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New York, NY
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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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Hashtag Battles Season 2 - Week 4!


Hello Beer Friends Nation! In the spirit of competition, Beer Friends would like to invite everyone to our second season of NFL hashtag battles! Using we will pit two breweries against each other when their NFL counterparts are facing off on the gridiron. Are you ready for some football? And drinking? And #hashtag battle?!?!?!

What's a hashtag battle? When you're drinking a beer of a brewery competing in the battle, throw a #hashtag of the brewery and tweet it (or setup your foursquare or untappd to push to tweet and include the #hashtag) and we'll use to declare a winner after the Monday Night football game on ESPN. Support your team, support your beer, drink local and hashtag battle!

Week Four - San Francisco 49ers at New York Jets (#21stamendment vs #brooklynbrewery)

This week marks the return of the regular refs - which received a standing ovation on Thursday night in Baltimore. Everyone was feeling the love. Ray Lewis hugged them, Joe Flacco put on another show and Brandon Weeden helped out by only throwing one obvious INT... let's see how long this lasts.

The San Francisco 49ers are a fiery team that lays out bruising hits, has a QB who manages the game well, and a coach with a killer handshake. They played amazing football last year to get within a sniff of the Superbowl and came back with higher expectations, imported talent, and Randy Moss (yep - just checked... still on the team). Week One they knocked off fellow Superbowl hopeful Packers in Green Bay, although in September it's not exactly the "Frozen Tundra". Week Two was the handshake rematch at Candlestick Park with the Detroit Lions and Vernon Davis catching two TD's, afterwards he praised former Coach Singletary, telling everyone Singletary showed tough love to get Davis to be a selfless player, then dropped his pants mid post-game interview. Last week should've been a shopping trip to the Mall of America and a football game if they could squeeze it in, instead the Vikings and Christian Ponder stole a victory. If the 49ers had a "trap game" they were looking ahead to the Jets - which is a mistake on so many levels. Could the 49ers be the victims of two straight weeks of "trap games" while looking ahead to the Buffalo Bills? That's another first...

21st Amendment is an amazing brewery. Granted I'm a huge fan (see previous sentence) but they do some really great things. Along with Oskar Blues from Longmont, CO - they are the forerunners of the canned craft beer revolution. Bitter American jumped from seasonal to year round offering, and this happens to be Hop Crisis season... life is good. The artwork of 21st Amendment always seems to come up when we discuss them and for good reason. This brewery cares so much about the outside of the can, they must be awfully proud of what's inside.

The New York Jets have barely been covered this season - if you don't watch ESPN, or NFL Network, or read the newspaper, or... if you live in a hole. The Jets have been the media's darling in the past couple years, and after promises broken and Superbowl dreams dashed - they keep dressing in tighter fitting clothes just to get attention. Start with a shaky QB who the locker room is seemingly split on to begin with and trade for a conversional QB/Tight End/Fullback/Special Teams player that takes a lot of FB Toss plays and has a following so passionate about football that they ignore the basic skills of the game that are missing. The Jets were dealt a blow last week with Revis Island finally landlocked, enter their backup running back (because in the offseason who has time to worry about a depth chart... they were busy trying to get HBO's Hard Knocks to come back). The Jets were flying high in the first game of the season, and after the first team didn't score a TD the entire Pre-Season... they rattled off 48 points to the (at the time) hapless Bills. Week two was a loss to the Steelers in Pittsburg, and week three a road victory at Miami. This 2-1 start has put them in 1st Place in the AFC East after the Patriots fell to 1-2. The Jets are flying high, but with this stout 49ers defense, the Met Life crowd might be cheering for the up man on punt coverage to take a few snaps before the game is over...

Brooklyn Brewery has become a mainstay of the craft brewing community. Always producing quality stuff, they gained the respect and are put just under the Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada's mainly because of size. Obviously the Beer Friends enjoy a Brooklyn brew now and again (or 9 reviews to current date) and Garrett Oliver is a god amongst the brewing community, and for good reason. Brooklyn seems to be playing the corporate and craft sides very well, producing enough sixpacks to keep themselves sitting pretty (Williamsburg rent ain't cheap!) and the brewmasters series is Garrett's chance to shine. Brooklyn's recipe for success seems to be produce a good product and keep quiet, only until it's the right time to blow your horn - plus their leader doesn't have a foot fetish.

Let the battle begin! Tag with #21stamendment #brooklynbrewery, the battle begins Sunday morning and ends Monday night… drink to support your teams!

"Brewing New York's History"

Beerfriend Paul

Starting today, the New York Historical Society is set to open what promises to be a spectacular exhibit this summer.  "Beer Here: Brewing New York’s History" will run from today through September 2nd and will cover the vast history of brewing in New York. The recent surge of craft brewing in New York has helped to remind us that there was once a great brewing tradtion in New York.  It is no secret that New York has brewed a lot of beer.  Prior to prohibition New York had some of the countries largest brewers.  This exhibit will finally give us beer lovers in New  York a chance to revisit the golden age of New York brewing that we have only ever heard stories about.

New-York Historical Society 170 Central Park West at Richard Gilder Way (77th Street) New York, NY 10024

Hours of Operation

  • Tues-Thurs: 10 - 6
  • Friday: 10-8
  • Saturday: 10-6
  • Sunday11-5

The exhibit will end in at a small beer hall that will feature brews from New York City and State.  It's the best gift shop ever!

The beer hall will be open:

  • Tuesday-Thursday and Saturdays: 2pm–6pm
  • Fridays: 2pm–8pm
  • Sundays: 2pm–5pm

There will also be beer tastings each Saturday throughout the summer. There will be 2 half hour tasitings each Saturday at 2pm and 4pm for a cost of $35($20 for members).  A list of the breweries and tickets can be found here.

Beer Review 106: Sixpoint Resin


Hello Beer Friend Nation! In the Beer Friends constant effort to drink everything Sixpoint produces - we occasionally video tape ourselves doing it.  This week we tried the very sought after Resin, a Double IPA that was just announced as a year round brew from Sixpoint.  Sixpoint has always been known for doing killer stuff on draft and last year they started selling their stuff in Nanokegs.  This turned back the clock for the Beer Friends  and every new can or design was like diving into a new pack of baseball cards.  Be sure to check out our other Sixpoint reviews below the video.  Sixpoint! Double/Imperial! #Nanokegs!


Bengali Tiger from Draft - Bengali Tiger - Sweet Action - Righteous Ale - The Crisp - Autumnation - Diesel

Beer Review 101: Empire Strong Ale


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Over the hump... 101.  Feels good.  Idle Hands in Alphabet City NYC does some great events - one happened a few weeks ago was one to remember.  Empire Brewing came in and swept 3/4 Beer Friends away (1/4 of the Beer Friends couldn't make it - otherwise they would've been batting a thousand).  Two staples you can find of Empire Brewing are their Cream Ale and the IPA, but we became resourceful and got our hands on a growler of Strong Ale.  The beer is delicious, the events are great and we'll buy you a pint if you spot us there!  Beer Events!  101! Drink Local!


Beer Review 92: Tundra Brewery Red Ale


Hello Beer Friends Nation! This week the Beer Friends decided to stay in - we didn't travel to California for Speakeasy, or Florida for Cigar City... instead we stayed local and tried Tundra Brewery Red Ale.  Tundra Brewery is super local, only available at a few greenmarkets and local conscious shops around NYC.  This up and coming brewer is Mark VanGlad and pretty much IS Tundra Brewery, he owns it, grows the hops, makes the beer, bottles it and outsources his label designs (UPDATE: to his girlfriend).  At the time of production Tundra only had two available brews: Red Ale and Ma Pale Ale, but have now added a Brown Ale for the Holiday season.  Do yourself a favor and find his stuff, you won't regret it!  Local Brews! One-Man operation! NYTimes friends! Beer!


Beer Review 87: Southern Tier Pumking


Hello Beer Friends Nation! To follow up last weeks Pumpkin brew review... we did another!  This week we featured Southern Tier's Pumking, which if you are in the NYC and upstate area and into craft beer - you've heard of.  This is a intense pumpkin beer with spices and a smell that won't stop.  We also reviewed Southern Tier in honor of the Southern Tier Night Event at The Pony Bar - one of the Beer Friends favorite saloons.  Grab some Pumking, hit the Pony Bar Event - and celebrate everything Upstate NY has to offer!  Pumpkin! Events! Beer!


Beer Review 86: Sixpoint Autumnation


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Well we reviewed the original Sixpoint four (Bengali Tiger, Righteous Rye, Crisp, Sweet Action) and now we move to the seasonals.  First up is Autumnation, a wet-hopped pumpkin spiced ale.  We cannot confirm if this uses a similar recipe as last years pumpkin ale from Sixpoint Pumpkin Brewster (best name ever) but we can confirm that they brew with hops, a lot of them.  Grab a can and check it out for yourself!  Sixpoint!  Five Cans!  Pumpkin!


Beer Review 79: Founders Porter


Hello Beer Friends Nation! This week we had friends!  Chris O'Leary (@BrewYorkNY) of the famed Brew York, New York stopped in to enjoy a Founder's Porter with the Beer Friends.  Now we seem legit... like we have actual friends... this is a big day for us.  Anyway - we've reviewed a few Founders in the past (and this one, and this one, and don't forget this one) but this one was special... because of friendship.  Founders!  Grand Rapids!  Actual Friends!


Beer Review 74: Sixpoint Righteous Ale


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Finally - 4 for 4, batting 1.000, we've got the shooting touch, hat trick plus one, and out of sports metaphors... Today we tried the final available (for now) Sixpoint Nanokeg - Righteous Ale.  What used to be called Righteous Rye, this beer has toned down a bit but certainly is as good in the can as off the draft... Batting 1.000!  Nanokeg! Beer-cycle!


***Bengali Tiger*** - ***Sweet Action*** - ***The Crisp***

Beer Review 72: Sixpoint The Crisp


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Full disclosure - the Beer Friends like beer, a lot, and we like good beer, a lot, and when one of our favorite breweries releases their stuff in cans, we are thrilled.  We ran around trying to find them and now that all four are released - we can complete the four-some, wait... that came out wrong.  Anyway, here is part three in our series - The Crisp from Sixpoint.  Beer!  Four-packs! Take Home deliciousness!