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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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Beer Review 89: River Horse Hipp O Lantern Imperial Pumpkin


Hello Beer Friends Nation! This week concludes our Pumpkin beer reviews for 2011.  Much like that rotting pumpkin outside your doorstep - the pumpkin beer season has come and gone for the Beer Friends and we are looking forward to the Winter seasonal beers on deck.  We had some crazy beers, some brand new this year beers, and even a first time (for us) Pumpkin Stout!  This week we reviewed River Horse Hipp O Lantern - and now with our expert Pumpkin beer palates we rate it against the past.  River Horse has faired well in the past (and who could forget) so now we're to their Hippo theme Pumpkin beer Hipp O Lantern.  Find it yourself and add your review to the comments at the bottom!  Pumpkin!  Lambertville!  Beer Friends Interaction!


Beer Review 88: Cape Ann Pumpkin Stout


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Happy (Belated) Halloween from the Beer Friends!  This week our SPotW was the perfect Halloween hangover in Cape Ann Brewing Pumpkin Stout.  After you've dressed up and hit the houses in your neighborhood (yes I understand that our readership should be at least 21 - but I had a huge haul this year - even got a full size Snickers!) kick back and crack open this Pumpkin Stout to wash down all the Sweet Tarts and multi-colored Tootsie rolls (that I most likely gave you from my bag/pillowcase).  This is the third Pumpkin brew in a row and we couldn't help ourselves but to review the latest trend on the market.  Warning: this will not save you from the stomach ache (or possible diabetic coma) you will have from eating all your candy in one night - but it will make you go to sleep faster...  Beer!  Candy! Pumpkin!