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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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Live Blog - Sixpoint Night at Barcade


Return of the Live blog! It must be a awesome event to bring the Beer Friends out of the hibernation holes... Sixpoint at Barcade! Brad's 1st - Oyster Stout on Nitro Pour - this is a smooth pour, granted I can't tell whether or not it's the brew or the nitro pour effect. This is exactly what a Oyster Stout from Sixpoint would taste like - a high quality Oyster Stout - the perfect example of the style.

Phil's 1st - Black Coffee IPA - a very good dark IPA that Sixpoint has brewed with his Beer Friend's hometown coffee house Stumptown Roasters. Very smooth, very bitter - just like a good cup of coffee. The coffee definitely over powers the hops, they're in the somewhere, hiding around the end of the taste, but it doesn't take away from how good it is. A keeper in my book.

Brad's 2nd - Time Out for Porter - this is a great pour. Dry tasting and slightly bitter, this porter will be one and done and on to other great Sixpoint brews.

Phil's 2nd - Berserker Boch - best one so far. Another beer featuring coffee infusion by my favorite coffee roasters Stumptown. I like this one better than the coffee IPA, believe it or not. The coffee flavor is less mouthy and more a flavor that comes up your nose towed the end to round out the fantastic malty goodness that is the body of the beer.

Brad's 3rd - Missionary IPA - this is far from lying on top. This is a great IPA alternative to Bengali Tiger, not as strong but still let's you know it's a hoppy beer.

Phil's 3rd - ESB - a little on the weak side compared to the first two, bit still alright. It's kind of a good 3 outta 4 beers for the night, but I definitely need a stronger follow up.

Brad's 4th - Belgian Rye - this beer keeps creeping up my list as the best Sixpoint beers... It's so smooth with enough of the rye bite.

Brad's 5th - Signal - this is a Sixpoint brew made for BBQ. Smoky and delicious makes Signal. This beer is smooth and easy to drink.

Brad's 6th - Bengali Tiger - Hey, where'd Phil go?  Anyway, Bengali Tiger is the perfect way to end tonight, a classic Sixpoint beer that speaks volumes for their style and the way Sixpoint approaches beer.  Phenomenal taste and hop bite - and like these Beer Friends have discussed, the almost perfect IPA.