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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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BFF4 2013 Championship!

Beerfriend Paul

Game 1 of the 2013 Stanley Cup starts tonight and it coincides with our Championship round of the 2013 #BFF4! In this years Final 4 we have two #1 seeds going up against each other on one side of the bracket and we have two beers who have already had to defeat more popular brews to get to this point.

If you need some help deciding you can watch each video for our “expert” opinion. If you’d like to tell us why one of these beers should win over the other you can tweet us @thebeerfriends or find us on Facebook. it won’t help that beer win any but we’ll enjoy it.

This years championship features the winner of the Midwest Bracket and the West Bracket bucking the brews in the East and NY/CA Brackets.  Some Beer Friends will tell you that the best beer comes from Colorado and the West coast and this years tournament certainly helps to prove their point.

The brews that have survived this far bring two very different styles to this championship round.  We have a big, dark, and sweet stout from Colorado going up against the amber, hoppy session ale from San Francisco. Which of these beers will survive to claim the Beer Friends Final 4 Crown?


#1 Left Hand Milk Stout




#6 21st Amendment Bitter American



Voting will go through the weekend and a Champion will be crowned Tuesday June, 18.


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BFF4 Round 5: #Final4

Beerfriend Paul

The day we know the final four contestants for the 2013 Stanley Cup we also have the last 4 beers in the 2013 #BFF4! In this years Final 4 we have two #1 seeds going up against each other on one side of the bracket and we have two beers who have already had to defeat more popular brews to get to this point.

If you need some help deciding you can watch each video for our “expert” opinion. If you’d like to tell us why one of these beers should win over the other you can tweet us @thebeerfriends or find us on Facebook. it won’t help that beer win any but we’ll enjoy it.


#1 vs #1

#1 Cigar City Maduro Brown


#1 Left Hand Milk Stout


Both of these brews had to defeat some great breweries and beers to make it to this point.  Both being #1 seeds there were expected to make it far in this tournament, but now only 1 can move forward into the championship round.

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#6 vs #4

#6 21st Amendment Bitter American


#4 Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Hop Harvest (2011)


These 2 underdogs have a great fan following that has propelled them through this tournament.  This battle two brews that use hops uniquely, it's the Hoppy Session ale up against the Fresh Hop Harvest Ale.

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BFF4 Round 4: #elite8

Beerfriend Paul

After a bit of a hiatus, we are back to finish the 2013 Beer Friends Final 4! We have 3 rounds left to go, this round will decide which beer wins each region and moves on to the Final Four!

If you need some help deciding you can click on the links to each video for our “expert” opinion. If you’d like to tell us why one of these beers should win over the other you can tweet us @thebeerfriends or find us on Facebook. it won’t help that beer win any but we’ll enjoy it.


#1 vs #2

In a craft beer culture that is still very hop heavy, this final match up in the East Region we have two brews that are famous for something other than hops..  Cigar City Maduro Brown is a "Northern English style Brown Ale" that is very malt heavy creating a very deep complex brown ale that brings a sweet subtle flavor to a deep dark beer.  Poor Richard's Tavern Spruce comes from Yards Brewing Company and brings the great history of American brewing to present day. Made from an old recipe by Ben Franklin, this brew brings the style of a spruce ale to present day while preserving the history of our forefather's brewing style.

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#1 vs #10

After facing brews from Founder's in every round of this tournament so far, Left Hand Milk Stout faces its biggest challenge yet.   Founder's Curmudgeon's Better Half Brings the flavor of Founder's Curmudgeon and adds the innovation of Founder's Canadian Breakfast Stout.  Aged in maple syrup bourbon barrels, Curmudgeon's Better Half adds a boozy sweetness to this already delicious Old Ale, it's a big beer with a big flavor. The question is will it be enough for Founder's Brewing to finally overthrow Left Hand's Milk Stout?

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#1 vs #6

This match up has come down to two brews that are famous for their similarities, hops and cans.  However, what sets them apart will surely be where you cast your vote.  First we have Oscar Blues Dales Pale Ale which brings a nice 6.5 abv with its 65 IBU's, this brew brings a strong hop flavor to this dangerously drinkable pale ale.  On the other side of this bracket we have 21st Amendment Bitter American.  With it's 4.4 abv and 42 IBU's 21st Amendment brings a brew that is mellow in comparison but doesn't sacrifice any of the flavor.  Will the popular hoppy pale ale take this round, or will the tasty session ale be the one to move on?

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#4 vs #10

This is the battle of fresh hops vs wet hops! The concept of fresh/wet hops is similar, but there is a difference; there is a great explanation of it on Sierra Nevada's website. Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Hop Harvest (2011) brings us fresh hops from New Zealand.  Basic run down of fresh hops (if you don't know) is the hops are picked, then dried, and then put into the brew within 7 days. Sixpoint Autumnation brings the wet hops which are hops that are undried, in their natural form, and put into the brew within 24 hours. Which of these hopping styles will be victorious and lead their brew to the #final4?

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Welcome to the 2011 New York City Craft Beer Week - The Beer Friend's Event List


It's here! It's here! It's here! It's finally here! I feel like a child on Christmas (Hanukkah, Quanza or Atheist Hate-On-Everyone Day - we're equal opportunity here) - if Christmas was 10,000 times more magical and filled with beer than it already is. The 2011 New York City Craft Beer Week has arrived! From Friday, September 16 to Sunday, September 25 (Yes! I know it's more than a week! Two extra days!) we here in NYC will be inundated, not by deluges of hurricanes or the shaky grounds of earthquakes, but floods of delicious craft beer at an incredible number of establishments - so many that you literally couldn't commute to work each day without bumping into at least one event venue. The NYC Craft Beer Week website has the full list of events (along with opportunities to obtain a passport with boatloads of craft beer deals) and it is immense and impressive. To help you sift through the dozens of craft beering happening each day we picked out the events that were the most intriguing, from our favorite breweries, pouring the rarest of brews and in general, a guaranteed damn good time. This edition covers the weekend on Monday. Check back in Monday morning for our take on next week's events.

We hope you agree with our list and, as always, can't wait to see you out there in the jungle...the 2011 New York City Craft Beer Week jungle that is!

Friday, September 16

Friday night starts the whole shebang off with a lip smackin' range of events. You can choose to hit up the Official NYC Craft Beer Week opening festivity at Southpaw in Park Slope (the tickets are $50 and include a tasting glass for free tastings and some pretty kick-ass music). Check out their website and see if it's in your sights. If tickets aren't your flavor then check out these pay-as-you-go events:

Ithaca Brewery Night @ The Pony Bar, Manhattan:

It wouldn't be a start to NYC Craft Beer Week without a Pony Bar brewery event to kick it off. Well, the Pony Bar doesn't disappoint - they grabbed Ithaca Brewery, dragging their beer and Ithaca's NYC Rep Eric VanZile with them. The Pony promises many rare and favorite pours from Ithaca and the sort of revelrous atmosphere you want for kickoff event.

The Pony Bar is located at 637 10th Avenue at 45th Street, Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan.

Left Hand Brewery Night @ Mudville, Manhattan:

As our Colorado representative, Brad has been loving the look of this event from the moment he saw it. Left Hand Brewery will be bringing it's finest craft brew selections to Tribeca's best craft beer bar for you to sample, enjoy and then indulge in the celebration of another NYC Craft Beer Week.

Mudville is located at 126 Chambers Street between W. Broadway and Church Street, Tribeca, Manhattan.

Why Guinness? @ Dive Bar, Manhattan:

Those are two words we've asked ourselves many times over the course of our craft beer lives - however, they're usually surrounded by other words. For example: Why Guinness when I can have Schlafly? Why is Guinness the only stout ever on tap at non-craft beer bars? Hey man, I got you a Guinness. Ahh damn, why Guinness? Don't you know me? Well, Guinness wants to try and prove those sentiments wrong and make a stand (as if they haven't already) in our beer hearts. Head up to Dive Bar to imbibe a range of stouts and porters and then compare them to Guinness. Sorry beautiful Guinness girls, we can't promise we'll choose a Guinness over a Left Hand Milk Stout, no matter how pretty you are.

Dive Bar is located at 732 Amsterdam Avenue at West 96th Street, Upper West Side, Manhattan.

Saturday, September 17

Beer Brunch @ Jimmy's No. 43, Manhattan:

We'd imagine that the Saturday after the official start of NYC Craft Beer Week should require a brunch that includes some Hair of the Dragon. Jimmy's No. 43 has kindly put together something of that sort to help you recover and move on to more craft beering. Head on over to grab some grub, specially prepared to pair with Jimmy's European/American craft beer selection. Always rotating taps and an extensive bottle list should be enough to get you fully back on your feet. Did we mention that Jimmy's No. 43 is the "downstairs" of 43 East 7th Street? That means no bright lights during your breakfast.

Jimmy's No. 43 is located at Downstairs 43 East 7 Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, East Village, Manhattan.

Concoction vs. Penicillin: The Final Battle @ The Counting Room, Brooklyn:

Brooklyn recently brewed a new creation inspired by the Scottish cocktail - The Penicillin. Their creation - The Concoction - contained an interesting array of flavors to wild to explain with words. I myself have heard some of the strangest descriptions of the tastes people experience while drinking it - everything from medicine, to licorice, to band-aids, to whiskey. Some good, some interesting, some not so good. Either way it's time for you to way in. For $10 you get a sample of "The Concoction" and the cocktail "The Penicillin" with the task of describing both and decreeing a victor. Are you up for the task?

The Counting Room is located at 44 Berry Street between 11th and 12th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The Pig Roast with Lagunitas @ The Sycamore, Brooklyn:

Here's your main event for Saturday. It involves slow, roasted, smoke pig, loads of sides and $5 pints of Lagunitas's best craft brew offerings. The Sycamore is bringing in a whole pig and will spend all night, morning and afternoon slow roasting it, for 14 hours to be precise, until it's ready for you at 2 pm. At this point you will show up, grab a plate of food ($25 - but we're told it's well worth it) and consume your fair share of Lagunitas craft brew. This event is listed as going on until 8. But we have a feeling they'll keep it going until "question mark."

The Sycamore is located at 1118 Cortelyou Road at Westminster Road, Park Slope South, Brooklyn.

Sunday, September 18

Alright, Sunday you can take it a bit easier. It's been a long weekend filled with craft beer, delicious food and fantastic locations. Let's take an abbreviated look at a day prepared to get you ready for the week. The 7th day was meant for resting - only no one said that resting couldn't include beer, brunch, beer, cheese and more beer.

Beer Brunch @ Jimmy's No. 43, Manhattan:

Same as Saturday. But it's Sunday, so you could show up a bit later. Why not sleep in?

Jimmy's No. 43 is located at Downstairs East 7th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, East Village, Manhattan.

Dogfish Head Brunch and Bruzzer @ Rattle n' Hum, Manhattan:

Not totally sure what the word "Bruzzer" implies, but with Dogfish Head throwing this brunch party we're sure it's something having to do with getting a bit buzzed up on a Sunday afternoon. Why not hit Jimmy's for the early brunch and Rattle n' Hum for the late brunch. It's Sunday after all.

Rattle n' Hum is located at 14 East 33rd Street between 5th and Madison Avenues, Midtown, Manhattan.

Ommegang Beer and Cheese Pairing @ Greene Grape Provisions, Brooklyn:

Now that brunch(es) is(are) finished we can move on with our day. Straight to more beer and food. Greene Grape Provisions, located in Fort Greene, has invited New York's most famous Belgian style brewery in to pair their suds with some fine cheeses. Have you been wondering what the pros think of your French aged gruyere and Hennepin pairing? Then you should go. You should also head over if your more the type that leans towards cheddar cheese wiz and beast ice. You need more help than the rest of us.

Greene Grape Provisions is located at 753 Fulton Street at the corner of South Portland Street, Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

Trivia Night @ Manchester Pub, Manhattan:

Of course the best way to end your Sunday is with a little craft beer inspired battle of the minds. Prove your brilliance, with the help of a team, at Manchester Pub's Trivia Night. Manchester Pub focuses on good food and good craft beer. So there will be plenty of liquid inspiration to help you out.

Manchester Pub is located at 920 2nd Avenue at 49th Street, Midtown East, Manhattan.

Monday, September 19

Got a case of the Monday's after such a fantastic craft beer fueled weekend. We understand. We also know how to help.

Allagash Night @ The Stag's Head, Manhattan:

Who doesn't love Belgian styled beer straight from the Northeast's wildest state? Well, Phil probably to be honest - but we're dragging his ass along anyways! Allagash will be pouring their finest Dubbles, Tripel's and Quads alongside some Witte's and maybe even an oak-aged or two. Get your Belgian palate ready and put on your best lumberjack inspired plaid jacket and you'll be ready for this event.

The Stag's Head is located at 252 East 51st Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, Upper East Side, Manhattan.

Empire Takeover @ Rattle n' Hum, Manhattan:

Empire is one of upstate New York's favorite breweries. Trust me, I'm from there - and yes, I represent every upstater. We love the Cream Ale, would drown in the IPA and are fascinated by Deep Purple. When a brewery takes over the taps at Rattle n' Hum - they really take them over, leave no prisoners kind of style - so expect to see everything. You might be surprised.

Rattle n' Hum is located at 14 East 33rd Street between 5th and Madison Avenues, Midtown, Manhattan.

Oskar Blues Night @ Mudville, Manhattan:

Finish Monday night off with the best canned brew coming out of Colorado. Mudville will be hosting the boys and brews from Oskar Blues. Gubna, Dale's Pale, Lil' Yella Pils and more. A few Dale's Pales at the end of a hard Monday helps everyone sleep a bit easier.

Mudville is located at 126 Chambers Street between West Broadway and Church Street, Tribeca, Manhattan.

The Stags Head Blues Brothers Event Live blog

Phil Foleen

Shout out to Nick @ Stags head!!! Go see this man!! Phil's First- Oskar Blues G'Knight - Always my favorite from Oskar. Holds up at this great event. Just the right malty seedbeds with a hoppy bite to start the night off.

Brad's First- Oskar Blues Ten Fidy - what else on a hot night but a stout... Wait... Somethings are just so good you need to get them. With no Hungarian Oak Aged available (See: The Pony Bar Oskar Blues Night) I settled on a brew I always enjoy - Ten Fidy, dark, malty and delicious.

Brad's Second- Two Brothers Northwind Imperial Stout - I like a lot of stuff Two Brothers does, but this is no Imperial Stout, not nearly as heavy as the Ten Fidy, but this is unfair - like trying to follow Michael Jordan you're never gonna be as good (Read: LeBron James).

Phil's Second- Two Brothers Northwind Imperial Stout - thankfully I don't really like basketball so I'm unbiased to my interpertaion.......and that means I liked it. Good and deep malty roasted goodness with a nice coffee sidecar attachment to the flavor. Definitely a repeat offender for my Taste buds.

Phil's Third- Left Hand Sawtooth - always a fantastic way to round out the evening. This is one I never fail to have if it's offered. Perfect for the back of the bell curve.

Brad's Third- 21st Amendment Monks Blood - classic, I've had this on tap a couple places and this is always enjoyable. This doesn't taste like rotten fruit (Phil) but like a nice mixture of light fruity taste but still a beer. No overpowering notes makes this very light and drinkable.

New York City Craft Beer Events for the Week of 2/14


Valentines Day is a time to express your love for the most wonderful, important and meaningful thing in your life - craft beer!  And instead of buying it chocolates or roses you can show your affection by heartily consuming it at the following craft beer events - enjoy! Monday, February 14 - Magic Hat Beer Tasting @ Broadway Dive Bar, Manhattan:

What says Valentines Day most to you?  A) Chocolates B) Overpriced Greeting Card Holiday C) Roses D) Magic Hat Beer.  In the unlikely chance that you answered D, then you've made it to the right place.  The Dive Bar on Broadway in Morningside Heights is having a Magic Hat beer tasting event Monday night for all you lovers...and haters...out there.  Stop on by for some of the best brews that Magic Hat has to offer.  Stick around for the good music and good atmosphere.  And the love.

Broadway Dive is located at 2662 Broadway at 101st Street, Morningside Hieghts, Manhattan.

Tuesday, February 15 - Geary's Brewery @ Rattle N' Hum, Manhattan:

When you think of Geary's one thinks of lobsters.  I know I do.  On Tuesday when I think of Rattle n' Hum, I'll now think of Geary's.  New Hampshire's staple brewery, Geary's, will be bringing some of their craftiest pours to you at Rattle n' Hum on Tuesday.  They'll be pouring the Pale Ale, Geary's Hampshire Ale, Porter, Winter, Autumn and a delicious Geary's Hampshire Ale on cask infused with whiskey.  With Whiskey!  New Hampshire winters are pretty frigid, what would you expect them to do?

Rattle n' Hum is located at 14th E 33rd Street between Madison and 5th Avenues, Midtown East, Manhattan.

Tuesday, February 15 - A Taste of Victory @ The Stag's Head, Manhattan:

Our favorite brewery from Pennsylvania will be having themselves an event at the Stag's Head on Tuesday.  Victory Brewing Co. will be setting up 10 draft lines that will be pouring all our favorites - Saison de BUFF, Moonglow, St. Victorious, Yakima Glory, Storm King, Pursuit Pale Ale and Harvest Pils.  They'll also be introducing their newest brew - Headwater Pale Ale.  Headwater refers to the water source that they use for brewing their craft - The Brandywine River.  They'll also be serving up some classic Philly-style cheese steak spring rolls in order to satiate your love for Philadelphia.  And steak.

The Stag's Head is located at 252 E 51st Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, Upper East Side, Manhattan.

Wednesday, February 16 - Learn More About Beer with Blue Point @ Idle Hands Bar, Manhattan:

We all know plenty about beer.  It's kind of our passion, inspiration, life.  Well same deal goes for Blue Point and they are showcasing event to share their love with you.  They will be bringing a few of their master brewers down to Idle Hands Bar in Alphabet City to share their knowledge and their beer.  A $30 event ticket gets you access to a two hour event tasting featuring tastings of 5 of their brews, an expert to inform you and answer any questions about style and brand, special Blue Point pours, appetizers and collectibles to bring home.  Whether you are a beer genius or beginner Blue Point will bring their passion to you.

Idle Hands Bar is located at 25 Avenue B between 2nd and 3rd Streets, East Village, Manhattan.

Thursday, February 17 - Left Hand Tap Takeover @ Bierkraft, Brooklyn:

Left Hand has been showing up a lot recently in the Beer Friends world.  Events around the city, visits to the brewery this past summer and a possible Fade to Black Beer Friends review coming in the near future (hint hint).  Well, nothing better to keep them on your mind than another Left Hand event in NYC!  Head out to the BK Growler Mecca at Bierkraft this Thursday and have a few pints of Left Hands best offerings.   Just to let you know - this years Fade to Black is a smoked Baltic porter.  Holler.

Bierkraft is located at 151 5th Avenue between Sackett and Union Streets, Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Saturday, February 19 - Left Hand Brewery Tasting Event @ GRAB Specialty Foods, Brooklyn:

Are you seeing double?  Well that depends how many craft brews have you had before you started reading this?  In reality though you are not.  Two Left Hand events in 3 days is a reality.  And we're excited.  Head over to GRAB Specialty Foods for the next installment of their Saturday brewery tastings.  Left Hand will be heading straight from Bierkraft over to GRAB with their finest brews for you to continue tasting.  And oh will you continue tasting them.

GRAB Specialty Foods is located at 438 7th Avenue between 14th and 15th Streets, Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Get Real NY Cask Ale and Food Festival Recap


Last Saturday Get Real NY threw an epic bash that will sure to be remembered in cask ale history. The Get Real NY Cask Ale and Food Festival was held at the spectacular space in the Altman Building on 18th street between 6th and 7th in the Chelsea Neighborhood of Manhattan. Craft Beer Week banners hung from the outside of the building and there were happy cask alers milling about, at once this Beer Friend knew he was at a friendly place. Upon entering I was given a list of the featured cask ales and food, a NYC Craft Beer Week passport AND a commemorative glass. As well as unlimited access to all the craft beer and NYC featured food that I could eat. To say that I was exhilarated here would be an understatement. I did a quick round of the place, trying to take in as much as possible before diving in to all the delicious beer and food. A large red curtain hung in the entranceway, dimming that harmful sunlight that we all know can inhibit drinking and make hangovers worse, but while keeping the room classy at the same time. The cask brew kegs were set up in the middle of the room on a three tiered rectangular wooden structure that had to be 10 kegs x 4 kegs x 3 kegs for you geometry nuts out there. The cask structure was then surrounded by serving tables that held even more kegs, with one side completely devoted to specially selected regional homebrew winners. An excellent staff of pourers - including the homebrewers themselves as well as a selection from the NYC Bartending School - were kindly serving up generous samples of the cask ales all the while providing good beer conversation. The food tables lined the walls, with a special selection devoted to even more beer mostly from Duvel and Ommegang. In one corner a 3 piece band - stand up bass, saxophone and electric guitar - made up of the members of the NYC band Big 5 Core (who will be playing at Rodeo Bar on 10/10/10) played jazz/classical/blues favorites with an electric guitar rock twist, which gave the event an edgy-classiness. After taking all this in, I decided to head for the beer.

This is just a short list of the cask brews I sampled during the event. Somewhere near the middle you'll notice that I found the Sixpoint section and got sucked in, rightfully so, to trying 3 new brews of theirs that were not only new to the taste, but I had never even heard of - you can imagine how excited I was. I tried to describe the ones that really stuck out in my mind, but since the sampling of food and brew was so fast paced I wasn't able to record all my thoughts. I will however denote whether or not it was a brew I'd never tried or never heard of before, of which there were many.

Bear Republic - Rebellion - New! citrusy and nicely hopped. Left hand - Milk Stout Greenport - Hopnami Sixpoint - Pumpkin - New! Lighter in flavor but definitely pumpkin pie. Smooth and easy to drink with a thanksgiving feel to it. Sixpoint - Oyster - New! A lighter tasting stout, still big in flavor but real easy in drinkability. Sixpoint - Missionary - New! This beer smells like a hop nugget. I want an air freshener that smells this way. That I could liquify and drink like a beer. Maybe I'd just like this beer all the time. Bruery - Mischief - New! Strong Belgian pale ale Southern Tier - 2x IPA - Hops, hops, hops. Alcohol. Hops. Riverhorse - Hippo Latern Otter Creek - Alpine Black IPA - New! Really roasted malt heavy IPA. The cask brings out that malt flavor, which keeps the hops a little more in check but with out putting them to bed. Lagunitas - Maximus - This beer has been steadily rising on my all-time-favorite-beer-list, and this helped it go up further. The cask style brings out so much of the bready malt flavor and the hops are perfect. If you can find a sixer of this, then do so. Two Brothers - Resistance IPA Blue Point - Toxic sludge Black IPA - New! Another black IPA well worth the adventure to find. Again the cask brings out those dark malts and this one had a bit more hops present than the Otter Creek Alpine. You know how those hops get me goin'. Bear Republic - Norcal Bitter - New! Billingsgate - Belgian Strong Ale - New! This is a home-brew winner made by Dylan and Andrew out of a home-brewery they've named Hell's Gate. Very tart and delicious. I will be plugging you with their info very soon (like two paragraphs from now!) Pretty Things - St Boltophs

Now mind you, these were only sampler pours. Had they not been, can imagine the state I would've been in. Throughout the process of sampling all these delicious cask brews I would head over to grab samples of meat, cheese (Lucy's Whey Cheese Shop), bread (Grandaisy Bakery - their bread is incredible and I probably ate half of it), pretzels (Martin's Pretzel's), salsa (Brooklyn Salsa), olive-based-everything-that-is-delicious-stand (Wall and Water), pickled everything (Sour Puss Pickles), lobster rolls (Luke's Lobster's), cookies (Amy's Cookies), etc. Needless to say, with all these fantastic restaurants participating, I did not go hungry (or thirsty!).

Towards the end of the event I started up a short conversation with one of the home-brew winners that I mentioned earlier. Dylan and Andrew are a home-brewing team that submitted two beers into the Get Real NY Cask and Food event. I got to try their Strong Ale, which was nice and tart with a great drinkable character to it. They've also submitted a couple concoctions to the Whole Foods HomeBrew Contest and are waiting to see how they place. They were friendly enough to chat me up for awhile even as the event was closing down, so I'm sure they'd be friendly enough to chat you up as well. Maybe even give you a sample, or at least tell you where to find one of their brews. You can stay up to date with Dylan and Andrew on Facebook at Billingsgate.

I feel like I can't give this review enough positive feedback to you as a reader, without you having gone and experienced it with me. The music was calming, creative and energetic. The food was top notch and the event space was beautiful. The staff was friendly and familiar with beer and was happy to pour you anything twice. The cask ales gave unique perspectives to familiar brews and offered us fresh tastes of newly brewed (or never had before) creations. This is an event that I will keep coming back to as long as they decide to keep throwing it. Cheers to this one!

As always you can friend and follow The Beer Friends on both Twitter and Facebook. Just look us up under the name TheBeerFriends

Beer Review 30: Left Hand Sawtooth Ale


Hello Beer Friends Nation! A few weeks after getting back from our Colorado Brewery Trip the Beer Friends were getting nostalgic - so we picked up a six pack of Left Hand Brewing Company's Sawtooth Ale.  Our SPotW is Left Hand Sawtooth Ale, a excellent basic ale that's easy on the palate - but don't take our word for it... find your own!  Beer!


Colorado Brewery Tour - Beer Friends Style!


The moment you have all been waiting for is here: The Beer Friends Colorado Brewery Tour starts today!  Three of the Beer Friends and one guest, who you most likely be hearing about, are heading out to the great state of Colorado today, August 12 to experience the mountains, forests and, most important, the craft beer. Colorado has the highest concentration of craft breweries out of any state in the country, and they feature some heavy hitters in the craft beer world.  We will be doing posts, talking to brewmasters and imbibing the finest craft beer creations from breweries such as Avery, New Belgium, Left Hand, Dostal Alley, Boulder Brewing Co,  Bristol, Tommyknockers, Oskar Blues, Odell, Great Divide, Breckenridge aaaaand...Fort Collins.  Woo.  Almost ran out of typing stamina trying to get through that huge list of great Colorado Breweries.

This trip will be the finest Beer Friends Brewery Tour to date and we are going to enjoy every second of it.  Although in no way will it be possible for you to live this trip like we will (it's going to be pretty fantastic) we will be providing you the opportunity to see and hear about everything craft beer we experience by posting reviews, pictures and videos of beers and breweries.  Make sure check in daily and follow those twitter/facebook feeds for everything Colorado Craft Beer...Beer Friends Style!

Beer Review 15: Left Hand Milk Stout


This week's Six Pack of the Week (SPotW?) is Left Hand Breweries Milk Stout.  A popular pour at beer festivals and a Finalist in the first ever BFFF, this Milk Stout might be slightly out of season, but the Beer Friends can always enjoy a good dark pour!  Cheers! [youtube=]