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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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New York City Good Beer Month: Rattle n' Hum Cool Sh#t Review


Yesterday afternoon a couple of The Beer Friends made their way over to Rattle n' Hum (33rd st. just East of 5th ave) for their "Cool Sh#t Event."  This event featured four very unique and eccentric breweries from some unexpected places.  Unibroue and Dieu Du Ciel hail from Canada, Jolly Pumpkin is out of Michigan(correction), USA and Nogne O (pronounced Nog) comes all the way from Norway. The brews were very surprising and unique.  Read on to find out what we had and what we thought of the beers and the event itself!

Graham's Brews

Nogne O IPA

It tastes like this brew is appropriately hopped but as soon as they show up at the front they are dominated by an extremely malty, resinous flavor. Very interesting brew that will leave you thinking about how the Vikings must have felt as they imbibed it on their way to sack some poor English village.

Jolly Pumpkin Luciernaga

Rugged. It's hard to describe this beer beyond that. Malts are there and they give it a rugged Michigan flavor. However, it stays refreshing and drinkable throughout. Don't want to forget the tartness that stays with you and gives it that extra ruggedness. Like the Minnesota wilderness.

Unibroue Trois Pistoles

Woah. This brew is like getting beat up by three different Belgian dudes who are carrying three different items: cocoa, ripe fruit and roasted malts. They come in quick, rough you up and run away fast. It finishes that quickly leaving you wondering what just happened, how much you enjoyed it (sicko) and where you can get more.

Dieu Du Ciel Peche Mortel

Strong coffee malts give this beer a great dark color and flavor. The surprise comes at the end with a lingering sweetness that is very refreshing and peachy.

Nogne O Sunturnbrew

This is a sweet smoked barleywine where the sweetness is not overpowering due to it's fruity nature. The fruit resembles a date or a plum and it is an enjoyable way to mask the 11% abv.  The taste stays with you well after your first sip and it really makes you feel like celebrating like a Viking after the raid on that poor English village.

Brad's Take

Watching World Cup - awesome Tilapia lunch special and now onto the beers...

Nogne Saison - 1st Taste - pretty bland Saison - not terribly spicy doesn't mean bad but certainly doesn't celebrate Spring after the long months of Winter.

Nogne #100 - 2nd - listed as a American Imperial IPA but the first taste make it seem like a porter or stout, upon further review it smooths out but still doesn't have the hoppy kick of a typical IPA.

Nogne Porter - 3rd - hints of Chocolate dominate the aftertaste of this well balanced Porter.  Although we went for the 4 oz flights- I could definitely drink a full pint of this.

Dieu Du Ciel - Aphrodite - 4th - this beer takes me back to my childhood, not the Coors Light my mother used to pack in my lunchbox (I love you mom!) - but the nestle quik chocolate milk powder I used to drop in the Tupperware cup afterschool.  Very smooth and no hint of the 6.5 ABV.