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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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Beer Review 94: Shipyard Prelude Special Ale


Hello Beer Friends Nation! A special thanks out to the few of you that watched our very first live beer review on our channel.  We're still not used to the live (internet) tv thing and a few of us might have acted unprofessional (sorry I broke the seal too early).  Check out our channel for the unedited versions of a few reviews while we were working the kinks out.  The beer was from Portland, Maine's Shipyard Brewery which is probably most famous for their pumpkin brew "Pumpkinhead" and now the Prelude is popping up, labeled as the perfect "winter warmer".  Live Reviews!  First Winter Warmer!  Portland... Maine!


Beer Review 61: Peak Organic IPA


Hello Beer Friend Nation! To celebrate Organic Beer month the Beer Friends grabbed a sixer of Peak Organic IPA and tried it out.  Organic Beer month was the creation of Bison Brewing Company to celebrate Earth Day all month long.  Peak Organic is out of Portland, Maine and has a pretty decent line up (10 beers including the IPA and pale ale which seem to be the most readily available) and makes some pretty decent beer.  Organic!  Beer!  Mother Earth!


Daily Beer Calendar Feb 14th-20th


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Nothing says love more than ignoring that girlfriend/boyfriend and going online to to vote on some beers!  This week we (again) travel all over for a variety of styles!  Beer!  Democracy! February 14th - Sapporo Reserve Remember the last time you went to that half off sushi joint, sake bombs and a Sapporo chaser?  Don't be mistaken... this ain't the same beer - this one has Reserve on the Label...

Sapporo Reserve

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February 15th - Newcastle Brown Ale

Unlike Sapporo Reserve, Newcastle Brown Ale is a easy to find beer - but unlike the Bud's and Coors Lights - this beer is worth a try.  From Newcastle Federation Breweries Ltd. in Dunston, England this brew is legendary so we hope voting numbers are high on this one. (With a awesome website if I do say so myself...)

Newcastle Brown Ale

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February 16th - Allagash White Ale

From Japan to Enlgand to Portland, Maine for a Belgian beer from Allagash Brewing Company.  Allagash sticks to what they do best, which is Belgian brews and we thank them for that...

Allagash White Ale

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February 17th - Young's Luxury Double Chocolate Stout

Like Newcastle Brown Ale, Young's Luxury Chocolate Stout can be found in the states in multiple places.  From the Wells & Young Brewing Company Ltd. in Bedford, England this Chocolate Stout is world famous for it's use of real chocolate in the brewing process.  This probably should've been the February 14th Beer of the Day... right ladies?

Young's Luxury Double Chocolate Stout

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February 18th - Schlafly Kolsch

Schlafly Kolsch comes from The Saint Louis Brewery in St. Louis, Missouri

Schlafly Kolsch

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February 19th - Drifter Pale Ale

Drifter Pale Ale comes from Portland, Oregon from the Widmer Brothers Brewing Company.

Drifter Pale Ale

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February 20th - Stoudts American Pale Ale

Doubling up on the Pale Ale's, today's Beer of the Day is from Stoudts Brewing Company from Adamstown, Pennsylvania.  The Beer Friends have reviewed some products from Stoudts, their American Pale Ale is their most popular beer for ten years running.

American Pale Ale

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Beer Review 50: Allagash Four


Hello Beer Friends Nation! In our constant attempt to impress you, yes you... the ladies... Beer Friends branch out this we and try Allagash Brewing Companies Four.  This is a intense Belgian beer, 4 hops, 4 malts, and fermented 4 times!  All those led to a pretty big beer ranking 10 on the ABV scale!  Beer!  Portland, Maine! Belgian!