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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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Hashtag Battles Season 2 - Week 8!


Hello Beer Friends Nation! In the spirit of competition, Beer Friends would like to invite everyone to our second season of NFL hashtag battles! Using we will pit two breweries against each other when their NFL counterparts are facing off on the gridiron. Are you ready for some football? And drinking? And #hashtag battle?!?!?!

What's a hashtag battle? When you're drinking a beer of a brewery competing in the battle, throw a #hashtag of the brewery and tweet it (or setup your foursquare or untappd to push to tweet and include the #hashtag) and we'll use to declare a winner after the Monday Night football game on ESPN. Support your team, support your beer, drink local and hashtag battle!

Week Eight -  Seattle Seahawks at Detroit Lions (#RogueBeer vs #Founders)

These are two hard to figure teams of the NFL season so far.  The Detroit Lions coming off a playoff appearance and Seahawks starting a rookie midget - sorry... little person at QB.  But the Lions have been a disappointment and find themselves in the familiar confines of the NFC Norris Division basement and the Seahawks have done it with the help of Replacement Ref's... Let's see who's an actual pretender or contenter in this weeks Hashtag Battle!

The Seahawks have been a interesting story in the past few years.  They bring in Pete Carroll who hit the eject button before sanctions came down on USC, and Pete brings a surfboard regularly to practice in his fun loving "I'm a cool college coach" persona.  Result? A 5-11 season which would have placed them in the middle of the pack in the then "Pac 12".  But the next season they made the playoffs! ... As a 7-9 team.  Regardless of the record they played like they belonged and pulled an upset over the visiting (and defending Superbowl Champion) Saints.  Last season they finished with an identical 7-9 record, but the much improved NFC West passed them by and they finished in 3rd place.  This season they've benefited from the "Worst Call in NFL History"  (echo echo echo) and Golden Tate proved that his elbow could bend the other way for joint possession.  Since that call they've been 2-2 and Rookie QB Russel Wilson has been slinging it - throwing bombs against the Pats in New England paved the way for the upset (although if he through on a line he'd throw it into the lower back of his O-line).  They've got a mixed bag of games ahead and we'll see how Wilson fares for the rest of the season - as long as they have that camera directly above the field, or give him a stack of phonebooks to stand on.

Rogue Ales is a favorite of one Northwestern Beer Friend and very well liked by the others.  Shakespeare Stout on Nitro is a brew I'll never pass up and the John John series continues to produce excellent beers in a distillery/brewery collaboration.  Rogue is still legendary in the Beer Friends circle for the excellent Rogue Oysters Event at Blind Tiger and the Chipotle Ale has enough kick to make you feel like you're alive, right before you grab that glass of water.  With a percentage of proceeds going to the Oregon Coast Aquarium from a speciality brew series, what's not to love?

The Detroit Lions are back! In the basement... These badboys of the off-season set personal records for arrest, 7 total arrest by 4 players (I bet they'd kill for that record - don't get any ideas Lions players...) which caused the Lions management to crack down and attempt to control the team.  After a few successful weeks of police radio silence, the Lions are 2-4, and they blame their poor play on that: I would blame the house arrest ankle bracelets.  While the Detroit Tigers struggled in the regular season and made it to the playoffs, the Lions chances slip away with each week.  Upcoming they have a winnable games against the MJD-less Jags and the forever in re-building mode Colts, but still two games against an angry Packers squad and two of the last undefeated teams in the league in the Texans and Falcons.  With their current play, it looks like a longer off-season in which I'd advise Detroit area residents to lock your doors and hide your valuables.

Founders Brewing - nestled perfectly in the palm of the mitten, constantly provides delicious beers in every style and all year round - this is a can't miss.  From their year round offerings of Dry Hopped Pale Ale, Red's Rye PA and Porter - to the delicious seasonal's of Breakfast Stout, Nemesis, Devil Dancer, and even the hard to find beers like Old Curmudgeon's Better Half and the infamous CBS (Canadian Breakfast Stout) - they are all-stars.  Recently I found a Frangelic Mountain Brown ale brewed with Hazelnut Coffee - which sent me searching for basic brown recipes to add favored coffee to (in the brewing, not like a Arnold Palmer... Although...).  Granted, living in NYC we only see what they send nationally and I can only assume they've missed on one or two beers - but a fella can dream right?

Let the battle begin! Tag with #Surlybrewing or #Roguebeer, the battle begins Sunday morning and ends Monday night… drink to support your teams!

New York City Craft Beer Events for the Week of September 11, 2011


Good morning all you Beer Friends out there! This week's NYC craft beer events list will be slightly abridged, and for a good reason. We'll only be showcasing events from today until Thursday, after that there's a bit of a surprise in store for you. New York City Craft Beer Week. Beginning Friday, September 16. We here at the Beer Friends think that a week dedicated solely to craft beer happening in the greatest city on the planet (and sponsored by the mayor) is important enough to deserve its own post. So, when Thursday comes around and you realize that you've come to the end of this week's Beer Friends sponsored events, don't fret. That morning we'll throw our list of the Beer Friends most anticipated events for NYC Craft Beer Week 2011. Yes, two Beer Friends events listings a week makes should make you feel warm inside, it's natural. Tuesday, September 13 - 12% Imports Tap Takeover @ Rattle n' Hum, Manhattan:

Most of what we do here at the Beer Friends focuses on American Craft Beer, however there is a whole other world (literally, it's from a different part of the world) that is blowing up bigtime when it comes to craft beer. Breweries all over Scandanavia, Western Europe and the old world brewing powerhouses of Belgium, Germany and England have become havens for smaller craft brewing enterprises, much like here in the U.S. 12% Imports, which headlines in bringing the best of these breweries to the U.S. has been getting major play here in NYC and they continue to do so this Tuesday night at Rattle n' Hum. They'll be showcasing Evil Twin and Stillwater, while bringing along samplings from many other breweries. Check out the beer list:

Tilquin Gueuze Evil Twin Biscotti Break Evil Twin Katz Pis Evil Twin Soft DooKie Evil Twin Ashtray Heart Stillwater Autumnal (only batch of the year) Stillwater Cellar Door Stillwater Barrel Aged Our Side (very limited…) Stillwater/Sint Canarus Rule of Thirds (new beer) Hof ten Dormaal White Gold Hof ten Dormaal Amber Hantverksbryggeriet Kosacken Hantverksbryggeriet Munken Tournay Black Tournay Saison Cazeau Emelisse Rauchbier Emelisse Barley Wine Hopfenestark Helles Hopfenstark Loulou Porter Gaverhopke Singing Blond

Put on your Viking helmet, grab your Stein and cheers with a German accent.

Rattle n' Hum is located at 14 East 33rd Street between 5th and Madison Avenues, Midtown, Manhattan.

Wednesday, September 14 - Shipyard Tap Takeover @ The Pony Bar, Manhattan:

The Pony Bar Brewery Events are back! And we couldn't be happier. After a short pause from throwing epic brewery events, the Pony Bar starting back up again with Shipyard Brewery from Maine. They'll be pouring draughts from 10 Shipyard line including the PumpkinHead and Smashin' Pumpkin seasonal brews. Maine expert and Shipyard representative Bruce Forsely will be happy to chat you up about everything Shipyard and as always the staff at the Pony are the most well-versed when it comes to craft brew and the friendliest when it comes to bartending - a.k.a. - they'll be happy to pour and walk you through all 10 lines.

The Pony Bar is located at 637 10th Avenue on the Northwest corner of 45th Street, Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan.

Wednesday, September 14 - Riverhorse Tasting @ The Stag's Head, Manhattan:

The Stag's Head will be hosting New Jersey's finest brewery this Wednesday and brewer Chris McGrath will be on hand to drink you through the selection. You'll need his help too, because it is an impressive selection that will surely blow away someone drinking without a brewer's help. Check out the list: Hop-A-Lot-Amus DIPA, Double White, Tripel Horse, Hop Hazard, ESB, Lager and Hipp-O-Lantern. Plus a cask of Hipp-o-Latern aged in oak barrels with vanilla! We told you, assistance may be required.

The Stag's Head is located at 252 East 51st Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, Upper East Side, Manhattan.

Thursday, September 15 - Rogue Ales Tap Takeover @ Bierkraft, Brooklyn:

Knowing that Friday is the beginning of NYC's 2011 Craft Beer Week, one might want to get a good night's rest and a fresh start the next morning. Bright eyed and bushy-tailed and all that. Well Rogue Brewery just stepped in an stomped on your bright eyed and bushy tailed morning, crushed your early bedtime and did anything they damn well pleased to your start, except make it fresh that is. Rogue just called you out - you going to say no to them? I wouldn't. What I would do is look them in the face and drink they're entire lineup this Thursday at Bierkraft. That's 14 lines featuring these fantastic brews:

Double Mocha Porter Somer Orange Honey Wheat Dad’s Beer Black IPA McRogue Scotch Ale Brutal Bitter Ale Dead Guy Ale Dry Hopped Red Ale American Amber Ale Soba Ale Smoke Ale Imperial IPA Chatoe Rogue: Floor Malt Ale Maierfest Lager Mom’s Hefeweizen

Alright, you might want to bring a friend. 14 can be a bit heavy.

Bierkraft is located at 191 5th Avenue between Union and Berkeley Streets, Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Enjoy these precursor to NYC 2011 Craft Beer Week events Beer Friends Nation! Make sure to come back to this Thursday morning for the list of the must-go-to Craft Beer Week events!