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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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Greenport Harbor Brewing Co. at Barcade

Beerfriend Paul

There has been a glass in my apartment since I moved in with a whale on one side and "Greenport Harbor Brewing Co" on the other.  This glass taunts me. It tells me there is a craft brewery out on the north fork of Long Island, but it knows my laziness won't allow me to take the day trip.  It knows my desire for craft beer is only trumped by my desire to stay in bed.  However, finally, like everything else in my life; Greenport Harbor Brewing has finally come to me. They brought six beers (5 taps, 1 cask) to Barcade in Brooklyn to finally give me the chance to try this brewery that I think about every time I do the dishes. The question is whether it will be good enough to break me of my xenophobic ways and warrant a day trip, or if I will continue to be skeptical and wait for things to come to me...

Round 1 Paul: Greenport Harbor Ale- This beer is tasty. Its labeled as a pale ale, but it has a little bit more going on. Its cloudier than I would have expected. Its very sweet for a pale ale, which I like a lot. Graham: TRITON - Something dark  was speaking to me tonight apparently because I started with the barleywine.  It was excellent. Easily drinkable that grew into a nice bitter back of the throat taste.

Round 2

Paul: Black Duck Porter - The first sip almost tastes burnt. The menu boasts the charcoal flavor and it is potent. The roasted malts and charcoal work well together and make it taste like you're drinking a grill... And that is not a bad thing. Delicious and light I feel like I could drink this all year round.

Graham: Havre rouge – This tasted like an extra red. It was real big in the malts and the hops weren't terribly recognizable but definitely there.  If you're a fan of a smooth malty beer then this is your pick.

Round 3 Paul: "Dry Hopped" Disorient IPA- A different version of the regular IPA in a cask. This IPA is really smooth and easy to drink. It has a lot of flavor aside from the hops. I like this version of this beer, I'm almost afraid to try the regular brew for fear it will ruin the cask version. Round 4 Paul: Havre Rouge - A spectacular brew. Its a Belgian/American pale ale.  It is very sweet and  goes down incredibly smooth. With an ABV of 5.4 its incredibly refreshing and I could see myself enjoying this beer outdoors at a sidewalk restaurant or a cookout in the backyard during the summer.

It was a quick night for us, but I really enjoyed what I had. On our way out Graham and I were able to have a nice conversation with the Head Brewer DJ, and I look forward to see what else this brewery has to offer.  There were a few brews that I saw on their website that were absent, like the Old Yennecott Ale and the Scotch Ale, which just might be enough to get me to take that day trip.