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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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Brewery Interviews: Cape Cod Beer Part 3


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Today we finish up with the 3rd part of the Cape Cod Beer interview series.  Beth and Todd Marcus were so amazing to allow us a few minutes on camera to discuss their wonderful business with us - and we have been eternally grateful.  In Part 1 Paul, Beth and Brad discuss origins of Cape Cod Beer, their “1 Barrel Series,” and the creation of their Christmas in July speciality brew.  In Part 2 they discuss the passion that Cape Cod Beer brings to their beer and tours, expansion of the brand, and a little bit about the can craft beer revolution.  Part 3 finishes the series with insightful questions like: Why doesn't your beer taste like Bud Light? and Where's the bathroom?... kidding, we are professional beer journalist and discuss the brewing schedule, and the business side of a small craft brewery.


Our Cape Cod Reviews:  Red - Bourbon Barrel Red - 1000th Batch Series Imperial Red - Stargazer Stout - Stock Stout - IPA

Beer Review 121: Cape Cod Beer IPA


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Well, here we are, in the heat of summer and everyone is thinking about the beach.  How about beach, seafood, and delicious beer?  Well, look no further and travel up to Cape Cod to find all three, the last in the form of Cape Cod Beer.  Cape Cod Beer has been featured a few times on our little beer blog here (RedBourbon Red - 1000th Batch Imperial RedStargazer Stout) and recently we've started posting an interview we had with Beth Marcus, Business Manager and Founder.  Today we review a staple of the Cape Cod Beer line up, simply put - the IPA.  Continue to stop by for more Cape Cod beer Interviews and Review.  Beach! Cape Cod! Beer!


Beer Review 67: Cape Cod Beer Red


Hello Beer Friends Nation! This week we reviewed the Runner Up of the Beer Friend Final Four (BFF4) - Cape Cod Red.  With a very small distribution area, Cape Cod Beer had huge fan support and took Nebraska Brewing Company down to the wire.  Win or lose Cape Cod Beer is a fantastic brewery in Hyannis and a favorite when ever these Beer Friends get their hands on it.  Cape Cod!  Red!  Delicious! Beer!


BFF4 Winner!


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Wow, what an exciting tournament it was.  64 beers entered from 60 different breweries, Stouts to Pilsners, West Coast vs East Coast.  Over 73,000 votes counted and (unfortunately) only one winner - Nebraska Brewing Co Brunette Nut Brown Ale.  Nebraska's Brunette Nut Brown Ale beat out solid competition in Cape Cod Beer Red - which received the most total votes over the span of the tournament.  Thanks to everyone who voted, everyone who drank, and most importantly everyone who Brews.  Beer!  March Madness!  Nebraska!


BFF4 Championship Game!


Hello Beer Friends Nation! What an exciting tournament this has been.  While we remember tournaments past, we can't remember a tournament with so many up and downs, upsets and heart-breaks, and so many fantastic beers losing by such small amounts.  We are down to two, two from 64, one will be crowded the BFF4 Champion, the other will just be a really good beer.  Who will win?  You decide!  Polls are open until Thursday, April 14th at 11:59pm.  Vote often and show that beer you love it (little known fact - most beers are insecure and need daily pep talks...)

This championship game features 2 local favorites that have used their ferverent following to propel them to this national stage.  These 2 beers, while they may be considered tame in this craft beer culture of 5 hopped IPA's and oak barrel aged stouts, are both exceptional at what they claim to be.  Two great breweries, two solid styles, only one can be crowned Beer Friends Final 4 Champion.

[polldaddy poll=4881108]



Hello Beer Friends Nation! Wow!  This was a tournament to remember... but it's not over yet!  We had Imperial Stouts battling in Brad's Colorado/Michigan Bracket, Newcomer Nebraska showing veteran poise in Paul's Bracket, a California clash of Speakeasy and Stone in Phil's bracket and a epic duel between Captain Lawrence and Cape Cod in the Northeastern Graham bracket.  This was truly one for the ages.  Now we are down to four, four delicious beers with huge fan bases and twitter feeds to back them up.  Four beers enter and one will come out as the 2011 BFF4 champion, with their banner hung in the rafters (next the New Belgium's Fat Tire - last years winner).  Who will be victorious?  You decide!  This round we have completely open and unlimited voting.  If you really love that beer, prove it - hit refresh (cmmd+R on a Mac or ctrl + R on a PC) and vote the day away.  If you spent your March hiding your CBS March Madness broadcast window when your boss walked by - this is much easier.  Polls are open until Monday April 11th at 11:59 EST.  Vote often!  Prove your love - and we don't know who's voting so no commitment issues!  Beer!

For a our take on this round check out our latest video and the vote!


Founders Breakfast Stout was originally a #3 seed out of Brad's Colorado and Michigan bracket.  This is a complex stout with plenty to offer, sweet enough to drink more than one, but with a 8.3% ABV you probably shouldn't.  This beer is only available seasonally from Sept to December so on those first days of football (college of course because the NFL no longer exists) start looking for this coffee and chocolatey rich stout.  Also keep an eye out for the Kentucky Breakfast Stout (bourbon barrels) and the rare Canadian Breakfast Stout (maple barrels) because these two variations are worth the extra cash!

The Breakfast Stout is up against a strong competitor in Nebraska Brunette Nut Brown Ale.  This is a very easily drinkable brown ale that has been getting support since the early rounds and promises to be a fearsome foe in the Final 4.  This beer's resume speaks for itself, it has won Gold, 2010 US Open Beer Championship (English Style Brown Ale), and Bronze, 2010 World Beer Championship, (English Style Brown Ale).  Will Nebraska Brewing be able to add Beer Friend Final 4 Champion to this list?

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The East vs West match up finally comes to a head !

Phil's Bracket seed #5 Speakeasy Big Daddy IPA takes on Cape Cod Red the #2 seed from Graham's Bracket.  Speakeasy is the sweetheart brew from the Western Region, coming in at the 11th hour to defeat Stone Brewing's Arrogant Bastard Ale for its slot in the Final Four.  Cape Cod has it's work cut out for itself as the Western crowd seems pretty attached to the Big Daddy.

However, Cape Cod Red comes in hot off it's very exciting victory over Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold.  It was a wild back and forth slug fest that went on for days culminated with Cape Cod Beer raising it's arms in victory. Obviously Cape Cod's troops are mobilized, but will they be able to fend off the surging Speakeasy brew?

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Beer Review 08: Harpoon Brewery Celtic Ale

Phil Foleen

As a special offering for St. Patrick's Day we bring you a Beer Friends BONUS!!!  Our review of Harpoon's Celtic Ale.  A good middle of the road Red Ale, but is it something you'll want to have to celebrate today?  Check out the review to find out!!! [youtube=]