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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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Beer Review 133: Goose Island Bourbon County Stout 2012


Hello Beer Friends Nation! The third installment of "Beer Geeks do Thanksgiving" features another true "beer geek" beer... Each year us "Brew Nerd's"  (Beer Geek was getting old) await yearly releases to come out.  Typically I'm excited for the fall/winter season because of football (see Hashtag Battles) and yearly stouts.  The two that come to mind are Founders Breakfast Stout and Goose Islands Bourbon County Stout.  We've reviewed Founders so now it's Goose Islands turn at the table.  Over the years we've tried a bunch of different styles aged in bourbon/whiskey/wine barrels, so let's see how this rich stout stacks up!



Beer Review 103: Two Brothers Cane and Ebel


Hello Beer Friends Nation! This week's six pack of the week (SPotW) comes from Warrensville, Illinois and (like most sports fans) feel the need to take some shots at the Chicago sports community - we apologize in advance.  Warrensville has Two Brothers Brewing which has produced some fantastic stuff for 15 years and is following the latest craft beer trend and putting their stuff in cans.  We've had some stuff from Two Brothers before and it didn't hit it out of the park, but we've never met a beer we wouldn't drink so we'll try them again...


Other Beer Friend Reviewed Rye Beers: Sixpoint Righteous Ale - Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye - Founders Red Rye PA

The Stags Head Blues Brothers Event Live blog

Phil Foleen

Shout out to Nick @ Stags head!!! Go see this man!! Phil's First- Oskar Blues G'Knight - Always my favorite from Oskar. Holds up at this great event. Just the right malty seedbeds with a hoppy bite to start the night off.

Brad's First- Oskar Blues Ten Fidy - what else on a hot night but a stout... Wait... Somethings are just so good you need to get them. With no Hungarian Oak Aged available (See: The Pony Bar Oskar Blues Night) I settled on a brew I always enjoy - Ten Fidy, dark, malty and delicious.

Brad's Second- Two Brothers Northwind Imperial Stout - I like a lot of stuff Two Brothers does, but this is no Imperial Stout, not nearly as heavy as the Ten Fidy, but this is unfair - like trying to follow Michael Jordan you're never gonna be as good (Read: LeBron James).

Phil's Second- Two Brothers Northwind Imperial Stout - thankfully I don't really like basketball so I'm unbiased to my interpertaion.......and that means I liked it. Good and deep malty roasted goodness with a nice coffee sidecar attachment to the flavor. Definitely a repeat offender for my Taste buds.

Phil's Third- Left Hand Sawtooth - always a fantastic way to round out the evening. This is one I never fail to have if it's offered. Perfect for the back of the bell curve.

Brad's Third- 21st Amendment Monks Blood - classic, I've had this on tap a couple places and this is always enjoyable. This doesn't taste like rotten fruit (Phil) but like a nice mixture of light fruity taste but still a beer. No overpowering notes makes this very light and drinkable.

Beer Review 62: Two Brothers Heavy Handed IPA


Hello Beer Friends Nation!

Ah summer... things are heating up - baseball is in full swing (get it?) and the quest is on for refreshing beers - but put down that Coors Light friend, watch enough Beer Friends episodes and we'll guide you in the direction of a delicious AND refeshing beer.  Two Brothers Brewing Heavy Handed IPA from Warrensville, IL is a great first example.  This IPA has enough of a hops taste to satisfy a hop-head (read: Graham) but is easily drinkable that you could have a few while watching insert name of hometown baseball team here.  Summer!  Refreshing! Beer!

Note: Heavy Handed IPA is a seasonal beer (September - December) but worth picking up whenever you find it.