews, Bierkraft has some great events too. Great beer, knowledgable staff and great sandwiches make the trip to Brooklyn totally worth it. In the spirit of great beer, this Tuesday, August 30th Bierkraft is having Dr. Carl Burger discuss pale ales in the Anglo-American tradition, then a great cool history lesson on styles with focus on the American Pale Ale. Beer-education!

Bierkraft is located at 191 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY

Wednesday - The "Perfect Storm" of Beer Events

Wednesday, hump day - hopefully this trifecta of beer events will get you through it (hopefully the MTA will be running as well!).

4pm - Every week Nita Nita has a Craft Can Beer and Grilled Cheese Night. This is a great weekly event, especially with more and more craft breweries switching/adding cans to their lineups.

Nita Nita is located at 146 Wythe Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

6pm - From Nita Nita, jump on the L Train headed to 8th Ave, get off at Union Square and transfer to a 6 Train uptown to 51st St and walk to 2nd Ave for another Beer Friend bar favorite - The Stag's Head. The Stag's Head will be hosting Captain Lawrence, which is a quick easy trip on the Metro North to Pleasantville, NY, a great beer bar and a great brewery is a natural fit. Captain Lawrence will have two different years of their Golden Delicious (a Tripel aged in apple brandy barrels), 5 Years Later (American Black Ale), Nor' Easter (Winter Warmer) and their Smoked Porter.

The Stag's Head is located at 252 East 51st St., New York, NY

7pm - From the Stag's Head you can walk to the 51st St E Train and ride that downtown to West 4th stop and walk west to The Blind Tiger. The Blind Tiger has been a fixture in the craft beer scene in NYC for years and the site of many liveblogs from the Beer Friends themselves. Sierra Nevada from Chico, California has been producing great craft beer for years and are commonly seen on the same craft beer level as Samuel Adams. Sierra's Torpedo was the first beer we reviewed and they continue to impress with Beer Camp and the innovative use of Southern Hemisphere hops in their beers. This event will feature some of those Beer Camp brews, Life and Limb 2 (American Strong Ale) and other rarities!

The Blind Tiger Ale House is located at 281 Bleecker St., New York, NY

Thursday - Brooklyn and Jersey Events

After Wednesday's Perfect Storm, we hope you're still alive. Grab your "Go Bag" of hangover cures (Gatorade and Bacon, Egg and Cheese for me) and head to one of two events - depending on how adventurous you feel.

3-8pm - Kane Brewing at The Copper Mine Pub in Arlington, New Jersey.

Depending on how crazy your Wednesday-night-Beer-Friends-city-wide-perfect-storm-bar-crawl was, this might be the closest location for you! The Beer Friends love new breweries, the excitement of the brewer and enjoying the fruits of their labor. Equinox Brewery was a favorite stop on the Colorado Brewery Tour 2010 and the Beer Friends continue to sing the praises of Cape Cod Beer, only available on Cape Cod itself. Kane Brewing is another startup with three beers on tap: Single Fin (belgian blonde), Afterglow (rye pale ale) and Head High (IPA) and hope is in the air.

The Copper Mine Pub is located at 323 Ridge Road, Arlington, NJ and beers are available on tap at 3pm with the brewers answering questions around 8pm.

7pm - Lagunitas Draft Event at Bierkraft

Lagunitas from California has captured the attention of the Beer Friends twice (and here) and we've been pretty impressed. Now they bring six kegs and three cask (one's a mystery!) to Bierkraft in Brooklyn. If you ventured out to Bierkraft for the Anglo-American Pale Ale tasting on Tuesday use that muscle memory (or beer-muscle memory) and jump back on the train to Brooklyn. They'll have (tentatively): IPA, New Dogtown Pale Ale, Undercover Shutdown Ale, Czech Pils, Lil Sumpin Ale (American Pale Wheat Ale), Lil Sumpin Wild (Belgian Strong Pale Ale), Hop Stoopid (Imperial IPA) on Cask and the Mystery Brew!

Bierkraft is located at 191 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY

Friday - A Night at Home with the Beer Friends

You've had a long week. Survived a Hurricane, ate your weight in wings at Lansdowne Road, had a beer-education at Bierkraft, traveled all over the Boroughs for some great beer events, and got stuck in Jersey with a new brewery. Take a night off. Avoid the crowds of people trying to enjoy Friday night by getting wasted on $2.50 bottles of Bud Light and hoping to take a stranger home... Visit your local beer store or Whole Foods and fill a growler. The Whole Foods all over the city all have a different selection and they are all close to a train (the Columbus Circle Whole Foods has a "growler happy hour" which takes a dollar off growlers from 5-6p). Visit the Bowery Beer room and find the Octoberfest and Fall beers on early release. If you're a Harlemite - stay north and check out the beer selection upstairs at the Best Yet Supermarket. Enjoy a night in, and rest up for the Saturday day drinking as college football begins...

New York City Craft Beer Events for the Week of June 12, 2011


I had a feeling.  And not just the usual feelings, but the awesome feelings.  The sort of feelings that let you know this is going to be a big week.  A HUGE week.  Seriously though, the closest example I would give for the events happening this week would be a planetary alignment with the center of the galaxy.  It wasn't organized by anything beyond cosmic happenstance but despite it's coincidental nature, it's pretty damn awesome.  Well, this week you can thank The Beer Friends for taking the random alignment of super-awesome craft beer events and organizing them into a coherent list of what you should drink and where you should drink it.  Let's see what we've got... Tuesday, June 14 - The Good Beer Seal 2011 Awards Party @ Barcade, Brooklyn:

Ever had the urge to share your opinion regarding all things craft beer in the New York City metro area?  But didn't feel like being as verbose as creating a blog on the internet?  Now here at The Beer Friends we don't really know about such things.  However, we do know about a more concise method of expressing your expert craft beer opinions.  And it's happening this week.

The Good Beer Seal is an organization formed by the best brewers and bar owners out of the New York City craft beer scene.  They have really made quite a showing on the scene since their inception - providing us with events, interviews, news and the delicious brew we love so much.  Now they are throwing an awards party to acknowledge the best of craft beer happenings here in our humble little seaside village that is New York.

Even better?  It's at Barcade.  Always a fantastic beer selection.  Always great retro video games to keep us entertained.  And now?  An awards show to give us something to cheer about.  Did you favorite craft beer bar get an award?  We all have our horses that we're pulling for.  Let's take a night to give it up for craft beer here in NYC.  Without it, and the people that provide us with it, we wouldn't be here.

The 2011 Great Beer Seal Awards Show is happening at Barcade which is located at 388 Union Avenue between Anslie and Hope Streets, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Tuesday, June 14 - The Blues Brothers @ TapRoom 307, Manhattan:

Were you afraid you missed it?  One of most badass events of 2011.  Well, you did and you're lucky:  it's happening again.  The Blues Brothers event is happening again, this Tuesday, at TapRoom 307.  TapRoom 307 is a new beer bar in located in that weird area in between Stuyvesant Town, Flatiron and Gramercy Park.  We'll just call is 3rd Avenue at 23rd Street.  It's what we'd call a rich man's Pony Bar.  Meaning: Great selection, great food - but pricier.

Either way - they are throwing the next Blues Brothers Event.  Join Oskar Blues out of Lyons, Colorado and Two Brothers Brewery out of Warrensville, Illinois as well as a screening of the movie Blues Brothers, free soul food, a costume contest with prizes and free giveaways.

You missed it once.  Don't let it happen again.

TapRoom 307 is located at 307 3rd Avenue between 22nd and 23rd Street, Gramercy Park?, Manhattan.

Tuesday, June 14 - 4th Annual Belgian Beer Festival @ Sunswick 35/35, Queens:

Our favorite Queens beer bar is throwing a party this week.  A party that we are all going to love.  Except Phil that is.  And he's the only one who actually live in Queens.  I guess we'll have to make a special trip.

Sunswick 35/35 is throwing their 4th Annual Belgian Beer Festival that will be featuring almost 40 taps and bottles straight from the best breweries out of Belgium.  The list is actually too long to include on the NYC Craft Beer post, but I suggest you check it out HERE

Did I also mention that this event is happening all week?  That's 6 days we can spend trying to get Phil to enjoy Belgian brews.  And then making fun of him when he refuses.

Sunswick 35/35 and the 4th Annual Belgian Beer Festival is located at 3502 35th Street at 35th Avenue, Astoria, Queens.

Wednesday, June 15 - Barrier Brewery Night @ The Double Windsor, Brooklyn:

In all our beer travels around the world the Beer Friends have strived to shed light on the little guys.  The newcomers to the craft brew scene.   We love the big brewers but realize that an industry such as the American Craft Beer industry thrives on continual creativity from both the most experienced brewers and ingenuity from the youngest members on the scene.  Barrier Brewery is just that.  They have added their name to the blossoming Long Island/Metro NYC beer world and we couldn't be happier.  They'll be pouring their Barnacle Brown Ale, Oil City IPA (Black IPA), Bulkhead Red, Cycle Saison, Mare Undarum (Belgian IPA), RipRap (Baltic Porter) and the GreenRoom Pale Ale.

Let's take a short quiz.

Are you experienced with any or all of these brews by Barrier Brewing Company?

a) All          b) Some          c) None

If you answered A, then you should attend the event.  If you answered B, then you should attend the event.  If you answered C, then you should attend the event.  That was easy enough to figure out.

The Double Windsor is located at 210 Prospect Park West between 15th and 16th Streets, Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Thursday, June 16 - Sixpoint Specialty Night @ Standings, Manhattan:

We understand if you are already overwhelmed with the craft beer world this week.  We've dropped a lot of crafty knowledge on your head so far.  Perhaps you should stop reading here.  We know you're better than that though.  So here's a reward - Sixpoint Specialty Night at Standings.

In honor of Sixpoint's 6 Year Anniversary Standings will be throwing them a bash with rare brews that will sure make this a night to remember.  We're talking Gemini, Harbinger Saison and Triple, yes that triple, not just double, Sweet Action.  All that on-top of your regular Sixpoint favorites and FREE brat's from Wechsler's in the East Village.

You're welcome.

Standings is located at 43 East 7th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, East Village, Manhattan.

Thursday, June 16 - FREE Abita @ Mudville 9, Manhattan:

Some things you have to see to believe.  This event is one of them.  The last time someone promised free beer to me I had to sit through a 30-minute presentation of post-modernist Russian interpretive dance.  And the beer was Heineken.

Mudville 9 is promising Free Abita from over 10 draft lines this Thursday night from 6-8 PM.  I'm not sure what the catch is but I can only imagine - Free Save-Our-Shores pilsner with a 6-month committment to the continual rebuilding of New Orleans, a TurboDog pour on-the-house with the completion of eating a dozen raw crawfish-live, or a complimentary Purple Haze when you hotbox some Purple Haze in a bathroom stall with 3 shrimp boat captains.

Or maybe it's just free.  And honestly, the last one doesn't sound like that bad of an option.

Mudville 9 is located at 126 Chambers Street between Church Street and West Broadway, Tribeca, Manhattan.

Friday, June 17 - S.K.I. in the Summer @ Mugs Alehouse, Brooklyn:

Beer Distributor Series nights are quickly taking off here at craft beer bars in the series.  And it kind of feels like selling out.  Like getting free beer from the man.  However, after attending said nights it has been quite easy to shed those feelings.

Here's the reason:  Beer distributors have the availability to bring the best kegs/bottles from a range of different breweries, instead of just one brewery.

I like variety.  So do you.  Mug's will be pouring a range of brews from breweries distributed by S.K.I. Beer.  We're talking the rarest of offerings from Speakeasy, Stone, Founders, Bear Republic, Cigar City, Riverhorse, Harpoon and more.  The full list will be up on the Mug's Alehouse website in the coming days and we'll be doing our research and making available as much info as we can find here on, so make sure you check in and check in often.

Mug's Ale House is located at 125 Bedford Avenue on the corner of North 10th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The Beer Friends love the summer.  This week is an example of why.  We hope to see you at the events this week and in the weeks to come as the summer craft beer season has officially started!

New York City Craft Beer Events for the Week of May 1, 2011


May.  What a month.  Spring flowers, worker's rights, Mexican Fives and Memorial Day.  May is like a non-stop party.  What kind of beer should we drink to start this party?  Ithaca Flower Power for the flowers? The Peoples Lager from China for May Day? Negro Modelo for Cinco de Mayo? A Southhampton Double White for Memorial Day?  You know, cause we're all double excited to finally be able to wear white now. Tuesday, May 3 - Pretty Things "Once Upon A Time" Launch Party @ The Rye House, Manhattan:

Ever wonder what beer tasted like in 1855?  The country was just about to be divided by civil

war, Lincoln hadn't yet traded in his coon skin hat for his top hat in NYC after having a pint at McSorely's and electricity was still relegated to lightning and sparks between young lovers.  The brewers at Pretty Things wondered all these same things.  So, presumably they dressed up in top hats, turned off all the lights and took different positions on states rights.  Then "Once Upon A Time" was born.  Join the Pretty Things brewmasters along with beer historian Ron Pattinson for a brew event with historical flavor.  There will be cask and draft offerings of many Pretty Things brews, including the new "old" creation!

The Rye House is located at 11 West 17th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues, Flatiron District, Manhattan.

Wednesday, May 4 - California Dreaming @ The Double Windsor, Brooklyn:

Simple word recognition.  Spring: Hops.  Summer:  Hops.  Sunshine:  Hops.  Beach: Hops.  Reading in the Park:  Hops.  Going to work in short sleeves:  Hops.  If you're finding this to be a familiar train of thought in your life, as it is in mine, then I think we have the event for you.  The Double Windsor, in honor of the transition into Spring/Summer will be pouring hoppy brews brewed in the state the practically invented summer:  California.  Expect a hopped up night with the likes of Firestone Walker, Ballast Point, Lagunitas, Stone, Green Flash, The Bruery, Anderson Valley and Sierra Nevada.  There are rumors that a certain Sculpin will be available alongside a certain casked Torpedo.  Hello sunshine.

The Double Windsor is located at 210 Prospect Park West between 15th and 16th Streets, Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Thursday, May 5 - Oysters and Greenport Harbor @ Jimmy's No. 43, Manhattan:

Favorite food to pair with beer:  Shellfish.  Oysters to be specific.  And you can get East End oysters and beer by a brewery straight from a town built on oysters this Thursday at Jimmy's No. 43.  Greenport, Long Island can be called the oyster capital of New York.  So one would assume that the brewery with the town's name would know how to brew beer that goes with oysters.  And they'll be bringing two new brews with them.  I wonder if they'll pair nicely with oysters?  Of course they will.

Jimmy's No. 43 is located at 43 East 7th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, East Village, Manhattan.

Saturday, May 7 - Smuttynose Brewing Company @ GRAB Specialty Foods, Brooklyn:

Know Smutty, Know Beer.  GRAB Specialty foods will be featuring Smuttynose Brewing Company at their next installment of their Saturday tasting series.  The reps at Smutty will be bringing an offering out of their Big Beer Series (Big-A-IPA?) as well as some of their more laid back pours for you to try.  Be generous, try them all.

GRAB Specialty Foods is located at 438 7th Avenue between 14th and 15th Streets, Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Enjoy the party Beer Friends Nation!



Hello Beer Friends Nation! Wow!  This was a tournament to remember... but it's not over yet!  We had Imperial Stouts battling in Brad's Colorado/Michigan Bracket, Newcomer Nebraska showing veteran poise in Paul's Bracket, a California clash of Speakeasy and Stone in Phil's bracket and a epic duel between Captain Lawrence and Cape Cod in the Northeastern Graham bracket.  This was truly one for the ages.  Now we are down to four, four delicious beers with huge fan bases and twitter feeds to back them up.  Four beers enter and one will come out as the 2011 BFF4 champion, with their banner hung in the rafters (next the New Belgium's Fat Tire - last years winner).  Who will be victorious?  You decide!  This round we have completely open and unlimited voting.  If you really love that beer, prove it - hit refresh (cmmd+R on a Mac or ctrl + R on a PC) and vote the day away.  If you spent your March hiding your CBS March Madness broadcast window when your boss walked by - this is much easier.  Polls are open until Monday April 11th at 11:59 EST.  Vote often!  Prove your love - and we don't know who's voting so no commitment issues!  Beer!

For a our take on this round check out our latest video and the vote!


Founders Breakfast Stout was originally a #3 seed out of Brad's Colorado and Michigan bracket.  This is a complex stout with plenty to offer, sweet enough to drink more than one, but with a 8.3% ABV you probably shouldn't.  This beer is only available seasonally from Sept to December so on those first days of football (college of course because the NFL no longer exists) start looking for this coffee and chocolatey rich stout.  Also keep an eye out for the Kentucky Breakfast Stout (bourbon barrels) and the rare Canadian Breakfast Stout (maple barrels) because these two variations are worth the extra cash!

The Breakfast Stout is up against a strong competitor in Nebraska Brunette Nut Brown Ale.  This is a very easily drinkable brown ale that has been getting support since the early rounds and promises to be a fearsome foe in the Final 4.  This beer's resume speaks for itself, it has won Gold, 2010 US Open Beer Championship (English Style Brown Ale), and Bronze, 2010 World Beer Championship, (English Style Brown Ale).  Will Nebraska Brewing be able to add Beer Friend Final 4 Champion to this list?

[polldaddy poll=4869126]

The East vs West match up finally comes to a head !

Phil's Bracket seed #5 Speakeasy Big Daddy IPA takes on Cape Cod Red the #2 seed from Graham's Bracket.  Speakeasy is the sweetheart brew from the Western Region, coming in at the 11th hour to defeat Stone Brewing's Arrogant Bastard Ale for its slot in the Final Four.  Cape Cod has it's work cut out for itself as the Western crowd seems pretty attached to the Big Daddy.

However, Cape Cod Red comes in hot off it's very exciting victory over Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold.  It was a wild back and forth slug fest that went on for days culminated with Cape Cod Beer raising it's arms in victory. Obviously Cape Cod's troops are mobilized, but will they be able to fend off the surging Speakeasy brew?

[polldaddy poll=4869131]

Great American Beer Festival Winners 2010!


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Sadly the Beer Friends missed this years Great American Beer Festival (GABF), stupid 9 to 5 jobs... but we were there in spirit - the spirit of Craft Beers! The Festival is a once in a lifetime experience of beers, foods, and friends. Below is the complete list of winners and links. Beer!

2010 Great American Beer Festival Awards

Category - Large Brewing Company and Large Brewing Company Brewer of the Year

Blue Moon Brewing Company, Denver, CO

Mid-Size Brewing Company and Mid-Size Brewing Company Brewer of the Year

Utah Brewers Cooperative, Salt Lake City, UT

Small Brewing Company and Small Brewing Company Brewer of the Year

Mad River Brewing Company, Blue Lake, CA

Brewpub Group and Brewpub Group Brewer of the Year

TAPS Fish House & Brewery, Brea, CA

Large Brewpub and Large Brewpub Brewer of the Year

Pizza Port Carlsbad, Carlsbad, CA

Small Brewpub and Small Brewpub Brewer of the Year

Pizza Port San Clemente, San Clemente, CA


Skip to: Category 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80

Category 1: American-Style Wheat Beer (23 Entries)

Gold - SANDY BOTTOM / Blue Mountain Brewery /Afton, VA

Silver - SHREDDERS WHEAT / Barley Brown’s Brew Pub / Baker City, OR

Bronze - COUNTY SEAT WHEAT / Blind Tiger Brewery & Restaurant / Topeka, KS

Category 2: American-Style Wheat Beer With Yeast (43 Entries)

Gold - POINT HORIZON WHEAT / Stevens Point Brewery / Stevens Point, WI

Silver - AMERICAN HEFEWEIZEN / Flat Branch Pub and Brewery / Columbia, MO

Bronze - HEFEWEIZEN / Widmer Brothers Brewing Co. / Portland, OR

Category 3: Fruit Beer (75 Entries)

Gold - CHARDONNAY BLONDE / Blue Moon Brewing Co. / Denver, CO

Silver - APRICOT ALE / Pyramid Breweries / Seattle, WA

Bronze - RASPBERRY TART / New Glarus Brewing Co. / New Glarus, WI

Category 4: Field Beer (28 Entries)

Gold - FROG’S HOLLOW DOUBLE PUMPKIN ALE / Hoppin’ Frog Brewing Co. / Akron, OH

Silver - DARK O’ THE MOON / Elysian Brewing Co. / Seattle, WA

Bronze - IMPERIAL PUMPKIN ALE / Weyerbacher Brewing Co. / Easton, PA

Category 5: Herb and Spice or Chocolate Beer (91 Entries)

Gold - ROSEMARY SWAMP FOX / Moon River Brewing Co. / Savannah, GA

Silver - STONE SMOKED PORTER WITH CHIPOTLE / Stone Brewing Co. / Escondido, CA

Bronze - SUPER CHILI PEPPER MADNESS / Mad River Brewing Co. / Blue Lake, CA

Category 6: Coffee Flavored Beer (52 Entries)

Gold - BALTIC COFFEE / Devils Backbone Brewing Co. / Roseland, VA

Silver - COFFEE MONSTER / Pizza Port Carlsbad / Carlsbad, CA

Bronze - BIG SHOT ESPRESSO STOUT / Twisted Pine Brewing Co. / Boulder, CO

Category 7: Specialty Beer (23 Entries)

Gold - BELIPAGO / Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales / Dexter, MI

Silver - COCONUT PORTER / Pagosa Brewing Co. / Pagosa Springs, CO

Bronze - HAZELNUT BROWN NECTAR / Rogue Ales / Newport, OR

Category 8: Rye Beer (32 Entries)

Gold - BMB RYE IPA / Black Market Brewing Co. / Temecula, CA

Silver - PORTSMOUTH BREWERY RYE NOT / Portsmouth Brewery / Portsmouth, NH

Bronze - ROGGENBIER / Bear Republic Brewing Co. / Healdsburg, CA

Category 9: Specialty Honey Beer (24 Entries)

Gold - BLUE MOON SUMMER HONEY WHEAT ALE / Blue Moon Brewing Co. / Denver, CO

Silver - TRUCK STOP HONEY BROWN ALE / Back Forty Beer Co. / Gadsden, AL

Bronze - SAMUEL ADAMS HONEY PORTER / Boston Beer Co. / Boston, MA

Category 10: Session Beer (30 Entries)

Gold - SQUATTERS WIT / Utah Brewers Cooperative / Salt Lake City, UT

Silver - ENDURANCE IPA JR. / Founders Brewing Co. / Grand Rapids, MI

Bronze - KING’S PEAK PORTER / Uinta Brewing Co. / Salt Lake City, UT

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Category 11: Other Strong Beer (48 Entries)

Gold - SIERRA 30 JACK AND KEN’S ALE / Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. / Chico, CA

Silver - PANZER PILSNER / Port Brewing Co. / San Marcos, CA

Bronze - IMPERIAL OATMEAL STOUT / Boundary Bay Brewery / Bellingham, WA

Category 12: Experimental Beer (43 Entries)

Gold - KEY LIME PIE / Short’s Brewing Co. / Bellaire, MI

Silver - ESTATE HOMEGROWN ALE / Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. / Chico, CA

Bronze - WILD LEMON WHEAT / Great Basin Brewing Co. / Sparks, NV

Category 13: Out of Category – Traditionally Brewed Beer (66 Entries)

Gold - FATHOM IPL / Ballast Point Brewing Co. / San Diego, CA

Silver - MÖTLEY BRÜE RYEPA / Four Peaks Brewing Co. / Tempe, AZ

Bronze - HOT ROCKS LAGER / Port Brewing Co. / San Marcos, CA

Category 14: Gluten Free Beer (13 Entries)

Gold - CELIA PALE ALE / The Alchemist / Waterbury, VT

Silver - GLUTEN FREE / Deschutes Brewery / Bend, OR

Bronze - 3R RASPBERRY ALE / New Planet Beer Co. / Boulder, CO

Category 15: American-Belgo-Style Ale (47 Entries)

Gold - RYEVALRY / Bear Republic Factory Five / Cloverdale, CA

Silver - SIMCOE SILLY / Kuhnhenn Brewing Co. / Warren, MI

Bronze - PETE’S SUPPORT BELGIAN IPA / FireHouse Grill & Brewery / Sunnyvale, CA

Category 16: American-Style Sour Ale (39 Entries)

Gold - BRUTE / Ithaca Beer Co. / Ithaca, NY

Silver - ERIC’S ALE / New Belgium Brewing Co. / Fort Collins, CO

Bronze - RED POPPY / The Lost Abbey / San Marcos, CA

Category 17: Wood- and Barrel-Aged Beer (32 Entries)

Gold - VELVET MERKIN (100% BARREL AGED) / Firestone Walker Brewing Co. / Paso Robles, CA

Silver - HUMIDOR INDIA PALE ALE / Cigar City Brewing / Tampa, FL

Bronze - BLUEGRASS BROWN / Thunder Canyon Brewery / Tucson, AZ

Category 18: Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer (77 Entries)

Gold - BARREL AGED BIG ISLAND / Island Brewing Co. / Carpinteria, CA

Silver - HE’BREW RIPA ON RYE / Shmaltz Brewing Co. / San Francisco, CA

Bronze - MELANGE A TROIS / Nebraska Brewing Co. / Papillion, NE

Category 19: Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Stout (34 Entries)


Silver - REMY / TAPS Fish House & Brewery / Brea, CA

Bronze - BOURBON COUNTY BRAND STOUT / Goose Island Beer Co. / Chicago, IL

Category 20: Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer (54 Entries)

Gold - LE SERPENT CERISE / Snake River Brewing / Jackson, WY

Silver - TEMPTATION / Russian River Brewing Co. / Santa Rosa, CA

Bronze - THE JASPERS / Bullfrog Brewery / Williamsport, PA

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Category 21: Aged Beer (30 Entries)

Gold - JOHN BARLEYCORN BARLEYWINE ’06 / Mad River Brewing Co. / Blue Lake, CA

Silver - CHERRY BALTIC / Bend Brewing Co. / Bend, OR

Bronze - BELL’S EXPEDITION STOUT, 1995 / Bell’s Brewery, Inc. / Galesburg, MI

Category 22: Kellerbier/Zwickelbier (24 Entries)

Gold - KOLSCH / Hale’s Ales / Seattle, WA

Silver - KELLERBIER / Triumph Brewing Co. of Philadelphia / Philadelphia, PA

Bronze - SUMMER TEETH / Columbus Brewing Co. / Columbus, OH

Category 23: Smoked Beer (38 Entries)

Gold - ALASKAN SMOKED PORTER 2009 / Alaskan Brewing Co. / Juneau, AK

Silver - YAZOO SUE / Yazoo Brewing Co. / Nashville, TN

Bronze - GORDON BIERSCH RAUCHBIER / Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurants / Chattanooga, TN

Category 24: American-Style or International-Style Pilsener (27 Entries)

Gold - GOLD LEAF LAGER / Devils Backbone Brewing Co. / Roseland, VA

Silver - RANDOM LUCK / The Sandlot / Denver, CO

Bronze - GOLD COUNTRY PILSNER / Auburn Alehouse / Auburn, CA

Category 25: German-Style Pilsener (48 Entries)

Gold - TRUMER PILS / Trumer Brauerei Berkeley / San Antonio, TX

Silver - GERMAN PILSNER / AC Golden / Golden, CO

Bronze - CHUCKANUT PILSNER / Chuckanut Brewery / Bellingham, WA

Category 26: Bohemian-Style Pilsener (42 Entries)

Gold - BOATHOUSE PILSNER / Titletown Brewing Co. / Green Bay, WI

Silver - GOLDEN PILSNER / Morgan Street Brewery / St. Louis, MO

Bronze - BRIDGE CREEK PILSNER / Silver Moon Brewing / Bend, OR

Category 27: Munich-Style Helles (42 Entries)

Gold - WHAT IN THE HELLES? / Steamworks Brewing Co. / Durango, CO

Silver - LONGBOARD ISLAND LAGER / Kona Brewing Co. / Kailua-Kona, HI

Bronze - COWBOY LAGER / The Covey Restaurant & Brewery / Fort Worth, TX

Category 28: Dortmunder or German-Style Oktoberfest (21 Entries)

Gold - SUMMERBRAU / Utah Brewers Cooperative / Salt Lake City, UT

Silver - NOBLE STUFF EXPORT / Dry Dock Brewing Co. / Aurora, CO

Bronze - ROLLING THUNDER DORTMUNDER / Snake River Brewing / Jackson, WY

Category 29: American-Style Lager or Light Lager (53 Entries)

Gold - MILLER LITE / Miller Brewing Co. / Milwaukee, WI

Silver - OLD MILWAUKEE / Pabst Brewing Co. / Woodridge, IL

Bronze - MILLER GENUINE DRAFT / Miller Brewing Co. / Milwaukee, WI

Category 30: American-Style Specialty Lager or Cream Ale or Lager (42 Entries)

Gold - HAMM’S / Miller Brewing Co. / Milwaukee, WI

Silver - RAINIER / Pabst Brewing Co. / Woodridge, IL

Bronze - OLD STYLE / Pabst Brewing Co. / Woodridge, IL

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Category 31: Vienna-Style Lager (35 Entries)

Gold - CHUCKANUT VIENNA LAGER / Chuckanut Brewery / Bellingham, WA

Silver - CLUELESS BEER WRITER / The Sandlot / Denver, CO

Bronze - HEAVY SEAS MARZEN / Clipper City Brewing Co. / Baltimore, MD

Category 32: German-Style Märzen (41 Entries)

Gold - FLOR HOSEN / The Sandlot / Denver, CO

Silver - OH! FEST! / Schooner’s Grille & Brewery / Antioch, CA

Bronze - MUNSTERFEST / Three Floyds Brewing Co, LLC / Munster, IN

Category 33: American-Style Amber Lager (39 Entries)

Gold - MANANA / Del Norte Brewing Co. / Denver, CO

Silver - SCHELL’S OKTOBERFEST / August Schell Brewing Co. / New Ulm, MN

Bronze - FOOTHILLS OKTOBERFEST / Foothills Brewing / Winston-Salem, NC

Category 34: European-Style Dunkel (19 Entries)

Gold - DUNKEL / AC Golden / Golden, CO

Silver - DUNKEL LAGER / Triumph Brewing Co. of Philadelphia / Philadelphia, PA

Bronze - DARK SIDE LAGER / C.B. Potts Restaurant & Brewery (Fort Collins) / Fort Collins, CO

Category 35: American-Style Dark Lager (20 Entries)

Gold - MICHELOB AMBERBOCK / Michelob Brewing Co. / St. Louis, MO


Bronze - SCHWARZBIER / AC Golden / Golden, CO

Category 36: German-Style Schwarzbier (31 Entries)

Gold - REDROCK BLACK BIER / Redrock Brewing Co. / Salt Lake City, UT

Silver - ANNIE SCHWARZ / Haverhill Brewery / Haverhill, MA

Bronze - TAPS SCHWARZBIER / TAPS Fish House & Brewery / Brea, CA

Category 37: Bock (36 Entries)

Gold - HELLATS GOOD BEER / Pug Ryans Brewery / Dillon, CO

Silver - TROEGENATOR / Troegs Brewery / Harrisburg, PA

Bronze - MAIBOCK / Ram Restaurant & Brewery – Salem / Salem, OR

Category 38: German-Style Doppelbock or Eisbock (25 Entries)

Gold - CARBONATOR / Glenwood Canyon Brewing Co. / Glenwood Springs, CO

Silver - GORDON BIERSCH EISBOCK / Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurants / Chattanooga, TN

Bronze - DOMINATOR DOPPLEBOCK / Sun King Brewing Co. / Indianapolis, IN

Category 39: Baltic-Style Porter (21 Entries)

Gold - 3 DOG NIGHT / Chama River Brewing Co. / Albuquerque, NM

Silver - COLLABORATIVE EVIL – TRIPLE ROCK / Triple Rock Brewery and Alehouse / Berkeley, CA

Bronze - REVEREND POTTER’S BALTIC PORTER / The Prodigal Brewery / Effingham, NH

Category 40: Golden or Blonde Ale (55 Entries)

Gold - KIWANDA CREAM ALE / Pelican Pub & Brewery / Pacific City, OR

Silver - STEELHEAD EXTRA PALE ALE / Mad River Brewing Co. / Blue Lake, CA

Bronze - HEAVY SEAS GOLD ALE / Clipper City Brewing Co. / Baltimore, MD

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Category 41: German-Style Kölsch (46 Entries)

Gold - SAINT ARNOLD FANCY LAWNMOWER BEER / Saint Arnold Brewing Co. / Houston, TX

Silver - COLORADO KOLSCH / Steamworks Brewing Co. / Durango, CO

Bronze - KOLSCH 151 / Blue Mountain Brewery / Afton, VA

Category 42: English-Style Summer Ale (35 Entries)

Gold - 312 URBAN WHEAT ALE / Goose Island Beer Co. / Chicago, IL

Silver - PACIFIC DAYLIGHT / Dale Bros. Brewery / Upland, CA

Bronze - SANDBAGGER GOLD / Montana Brewing Co. / Billings, MT

Category 43: Classic English-Style Pale Ale (29 Entries)

Gold - MIRROR POND PALE ALE / Deschutes Brewery / Bend, OR

Silver - SUMMIT EXTRA PALE ALE / Summit Brewing Co. / Saint Paul, MN

Bronze - SKA SPECIAL / Ska Brewing Co. / Durango, CO

Category 44: English-Style India Pale Ale (32 Entries)

Gold - BEECH STREET BITTER / Pizza Port Carlsbad / Carlsbad, CA

Silver - ILLUSION DWELLER / Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery / Boulder, CO

Bronze - SAMUEL ADAMS LATITUDE 48 / Boston Beer Co. / Boston, MA

Category 45: American-Style Pale Ale (109 Entries)

Gold - MISSION STREET PALE / Firestone Walker Brewing Co. / Paso Robles, CA

Silver - PALE 31 / Firestone Walker Brewing Co. / Paso Robles, CA

Bronze - PUDDLE JUMPER PALE ALE / Third Street Aleworks / Santa Rosa, CA

Category 46: American-Style Strong Pale Ale (84 Entries)

Gold - HIMALAYAN IPA / Yak and Yeti Brewpub / Arvada, CO

Silver - IPA NECTAR / Firestone Walker Brewing Co. / Paso Robles, CA

Bronze - 7 – FITY / Triple Rock Brewery and Alehouse / Berkeley, CA

Category 47: American-Style India Pale Ale (142 Entries)

Gold - “PSEUDO” IPA / Pizza Port San Clemente / San Clemente, CA

Silver - HEAD HUNTER IPA / Fat Head’s Brewery & Saloon / North Olmsted, OH

Bronze - LUMBERYARD EXTRA IPA / Lumberyard Brewing Co. / Flagstaff, AZ

Category 48: Imperial India Pale Ale (97 Entries)

Gold - DOHENY DOUBLE IPA / Pizza Port San Clemente / San Clemente, CA

Silver - HOP CRISIS! / 21st Amendment Brewery / San Francisco, CA

Bronze - DECADENCE IMPERIAL IPA / Trinity Brewhouse / Providence, RI

Category 49: American-Style Amber/Red Ale (83 Entries)

Gold - RED NECTAR / Firestone Walker Brewing Co. / Paso Robles, CA

Silver - HOP BACK AMBER ALE / Troegs Brewery / Harrisburg, PA

Bronze - RED ROCK / Triple Rock Brewery and Alehouse / Berkeley, CA

Category 50: Imperial Red Ale (43 Entries)

Gold - LUMBERYARD IMPERIAL RED / Lumberyard Brewing Co. / Flagstaff, AZ

Silver - RED EYE PA / The Brew Kettle Production Works / Strongsville, OH

Bronze - DERANGER / Laurelwood Brewing Co. / Portland, OR

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Category 51: English-Style Mild Ale (27 Entries)

Gold - BUSINESS TIME MILD / Boulder Beer Co. / Boulder, CO

Silver - SKIDMARK BROWN / Pizza Port Ocean Beach / San Diego, CA

Bronze - ALE OF FERGUS / Devils Backbone Brewing Co. / Roseland, VA

Category 52: Ordinary or Special Bitter (47 Entries)

Gold - RIO BLANCO PALE ALE / Real Ale Brewing Co. / Blanco, TX

Silver - DBA / Firestone Walker Brewing Co. / Paso Robles, CA

Bronze - DROP TOP / Widmer Brothers Brewing Co. / Portland, OR

Category 53: Extra Special Bitter or Strong Bitter (42 Entries)

Gold - GAR PALE ALE / Great American Restaurants / Centreville, VA

Silver - SAINT ARNOLD ELISSA IPA / Saint Arnold Brewing Co. / Houston, TX

Bronze - BACHELOR ESB / Deschutes Brewery / Bend, OR

Category 54: Scottish-Style Ale (22 Entries)

Gold - HIGHLAND COURAGE / Rock Bottom Breweries / Louisville, CO

Silver - SAINT ARNOLD OKTOBERFEST / Saint Arnold Brewing Co. / Houston, TX

Bronze - LAUGHING LAB SCOTTISH ALE / Bristol Brewing Co. / Colorado Springs, CO

Category 55: Irish-Style Red Ale (23 Entries)

Gold - RED TROLLEY ALE / Karl Strauss Brewing Co. / San Diego, CA

Silver - RIVER FALLS RED ALE / Thomas Creek Brewery / Greenville, SC

Bronze - RAGTOP RED / Rock Bottom Breweries / Louisville, CO

Category 56: English-Style Brown Ale (46 Entries)

Gold - OLD ELK BROWN ALE / Rock Bottom Breweries / Louisville, CO

Silver - GOOD GRIEF BROWN / Pizza Port Carlsbad / Carlsbad, CA

Bronze - ECLIPSE BROWN ALE / Equinox Brewing Co. / Fort Collins, CO

Category 57: American-Style Brown Ale (47 Entries)

Gold - SWEET JOSIE / LoneRider Brewing Co. / Raleigh, NC

Silver - REDROCK NUT BROWN ALE / Redrock Brewing Co. / Salt Lake City, UT

Bronze - AMERICAN BROWN ALE / Big Rock Chop House & Brewery / Birmingham, MI

Category 58: American-Style India Black Ale (53 Entries)

Gold - TURMOIL / Barley Brown’s Brew Pub / Baker City, OR

Silver - GO FIGURE / Big Rock Chop House & Brewery / Birmingham, MI

Bronze - STONE SUBLIMELY SELF-RIGHTEOUS ALE / Stone Brewing Co. / Escondido, CA

Category 59: German-Style Altbier (37 Entries)

Gold - GESTALT / Haverhill Brewery / Haverhill, MA

Silver - BISMARCK ALTBIER / Dry Dock Brewing Co. / Aurora, CO

Bronze - STICKE ALT / Rock Bottom Breweries / Louisville, CO

Category 60: German-Style Sour Ale (23 Entries)

Gold - BERLINER WEISSE / Snake River Brewing / Jackson, WY

Silver - TINY BUBBLES / Hollister Brewing Co. / Goleta, CA

Bronze - BEER GONE GOOD / Terrapin Beer Co. / Athens, GA

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Category 61: South German-Style Hefeweizen (65 Entries)

Gold - STOUDTS HEIFER IN WHEAT / Stoudt Brewing Co. / Adamstown, PA

Silver - U-BOAT HEFEWEIZEN / Dry Dock Brewing Co. / Aurora, CO

Bronze - WINTERGREEN WEISS / Devils Backbone Brewing Co. / Roseland, VA

Category 62: German-Style Wheat Ale (29 Entries)

Gold - HEFELIGHTZEN / BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery / Huntington Beach, CA

Silver - WOWZENBOCK / Deschutes Brewery / Bend, OR

Bronze - CAPITAL WEIZEN DOPPELBOCK / Capital Brewery Co., Inc. / Middleton, WI

Category 63: Belgian-Style Witbier (45 Entries)

Gold - TAPS BELGIAN WHITE / TAPS Fish House & Brewery / Brea, CA

Silver - WHALE TAIL WIT / Dry Dock Brewing Co. / Aurora, CO

Bronze - ALLAGASH WHITE / Allagash Brewing Co. / Portland, ME

Category 64: French- and Belgian-Style Saison (52 Entries)

Gold - SAISON VAUTOUR / McKenzie Brew House / Malvern, PA

Silver - COLETTE / Great Divide Brewing Co. / Denver, CO

Bronze - BELGIAN SUMMER ALE / Great Adirondack Brewing Co. / Lake Placid, NY

Category 65: Belgian- and French-Style Ale (46 Entries)

Gold - ALLAGASH BLONDE / Allagash Brewing Co. / Portland, ME

Silver - BASTOGNE BLONDE ALE / Rock Bottom Breweries / Louisville, CO

Bronze - DOMAINE DUPAGE / Two Brothers Brewing Co. / Warrenville, IL

Category 66: Belgian-Style Lambic or Sour Ale (33 Entries)

Gold - OUDE TART / The Bruery / Placentia, CA

Silver - COOLSHIP RESURGAM / Allagash Brewing Co. / Portland, ME

Bronze - LE SERPENT / Snake River Brewing / Jackson, WY

Category 67: Belgian-Style Abbey Ale (76 Entries)

Gold - NECTAR DES DIEUX / Bastone Brewery / Royal Oak, MI

Silver - GOLDEN SLUMBER / Sun King Brewing Co. / Indianapolis, IN

Bronze - THREE PHILOSOPHERS / Brewery Ommegang / Cooperstown, NY

Category 68: Belgian-Style Strong Specialty Ale (54 Entries)

Gold - REVELATIONS / Pizza Port Carlsbad / Carlsbad, CA

Silver - BROTHER DAVIDS DOUBLE / Anderson Valley Brewing Co. / Boonville, CA

Bronze - HELLS KEEP / Utah Brewers Cooperative / Salt Lake City, UT

Category 69: Brown Porter (33 Entries)

Gold - TOTAL DISORDER PORTER / Ram Production Brewery / Tacoma, WA

Silver - ST. CHARLES PORTER / Blackstone Brewing Co. / Nashville, TN

Bronze - PULLMAN BROWN / Flossmoor Station / Flossmoor, IL

Category 70: Robust Porter (53 Entries)

Gold - PIG IRON PORTER / Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant / Wilmington, DE

Silver - MOONLIGHT PORTER / Rock Bottom Breweries / Louisville, CO

Bronze - BLIMP HANGAR PORTER / Tustin Brewing Co. / Tustin, CA

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Category 71: Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout (23 Entries)

Gold - HYDE PARK STOUT / Augusta Brewing Co. / Washington, MO

Silver - MCLUHR’S IRISH STOUT / Dillon DAM Brewery / Dillon, CO

Bronze - PORT TRUCK STOUT / Pizza Port Carlsbad / Carlsbad, CA

Category 72: Foreign-Style Stout (33 Entries)

Gold - FADE TO BLACK / Left Hand Brewing Co. / Longmont, CO

Silver - WHITEFACE STOUT / Great Adirondack Brewing Co. / Lake Placid, NY

Bronze - TSUNAMI STOUT / Pelican Pub & Brewery / Pacific City, OR

Category 73: American-Style Stout (27 Entries)

Gold - LIBERTY STOUT / Gella’s Diner and Lb. Brewing Co. / Hays, KS

Silver - DISORDER STOUT / Barley Brown’s Brew Pub / Baker City, OR

Bronze - SHAKESPEARE OATMEAL STOUT / Rogue Ales / Newport, OR

Category 74: Sweet Stout (29 Entries)

Gold - KICKSTART STOUT / Barley Brothers Brewery & Grill / Lake Havasu City, AZ

Silver - OIL CHANGE STOUT / Flat Branch Pub and Brewery / Columbia, MO

Bronze - PORTSMOUTH BREWERY MILK STOUT / Portsmouth Brewery / Portsmouth, NH

Category 75: Oatmeal Stout (39 Entries)

Gold - BACKSIDE STOUT / Steamworks Brewing Co. / Durango, CO

Silver - NAKED OATMEAL STOUT / Rock Bottom Breweries / Louisville, CO

Bronze - 825 STATE STOUT / Epic Brewing Co. , LLC / Salt Lake City, UT

Category 76: Imperial Stout (50 Entries)

Gold - RUSSIAN IMPERIAL STOUT / Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant / Wilmington, DE

Silver - NIGHT RIDER IMPERIAL STOUT / Pizza Port Carlsbad / Carlsbad, CA

Bronze - ANASTASIA RUSSIAN IMPERIAL STOUT / Weasel Boy Brewing Co. / Zanesville, OH

Category 77: Scotch Ale (34 Entries)

Gold - REED’S WEE HEAVY / Pizza Port Carlsbad / Carlsbad, CA

Silver - WEE WILLY SCOTCH ALE / McCoy’s Public House & Brewkitchen / Kansas City, MO

Bronze - MACPELICAN’S WEE HEAVY ALE / Pelican Pub & Brewery / Pacific City, OR

Category 78: Old Ale or Strong Ale (38 Entries)

Gold - FOURTH DEMENTIA OLDE ALE / Kuhnhenn Brewing Co. / Warren, MI

Silver - CURMUDGEON / Founders Brewing Co. / Grand Rapids, MI

Bronze - OUTBACK X / Bend Brewing Co. / Bend, OR

Category 79: Barley Wine-Style Ale (57 Entries)

Gold - FLYING MOUFLAN / Troegs Brewery / Harrisburg, PA

Silver - OLD #23 BARLEY WINE / Bristol Brewing Co. / Colorado Springs, CO

Bronze - JACK HAMMER / The Brew Kettle Production Works / Strongsville, OH

Category 80: Pro-Am Competition (75 Entries)

Gold - RED VELVET / Eagle Rock Brewery / Los Angeles, CA Brewmaster: Eagle Rock Brewery Brew Team

AHA Member: Donny Hummel

Silver - RYED HARD & PUT AWAY WET / Rockyard Brewing Co. / Castle Rock, CO Brewmaster: Jim Stinson

AHA Member: Adam Glaser

Bronze - ROBUST PORTER / Wormtown Brewing Co. / Worcester, MA Brewmaster: Ben Roesch

AHA Member: Keith Antul

Phil's Birthday at Sunswick 3535


Hello Beer Friends Nation! A few, well 3/4th of the Beer Friends are celebrating Phil's Birthday at the ONLY Good Beer Month bar in Queens, Sunswich 3535! A very nice scene with an excellent variety... At least one Beer Friend (Phil) is gonna get sloppy! Brad 1st - Founders Centennial IPA, I love this beer. The smooth taste combined with the hoppiness creates a very light, refreshing drink. This and the Breakfast Stout from Founders are quickly climbing up my favorite beer ladder.

Phil 1st - Founders Centennial IPA, well actually Phil is too busy so we figured we'd blog for him... (in our best Phil voice) This beer is great! Not like a belgian beer so I love it!

Graham 1st - Greenport Harbor Ale. Lighter in the flavor area than I would've liked. Wanted more of the citrusy hops that the menu promised, however it is a pale ale, not an IPA. I imagine this is what flavor tastes like to people once they hit 30.

Brad 2nd - Flying Dog Tire Bite Golden Ale - a very light crisp beer. Flying Dog Used to be a Colorado brewery and moved to Maryland too expose themselves to a East Coast audience - it has worked out well. This isn't my favorite Flying Dog BUT Flying Dog doesn't really make a awful beer.

Phil 2nd - Flying Dog Tire Bite Golden Ale. Wow another non-Belgian beer! I could get used to this! It actually reminds me of a song from one of my favorite artists: Glory Days by Springsteen. Now that I'm old I consider all of my life before now as glory days. Ah the days, they would've gone well with a Tire Bite; crisp, golden, youthful and full of potential...sigh...

Graham's 2nd - Pearl Street's Lune' d'bleu. This brewery has an old school nostalgia factor for me. Being from Rochester, anytime we headed to Buffalo we'd hit up Pearl Street Brew Pub. I'm glad it's made its way down to NYC. This beer is refreshing and spicey. Made with orange peel, coriander and ginger, it's the Ginger that takes over and leaves an impression.

Brad 3rd - Victory Donnybrook Stout - Victory was our brewery of the week a couple weeks ago so I figured I'd give a shout out. I like this stout, smooth like a Guinness with a little more taste, it's easy to drink with no complaints.

Phil 3rd - ...

Graham 3rd - Stone Levitation. Rich malts and a good citrus hop make this one an easy beer to take down. The flavors are very evenly matched and a pleasure from start to finish.

Brad 4th - Stone Levitation Ale - This Amber ale is my favorite offering from Stone. Smooth with enough taste I could drink 4 of these - responsibly of course.

Beer Review 22: Stone, Dogfish Head, Victory Collaboration Saison


Hello Beer Friends Nation! This week we reviewed a collaboration Saison from Stone, Victory, and Dogfish Head.  We also stepped it up a notch and did it in 3D - Suck it James Cameron!  This is a rare bottle and well worth it if you can find it.  Love Beer!