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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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Beer Review 96: Dogfish Head Burton Baton


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Happy New Year! With the Holiday season upon us we've been reviewing holiday ales, but schedules have also been switched up.  This we we travel way back to the vault and post a review of Dogfish Head's Burton Baton.  Dogfish Head has been known for big favors and their ancient series (which we very much enjoy), along with some interesting light beers and works well with others.  That's quite the resume.  This week we travel back to last summer... and tried Burton Baton, a English style ale mixed with a Imperial IPA to equal a nice 10% ABV.  In the meantime we've been making list of New Years resolutions: drink good beer, hit good events, check out The Beer Friends daily, and... well... what else do you need?  Beer!  Friends!  Resolutions!


Beer Review 82: Dogfish Head Festina Peche


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Ah, fall is in the air - the air is getting crisp and signs of a full harvest takeover are all around us... so this week we reviewed a summer beer!  Dogfish Head Festina Peche is so good we couldn't resist.This seasonal offering by Dogfish Head comes in four packs and goes quick when it's around.  The Beer Friends typical enjoy Dogfish Head ancient brews and the experimental series they create, even their collaborations - so let's see how a seasonal stacks up!


Beer Review 75: Dogfish Head Theobroma


Hello Beer Friends Nation! This week we grabbed a brew from Ancient Honduras - Theobroma from Dogfish Head Brewery.  This beer is part of the Ancient Ales Series which Sam Calagione (Founder and CEO) researches beers ancient roots and attempts to recreate some of these early brewing methods and recipes.  Although the Beer Friends have looked at other Dogfish Head brews and Collaborations, this is the first in the Ancient Ales series of which you can drink 3 of 5 on and earn a badge for your efforts.  Ancient Ales!  Beer Rewards!  Early Honduras Brew Masters!


Daily Beer Calendar March 9th - 16th


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Beware the Ides of March... and fill out our Daily Beer Calendar!

March 9th - XVI Sixteenth Anniversary Barley Wine Ale

Uinta Brewing Company, Salt Lake City, Utah

[polldaddy poll=4711504]

March 10th - Upslope Pale Ale

Upslope Brewing Company, Boulder, Colorado

[polldaddy poll=4711522]

March 11th - Mana Wheat

Maui Brewing Company, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

[polldaddy poll=4711532]

March 12th - Pinkus Organic Jubilate

Brewery Pinkus Mueller, Munich, Germany

[polldaddy poll=4711536]

March 13th - Tilburg's Dutch Brown Ale

Koningshoeven Brewery, Tilburg, The Netherlands

[polldaddy poll=4711545]

March 14th - Carlsberg Premium Beer

Carlsburg Brewery, Copenhagen, Denmark

[polldaddy poll=4711552]

March 15th - Grandsun of Spot India Pale Ale

Full Sail Brewing Company, Hood River, Oregon

[polldaddy poll=4711563]

March 16th - Indian Brown Ale

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Milton, Delaware

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Beer Review 53: Dogfish Head Bitches Brew


Hello Beer Friends Nation! This SPotW is another combination of two bombers of Dogfish Head's Bitches Brew.  Sony re-released Miles Davis iconic album, Bitches Brew and Dogfish Head made a beer to capture the spirit of jazz infusion.  Three parts imperial stout and one part African honey-like beer makes for a interesting mixture, much like the album - also listen closely for "Bitches Brew" in the background playing from the album of the same name.  Jazz!  Beer!  Limited release!  (So get some!)