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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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Daily Beer Calendar February 21-28


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Boom goes the Dynamite! and another month of Daily Beer Calendar polls and results... This last round takes us into March - which means the Second Annual BFFF!  Stay tuned for details!

February 21st - Singha Lager Beer

Pathumthani Brewery Company, Pathumthani, Thailand for Singha Corporation Ltd., Bangkok.

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February 22nd - Vitus Weizenbock

Weihenstephan Brewery, Freising, Germany.  Interesting fact: Weihenstephen started brewing over 1,000 years ago in a Benedictine  monastery.  1,000 years ago?!?! That's like, the last time the Chicago Cubs won a World Series!

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February 23rd - La Cerveza Del Pacifico

Cerveceria Del Pacifico, S.A. De C.V., Mazatlan, Mexico.  Yes, you seen this beer at every cheap Mexican place outside of Texas.  So select yes, I've had this beer.

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February 24th - Heylissem Belgian Abbey Blonde

Brewery Val De Sambre, Gozee, Belgium

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February 25th - Chasing Tail Golden Ale

Squatters Pub and Brewery from Park City, Utah makes another appearance in our Beer of the Day Calendar, this time with Chasing Tail Golden Ale, with a portion going towards homeless animal charities - drink beer and help a pooch!  Double awesome!

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February 26th - Pit Bull Malt Liquor

Pig's Eye Brewing Company from Lacrosse, Wisconsin.  Being a Lacrosse fan growing up I always wanted to live in Lacrosse, Wisconsin (I had very few friends...), now that I'm older I realize how stupid that dream was but this brew pub might make me change my mind (not really.)

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February 27th - Mount Garfield Pale Ale

Palisade Brewery from Palisade, Colorado is one of the breweries The Beer Friends weren't able to visit... but there will be a return trip!

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February 28th - Baltijos Dark Beer

Svyturys Brewery from Klaipda, Lithuania

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Daily Beer Calendar February 8-13


Hello Beer Friends Nation! These next few days the Beer Calendar racks up the miles in multiple countries and multiple styles... vote and check back often for results.

February 8th - Twisted Thistle IPA for Belhaven Brewery Company in Dunbar, Scotland.  Last time we visited Dunbar for the Belhaven Brewery Company it was for a malty brew that reminded you of a good highland scotch whiskey - now it's for a IPA.  Challenger and Cascade are the main hops used but the full malt flavor is what stands out.

Twisted Thistle IPA

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February 9th - Provo Girl Pilsner from Squatters Pub and Brewery in Park City, Utah.  What else would you expect from Utah but a basic beer! Although the state of Utah mandates that beer be kept around 4% ABV, this Bavarian style Pilsner has enough taste to forget all that.

Provo Girl Pilsner

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February 10th - Kostritzer Schwarzbier from Kostritzer Schwarzbier Brewery in Kostritz/Thuringen, Germany.  That was a mouthful and the beer description doesn't get any better "a black beer with a blonde soul"... What?!?!  Guess we'll have to try one to figure it all out. (Check out the brewery link for a awesome way to drink away your sickness!)

Kostritzer Schwarzbier

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February 11th - Alaskan Summer Ale from Alaskan Brewery in Juneau, Alaska.  This brewery is always impressive and continues to upset me that we can't get there stuff in NYC.  This session beer is dominated by the malts but not the bitterness of most Kolsch beers.

Alaskan Summer Ale

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February 12th - Blanche De Chambly from Unibroue Brewery in Chambly, Canada.  The Beer Friends enjoyed a afternoon drinking Unibroue brews and this pale gold beer is one of their staples.

Blanche De Chambly

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February 13th - Molson Canadian Lager from Molson Canada, Toronto, Canada.  If you're a hockey fan, click the "I've had this beer" box.  Enough said.

Molson Canadian Lager

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