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New York, NY
United States

The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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Daily Beer Calendar February 2nd - 7th


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Democracy now!  Stand in line and wait your turn for the little voting booth with the shower curtain!  Leave no hanging chads! (Isn't that joke burned out by now?)  One visit, five votes and check back for results...

February 2nd - Isle of Arran Dark Premium Beer from Isle of Arran Brewery in Claddach, Brodick, Isle of Arran, Scotland - I couldn't make that up if I tried.

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February 3rd - Lagunitas Hop Stoopid Ale from Petaluma, California

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February 4th - Zywiec Porter from Grupa Zywiec S.A. - owned by Heineken - in Zywiec, Poland

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February 5th - Murphy's Red Beer from Heineken (surprise, surprise) Nederland in Hertogenbosch, The Nederlands

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February 6th - Beamish Genuine Draught Irish Stout from Beamish and Crawford Breweries Plc., Cork, Ireland - This has long been discussed in the Beer Friends circle as an amazing beer...

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February 7th - Zelta Premium Lager from Aldaris Brewery, Riga, Lativa

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