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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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Beer Review 130: Sixpoint Brownstone


Hello Beer Friends Nation! For those of "The Beer Friend Nation" that is in the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy, we wish you safety and health in the days ahead, hopefully our stupid little blog can provide a few laughs in the process.

Today we review a brewery affected by Sandy, Sixpoint Craft Ales.  We've review everything we could get our hands on from Sixpoint, whether from Growlers, Cans or Live Blogs - and today we expand the can reviews with Brownstone, a true Brooklyn beer.  Brownstone is a Brown Ale named for the famous Brownstone's that line many Brooklyn streets.  Sixpoint Craft Ale's website calls it their "fortress" which I can only assume (and believe I heard somewhere) that this is their first brew... and if it is they knew what they were doing from the beginning.

To help and donate to relief efforts of Hurricane Sandy please visit the Red Cross website.


Sixpoint Reviews: Bengali Tiger Growler - Sweet Action - Bengali Tiger - The Crisp - Righteous - Diesel - Autumnation - Resin - Apollo

Great Beer Events in NYC Week of 9/5 -9/11


Hey all you craft beer lovers out there!  We here at the Beer Friends as usual are bringing you your weekly beer events.  School's back in session and what a great way to celebrate sending off the kids than with some good ol' craft brews.  Come have a few with us at these great NYC brew events.

Tuesday, September 7 - Back To School Night with Sixpoint Craft Ale @ The Stag's Head: We got a huge event for you with this one, especially if you're one of NYC's Smartest - Public School Teacher's that is.  The Stag's Head, 51st street between 2nd and 3rd, is throwing a back to school bash for teachers and non-teachers alike.  Sixpoint will be taking control of 8 draft lines.  8!  If you know how many brews Sixpoint regularly produces, then you know that this is almost all of their continuous selection.  We're talking Sweet Action, Righteous Rye, Bengali Tiger, Brownstone, Redd, Otis and who knows what else!  Maybe you'll even get a chance to try their new fall brew Pumpkin-brewster.  Great name.  Also, they are honoring those public school teacher's with a $1 off everything with a DOE ID.  AND if you're good at poetry then take a chance by writing a poem or haiku about your favorite Sixpoint craft ale for a $50 bar tab.  As far as I'm concerned, the only thing you need for Back-To-School is a Sixpoint Craft Ale!

Wednesday, September 8th - IPA Week @ The Double Windsor: The Double Windsor is celebrating their last week before their 1st birthday by declaring it IPA week!  You know one Beer Friend who loves IPA's and this has definitely sparked his interest!  They will be featuring mostly American IPA's but you'll be lucky enough to find some from across-the-pond as well.  They haven't released a list yet, which is kind of exciting in all it's mysteriuosness.  The only way to shed some light on the issue is to head down to Park Slope and check it out yourself.  Did I mention that this week all the beers are $5?  This mystery just got good.

The Double Windsor is located at 210 Prospect Park West @ 16th Street.  Take the F or the G to 15th street/Prospect Park.

Thursday, September 9 - Abita NFL Kickoff Party @ Standings: Standings comes through again as one of the best craft brew sports bars in the city.  The Vikings and the Saints are going head-to-head in the first NFL game of the season and Standings is throwing up a bunch of lines of Louisiana's favorite craft brew:  Abita.  Find Satsuma Wit, Andy Gator and Turbodog along with a few others.  You can also find free pizza.  Standings loves free pizza.  So do I.  And football.  And craft beer.  What a good relationship we all have.

Hope to see you all out at the bars!  As always, if you're the first find us then we'll buy ya a craft brew...or two.