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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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Beer Review 131: Odell Brewing Co Myrcenary Double IPA


Hello Beer Friends Nation! We're back after technical difficulties (Brad was really lazy and couldn't get off the couch) and have only three days until Thanksgiving!  While the Beer Friends are thankful for beer, we would also like to be your go-to blog for thanksgiving beers.  Whether it be rare and  impressive beers that you can elevate your status to official "Beer Geek" around your friends or just some really good booze that has mom and dad worried and looking up numbers for AA - we've got you covered.

Today is a Beer Geek status beer - but not really hard to find if you live in Colorado or surrounding states.  Odell Brewing Company is out of Fort Collins, Colorado and been brewing delicious beer while New Belgium gets most of the love.  However - once people get a taste that usually all changes and while the fancy factory has reservation times and silly follies - Odell is brewing delicious beer with a laid back brewpub and parties every weekend.  Today we review Myrcenary 2xIPA - which features the essential oils of the hop cone with a citrusy punch.

Check back often for more beer buying suggestions this week - the true beer geek would be a little nervous about what beer to drink on Thanksgiving - meanwhile the turkey is burnt and stuffing is ruined... it can still be a good day.


Other Odell Reviews:  Cutthroat Porter - 90 Schilling

Beer Review 124: New Belgium Ranger IPA


Hello Beer Friends Nation! This week we return to New Belgium for a favorite style of ours, IPA.  New Belgium produced Ranger IPA in February of 2010 and has gotten rave reviews ever since.  Although New Belgium typically has a Belgian influence, Ranger IPA is a pretty big IPA at 6.5% and 70 IBU's.  Ranger!  IPA!  Beer!


Other New Belgium Reviews: Fat Tire - Belgo - 1554 - Dig

Beer Review 118: New Belgium 1554


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Ah New Belgium, probably the biggest brewery that isn't in New York City.  Well the Beer Friends turned out to be pretty resourceful and have been able to review a few beers (Fat Tire - Belgo - Dig) and today we check out 1554, an enlightened black ale.  1554 is a Belgian black ale that was a test and see project (darn, have to do a bunch of in-house tasting!) that started in 1997 and was good enough that it's a year round today.  This rounds out the Amber (Fat Tire), Belgian IPA (Belgo), Spring (Dig) and Black Ale of styles we tried from New Belgium - so far... Belgium! Black Ales! Roasted Malts!


Beer Review 113: New Belgium Fat Tire


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Today is the third in the series of the New Belgium Reviews (Dig - Belgo).  New Belgium has recently announced a new $175 million dollar brewery in Asheville, NC and the Beer Friends are terribly excited about it - so we decided to find and review some of their brews to get the East Coast (mainly New England and NYC Area) ready!  Fat Tire is certainly the most popular brew from New Belgium and the name was inspired from the "fat tires" on the mountain bike that the founder Jeff Lebesch rode through European village on his career-inspiring beer tour.  History!  Colorado Beer Tour!  Expansion for Delicious Beer!


Beer Review 108: New Belgium Belgo


Hello Beer Friends Nation! You know what makes this a Good Friday?  Another review from the Beer Friends! We return to our New Belgium Series with Belgo, a Belgian style IPA. This is part of the Explore Series which also features favorites like Ranger IPA and the new Shift (Pale Lager).  This week Greg Avola from Untappd joins us again - giving great insight and fitting in nicely at "the table".  If you are interested in joining us at the table email us and we'll see what we can do - we're always looking for new (beer) friends! Fort Collins!  Belgian beers (Thank God Phil wasn't here...)!  New Friends!


Beer Review 105: New Belgium Dig


Hello Beer Friends Nation! New Belgium is a legendary brewery on the East Coast.  We've all met that friend that grew up out West and Fat Tire was more available than Sierra Nevada - or have that East Coast buddy that went to Vegas on a bachelor weekend and came back telling of a magical beer... Growing up in Colorado, I didn't know what I had until it was gone.  By the power of motor vehicles and some well planned traveling - the Beer Friends were able to get their hands on some of the New Belgium line for samples.  This week we review Dig the spring seasonal offering taking the place of Mighty Arrow, and this Beer Friend likes the change.  Enjoy this review in our New Belgium series (yeah we bought a couple six-packs back!) Beer Road Trip! New Belgium!  Spring!


Beer Review 73: Odell Cutthroat Porter


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Full Disclosure -last week we mentioned we liked beer, a lot, this week we mention we like Colorado Beer, a lot.  This week's SPotW is Odell Brewing Companies Cutthroat Porter.  Odell is located in Fort Collins, Colorado and was a excellent stop (twice in fact!) on the Colorado Brewery Tour.  Odell currently has a smaller distribution range (8 states and they mentioned something about England soon with their traditional English style brewing techniques) so if you find it, get it. Small Distribution!  Big Delicious Taste! Rare Beer!


Featured Brewery: Coopersmith's Pub and Brewing


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Coopersmith's Brew PubDeep in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins you'll find one of the most famous brewpubs in Colorado, Coopersmith's Pub and Brewing.  As the story goes, Coopersmith's was founded in 1989 after John Hickenlooper had started the Wynkoop brewery in Lower Downtown (LoDo) Denver, and using that same formula created Coopersmith's in Old Town, which was struggling to attract businesses and customers the same way LoDo was at the time.  Coopersmith's has a large fermenting tank outside and they do a lot of their brewing in the basement which is a self guided tour when you walk in and head down the stairs.  Overall the beers are good, nothing outstanding but drinkable and the atmosphere was a little too family friendly.  We did enjoy what they were trying to do in creating a brewpub with good beer and avoiding the Coors Light on tap to keep the highheels and popped collars out.

I had the Horsetooth Stout, and being a big stout fan, it wasn't the best I've ever had.  It had good flavor, slightly watery but didn't really pick a style - not creamy enough for a milk stout, not dry enough for the Irish Dry style, no texture or flavor for a Oatmeal stout, and not enough roasted malts to create a bitter Coffee stout flavor.

Graham had the Punjabi Pale Ale that claimed to be a IPA, but Graham being a huge hophead felt the beer was too heavy on the malts and not enough hop flavor... To each their own I guess.

Phil had the Sigda Green Chili beer.  This beer was a bit of a novelty for us New Yorkers visiting the Wild West.  After each of us tasted it we felt it was too strong on the Green Chili taste and light on the beer taste.

Coopersmith's Brew Pub is located in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins at 5 Old Town Square, Fort Collins, Colorado.  The Brew Pub serves food and is open from 11am to 11pm Sunday through Thursday and 11am to 1am Friday and Saturday. [googlemaps's+Pub+%26+Brewery,+5+Old+Town+Square,+Fort+Collins,+CO+80524-2446&aq=0&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=42.03917,71.806641&ie=UTF8&hq=Coopersmith's+Pub+%26+Brewery,&hnear=5+Old+Town+Square,+Fort+Collins,+Colorado+80524&ll=40.587201,-105.075219&spn=0.006295,0.006295&output=embed&w=425&h=350]

Daily Beer Calendar March 25th - 31st


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Finishing strong in March... Be Sure to vote on the Second Annual Beer Friends Final 4 (BFF4)!

March 25th - Pig's Eye LeanPig's Eye Brewing Company, La Crosse, Wisconsin

[polldaddy poll=4713205]

March 26th - Kingfisher Premium Lager

Kingfisher Brewing Company, Saratoga Springs, New York

[polldaddy poll=4713210]

March 27th - 1554 Belgian Black Ale

New Belgium Brewing Company, Fort Collins, Colorado

[polldaddy poll=4713222]

March 28th - Full Sail Amber

Full Sail Brewing Company, Hood River, Oregon

[polldaddy poll=4713234]

March 29th - Bridge Burner Special Reserve Ale

Lakefront Brewery Inc., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

[polldaddy poll=4713239]

March 30th - Commodore Perry India Pale Ale

Great Lakes Brewing Company, Cleveland, Ohio

[polldaddy poll=4713242]

March 31st - Samuel Smith's India Ale

Samuel Smith's Old Brewery (Tadcaster), North Yorks, England

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Feature Brewery: Odell's Brewing Company


Hello Beer Friends Nation! While almost everyone has heard of New Belgium Brewery, Fort Collins has another major player in beer brewing and sales, Odell's Brewing Company. A little lesser known, but the quality of everything they do is outstanding.  The Beer Friends visited on a Saturday and they happen to be setting up for a party that started at 2pm - which every Saturday they have a party that starts at 2pm!  We tried a few beers and then had to run, look back in the future for Odell's to be the Beer Friends Brewery of the Week and read below for the few taste we did get in!


1st: Cutthroat Porter is fan-freaking-tastic! Off a Nitro Pour it has a wonderful smokey flavor that has just a hint of coffee if you look hard enough.

2nd: Snowriders. Well whatcha know a wheat beer I actually like! Granted it does have the lightly hoped overtaste that I do prefer, but this might be one of my favorites. It's got a very slight hoot bite in the beginning that's helped by the coolness of the beer, and with the ever so slight wheat presence helps to balance the flavor.

Brad: 1st: Cutthroat Porter Nitro is fantastic! This is a great beer to begin with and the nitro creates a smoother pour which is VERY easy to drink.

2nd: Deconstruction ale... This is a wonderfully complex beer... Aged in multiple barrels (oak, bourbon, wine) and wild yeast strands- leads to taste of peach, mango and grapefruit. Complex yes, delicious yes, awesome absolutely.

Odell's Tap Room

Graham: 1st: Double IPA. This is such a well balanced beer that even at 10% abv it is a smart choice against their regular IPA. Big in Citrusy hops flavor that goes down smooth. This beer makes me very happy we stopped at Odell's.

2nd: Brad wrote this one up beautifully, so I feel like I don't have to say much more. I get a good oak/red wine flavor that's accented by a sour fruit flavor with the wild yeast. Nice job Odell, nice job.

Odell's Brewing Company is located at 800 E. Lincoln Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80524 [googlemaps,+Fort+Collins,+CO&sll=40.591014,-105.063457&sspn=0.035782,0.083342&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=800+E+Lincoln+Ave,+Fort+Collins,+Larimer,+Colorado+80524&z=14&ll=40.58878,-105.062459&output=embed&w=425&h=350]

The tasting room is open:

11a - 7p Monday - Saturday