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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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Live Blog: Strong Island Event at The Stag's Head


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Craft beer week is in full swing and Beer Friends are hitting up some of the awesome events (we wandered from the Jimmy's 43 Cigar City event - put Maduro Tiramisu on your bucket list, trust us) and enjoying the craft beer abound in the city. Next up: Strong Island at The Stag's Head. Long Island has always been a weird beer destination (see Blue Point) but recently has stepped it up (see: Greenport Harbor and Southhampton) in which the Beer Friends have enjoyed and are going to continue enjoying tonight.

Brad's 1st: Greenport Hopnomi - this is a delicious and hoppy beer. No aftertaste and a hit of bitterness at the front - this is a great taste.

Phil's 1st: also Greenpoin Hopnomi. Very good and hoppy. Not as bitter as you would think. There's a small small bit of malty sweetness that just curbs the bitterness enough to take it off your mind. A definite yes from me.

Brad's 2nd: Greenport Harbor Black Duck Porter - pretty smooth but no bite like a typical porter is. Generally I find porters on the roasted malt end and not on the smooth end (see: Founders Porter) but this is somewhere in the middle.

Phil's 2nd: Greenport Black Duck Porter - very good and mild as porters go. Great Peter(?) taste, but as Brad says, without a major toasted malt bite. The toasty part is still there, don't worry, it's just not an overpowering part of the flavor.

Brad's 3rd: Southhampton North Fork Fresh Hop - this is a delicious light hop taste. This reminds me of a Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere buy makes me feel better about myself because I'm drinking local...

Phil's 3rd: Greenport Citrus IPA - it good. A little on the weird side, it's like your ordered a white ale with a lemon or orange, but got an IPA instead but still with the fruit. The citrus part pretty much splits the hope flavor on half. You get a little hoppiness in the front that is interrupted by the fruit, followed very quickly by the rest of the hops. A good one to try in the middle of your beer evening.

New York City Good Beer Month Events: Week of July 19th



Woah! Another craft brew filled week during Good Beer Month here in New York City...and this month is jam packed with events!  Let's check a few out.  

Tues, July 20 - Rattle n' Hum, Manhattan: Our favorite Empire State Building beer bar will be featuring Southern Tier Tuesday night.   I am a big fan of the imperal ales from this brewery, I am specifically looking forward to the Oak Aged Unearthy and the Farmers Tan Imperial Pale Lager. Then I'll move to Phin & Matts Extraordinary Ale for something a little lighter...   

Tues, July 20 - Jimmy's No. 43, Manhattan: Every Tuesday this East Village basement cavern of craft brew holds $10 beer tastings with brewing experts.  This Tuesday will feature American made German style beer led by Sean from Victory Brewery.  Sean and the guys at Victory are just coming off a successful event over at Blind Tiger last Wednesday night.  Apparently they just decided to keep it rolling.  We're okay with that.  

Weds, July 21 - Blind Tiger Ale House, Manhattan: Merry Christmas!  In July!  Christmas in July, originally dreamt up by department stores to have an excuse to sell clothes has been commandeered by the craft beer world to provide us with a much needed excuse to consume the winter/holiday ales that we've been "aging" for the past six months.  Well, those long, dark six months are over and it's time to celebrate.  Blind Tiger will be featuring a multitude of winter and holiday brews to celebrate July's only real notable holiday.  Although, there use to be something that happened on the 4th...  

Thurs, July 22 - Swift, Manhattan: Come celebrate Belgian Independence Day with a special pour of Ommegang's Zur, their new sour beer.    They also are promising some other hard-to-find treats  

Thurs, July 22 - Jimmy's No. 43, Manhattan: These guys are busy this week.  On Thursday they are bringing us the Slow Food Oyster Festival with the help of local oyster grower Karen Rivera and Southhampton Brewing Co., which will be pouring all night with those oysters you're shooting.  

Thurs, July 22 -Standings, Manhattan: Bear Republic has been a NYC Good Beer Month favorite, as well as a Beer Friends favorite recently and they are back again!  Standings will be featuring four of their brews this Thursday.  Which ones will they be!?! Racer #5? Red Rocket? Crazy Ivan??  Only way to find out it to show up and have all four!  

Thurs, July 22 - The Gate, Brooklyn: Head on over to this Park Slope craft brew location to try a featured selection of Smuttynose Brewery's finest.  

This is a jam-packed Good Beer Month week.  The Beer Friends will be out attending as many events as possible, maybe even all of them?  Keep following our twitter and facebook feeds to see what we're up to, what we're drinking and where you can be the first to find us an grab a free pint!