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Sixpoint Night at Rattle N Hum


Hello Beer Friends Nation! The Beer Friends ventured out to Rattle N Hum in midtown NYC for their Sixpoint Night.  If you follow the Beer Friends (hopefully you do) you'll know that we love Sixpoint and most everything they do - this was a win-win.  Last week we featured Sixpoint as our Brewery of the Week, so check that out, and a few months we had the pleasure of a Sixpoint Night at Barcade.  On to the beers!

Brad's 1st - Apollo Saison - Wonderfully smooth but lacking the typical spices I find in saisons.  However, to be honest I'm not dying for the spices and usually look for a smoother taste anyway.  You also get a hint of the banana-ish taste of a hefeweizen but not terribly strong.  Overall a solid beer.

Paul's 1st: Signal - This was the flagship beer of good beer month. it's a smoked IPA that was made for the Meatopia event on Governor's Island, I have been looking forward to this beer since I heard about it.  The first sip is abrasive, certainly not what I was expecting. As I got used to it, I really started to enjoy this beer. The hops were subtle in this beer and the smoky flavor compliments them nicely. Not an everyday pint, but happy I had the chance to try it.  I would like to try this with food; in a perfect Beer Friend world I would find this on tap the next time I'm at Dinosaur BBQ...

Graham's 1st: Apollo Saison - the color looks exactly like the regular Apollo: orangey with a cloudy appearance. First aroma gives you a hint of the saison yeast. Barely any head. The brew itself is familiarly saison with an exceptionally sweet banana flavor. Refreshing and flavorful to the finish.

Brad's 2nd- Aberdeen on cask - This is a first for me and what a delicious beer - however - I snuck a taste of the Aberdeen on cask with the Nugget hops and that's even better.  Leave it to Sixpoint to create a great beer and then top only themselves.

Paul's 2nd: Aberdeen w/nugget (cask) - A Scotch ale out of a cask was exciting enough, but add the extra nugget hops and I'm figuring this to be a home run. Once I finished my Signal and got to take my first it was clear this pint wasn't going to disappoint. Being a cask, its lack of carbonation makes this ale very smooth. The extra hops bring the bitter, which I like, but its a quick jab of flavor that is then subdued by the malts.  Loved the flavor of this beer, this pint was passed arond the table a couple of times.  This beer was too good not to share.

Graham's 2nd: Aberdeen w Nugget (cask) - Woooooaaaah! Color is dark amber, lightly cloudy and the smell is almost non- existent. That being said, allow me to repeat my earlier sentiment: WOOOAAAAH!!!! If you've ever been to a brewery (and we know you have) and gotten a bit experimental and eaten a hop nugget then you got the flavor in this brew. Intense herbal hop flavor that stays with you throughout the experience almost heating up ones mouth. The malts balance it nicely and accent the herbality. I'm just going to say it straight out: I love this beer, I love Sixpoint. You can do no wrong.

Brad's 3rd - Dr. Klankenstein is a very dangerous beer.  Unbelievably smooth that you are left searching to find the alcohol, so you take another drink... and another... and another.  Fantastic beer Sixpoint, bravo.

Paul's 3rd: Gorilla Warfare- If you aren't familiar with this beer, it is a Coffee Porter that Sixpoint uses Gorilla Coffee, out of Brooklyn, to get their delicious coffee flavor.

A lot has been made about this beer around The Beer Friends table. This is a popular beer with us and we've noticed that each year it has had different characteristics.  I've been looking forward to trying this year's batch... After the first couple sips the verdict is: This beer needs cream. This is a lot more bitter than other years. This almost tastes like black coffee. Even though it doesn't taste as smooth as previous incarnations, I still like this beer a lot.  I look forward to finding this beer in the colder months and tasting it next to other Porter's and Stout's.

Graham's 3rd: Autobahn IPA - This one comes out a little bit darker than the Bengali Tiger with a bit more cloudiness. The aroma is bitter hops and malt.  This is way maltier than Bengali and the hops are more on the bitter side rather than the citrus variety. The malts work well with the bitter hop taste here and lead to an enjoyable brew that has a medium drinkability. Sorry Autobahn that I'm continuously comparing you to Bengali- it's Sixpoints first IPA and my favorite beer ever.

Brad's 4th - Old Krusher Barleywine - A great beer to finish the night.  The ABV is high (10.4) but doesn't have an overwhelming alcoholic taste.  I'm just recently getting more into barleywines and this is what I was waiting for.

Graham's 4th: Old Krusher Barleywine - Like many Sixpoint brews, this one comes out a gorgeous orange color.  It has a light alcohol aroma with a dry hop presence. No head. The first taste is an interesting combination of light alcohol, herbal hops and a nice fruity malt.  The alcohol taste increases throughout the duration of the beer as it warms, but never becomes overpowering. It's a great end of the night beer that is best drank slowly and sparingly, but when you get the privilege you will enjoy it.

Thanks, Sixpoint, for sharing your best creations with us last night!  You came out strong with your flagship regular brews and surprised us with some unique, hard-to-find creations.  All-in-all it was a great night with great beer and great people.  The kind of thing that inevitably happens when Sixpoint gets involved with something.