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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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Beer Review 86: Sixpoint Autumnation


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Well we reviewed the original Sixpoint four (Bengali Tiger, Righteous Rye, Crisp, Sweet Action) and now we move to the seasonals.  First up is Autumnation, a wet-hopped pumpkin spiced ale.  We cannot confirm if this uses a similar recipe as last years pumpkin ale from Sixpoint Pumpkin Brewster (best name ever) but we can confirm that they brew with hops, a lot of them.  Grab a can and check it out for yourself!  Sixpoint!  Five Cans!  Pumpkin!


Beer Review 74: Sixpoint Righteous Ale


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Finally - 4 for 4, batting 1.000, we've got the shooting touch, hat trick plus one, and out of sports metaphors... Today we tried the final available (for now) Sixpoint Nanokeg - Righteous Ale.  What used to be called Righteous Rye, this beer has toned down a bit but certainly is as good in the can as off the draft... Batting 1.000!  Nanokeg! Beer-cycle!


***Bengali Tiger*** - ***Sweet Action*** - ***The Crisp***

Beer Review 72: Sixpoint The Crisp


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Full disclosure - the Beer Friends like beer, a lot, and we like good beer, a lot, and when one of our favorite breweries releases their stuff in cans, we are thrilled.  We ran around trying to find them and now that all four are released - we can complete the four-some, wait... that came out wrong.  Anyway, here is part three in our series - The Crisp from Sixpoint.  Beer!  Four-packs! Take Home deliciousness!


Bonus Beer Review: Sixpoint Bengali Tiger in Cans!


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Today was a great day.  All day long tweets and Facebook post flew up announcing where people could find Sixpoint Bengali Tiger and Sehr Crisp Pilsner around New York City and the Beer Friends were suckered in... we ran around like tourist trying to find Times Square, and our faces lit up when we did.  Today we post a Bonus Beer Review of Bengali Tiger in 16 oz cans, finally a bit of Redhook in our fridge.  Beer at Home!  4 packs Tallboys! Sixpoint!

UPDATE! 5/30: You may notice that the Beer Friends may have reacted a bit differently to the Bengali Tiger in Cans than they did to the growler review they had done previously.  Come to find out, the beer that made it into the cans is a bit different from the beer that was enjoyed out of the growler.  Apparently, about 3 months prior to the release of these cans, Sixpoint tweaked the recipe of Bengali Tiger and changed 1 of the 4 hops they use in this IPA.  They replaced the Amarillo hops with Citra hops changing the flavor of the beer slightly.  So this became a review that wasn't just about the cans, but unwittingly a review about the new Bengali Tiger recipe.  So with that new information, get yourself a nanokeg and see if you can taste the difference.


Live Blog - Sixpoint Night at Barcade


Return of the Live blog! It must be a awesome event to bring the Beer Friends out of the hibernation holes... Sixpoint at Barcade! Brad's 1st - Oyster Stout on Nitro Pour - this is a smooth pour, granted I can't tell whether or not it's the brew or the nitro pour effect. This is exactly what a Oyster Stout from Sixpoint would taste like - a high quality Oyster Stout - the perfect example of the style.

Phil's 1st - Black Coffee IPA - a very good dark IPA that Sixpoint has brewed with his Beer Friend's hometown coffee house Stumptown Roasters. Very smooth, very bitter - just like a good cup of coffee. The coffee definitely over powers the hops, they're in the somewhere, hiding around the end of the taste, but it doesn't take away from how good it is. A keeper in my book.

Brad's 2nd - Time Out for Porter - this is a great pour. Dry tasting and slightly bitter, this porter will be one and done and on to other great Sixpoint brews.

Phil's 2nd - Berserker Boch - best one so far. Another beer featuring coffee infusion by my favorite coffee roasters Stumptown. I like this one better than the coffee IPA, believe it or not. The coffee flavor is less mouthy and more a flavor that comes up your nose towed the end to round out the fantastic malty goodness that is the body of the beer.

Brad's 3rd - Missionary IPA - this is far from lying on top. This is a great IPA alternative to Bengali Tiger, not as strong but still let's you know it's a hoppy beer.

Phil's 3rd - ESB - a little on the weak side compared to the first two, bit still alright. It's kind of a good 3 outta 4 beers for the night, but I definitely need a stronger follow up.

Brad's 4th - Belgian Rye - this beer keeps creeping up my list as the best Sixpoint beers... It's so smooth with enough of the rye bite.

Brad's 5th - Signal - this is a Sixpoint brew made for BBQ. Smoky and delicious makes Signal. This beer is smooth and easy to drink.

Brad's 6th - Bengali Tiger - Hey, where'd Phil go?  Anyway, Bengali Tiger is the perfect way to end tonight, a classic Sixpoint beer that speaks volumes for their style and the way Sixpoint approaches beer.  Phenomenal taste and hop bite - and like these Beer Friends have discussed, the almost perfect IPA.

Beer Review 39: Sixpoint Bengali Tiger


Hello Beer Friends Nation! This week is a special beer review - it's a growler!  This week we travel to the mysterious Redhook , Brooklyn to try Sixpoint Brewery. Now it is no secret to faithful Beer Friend followers (thanks Mom!) that the Beer Friends love Sxipoint brews, so this one is a gimme. The SPotW is Bengali Tiger, the readily available I.P.A. from Sixpoint. Check it out at the special Sixpoint Brewery event at The Pony Bar on Tuesday, November 16th! Brooklyn Beer!


Sixpoint Craft Ale Event @ The Stag's Head


This past Tuesday, The Stag's Head and Sixpoint Craft Ale threw an event help the school teachers of New York City cope with the rapid, inevitable end to their summer.  The event, dubbed Sixpoint Back to School Night at The Stag's Head, offered an impressive selection of Sixpoint's finest brews as well as a $1 off every beer if you had a NYC DOE ID.  This is an event that this Beer Friends was sure not to miss at an interesting bar that we have been heading to more and more often these days. The Stag's Head is a neighborhood bar where you wouldn't expect a neighborhod bar to be. The Upper East Side has been void of these types of places for a long time now right? Apparently not.

This is the kinda bar where the bartenders know every other person that walks in...and their choice of poison. It wasn't even close to being dark out and they dimmed the lights...hard. Then they turned up the music, which was rockin', just so you'd know they meant business. The craft beer flowed with expertise, despite the glycol problem, which was solved quickly and all the brews were served up deliciously. In between multiple levels of conversation with up to five or six different people at a time, the bartenders would find you just in time to refill your refreshment and chat about the brews at hand. Let's see what we had...

Graham's Brews:

Bengali Tiger - I started with a personal favorite on this one, Bengali Tiger IPA. I have been sorely deprived of hops recently so you could be in for a theme here. I would be totally happy except it seemed like it was served a bit above temperature. The hops were warm and slightly muted. Not my favorite Bengali pour ever, but it'll do. Hey, maybe we're too far from Red Hook up here and the kegs got warm on the long journey...

Otis - so turns out there was a bit of an issue with their glycol system earlier that is not chilling the brews enough, but they are getting colder! So I decided to mix it up with a brew that I won't mind tastes a bit warmer: The Otis! And you know what? The temperature is cooler, but having it still a bit above perfect works with this one. The roasted malts are way more up front giving you a nice burnt flavor with hints of coffee. It's also a tad smoother. This is a good brew to have while the others are (hopefully) cooling.

Double Sweet Action - Yeah! It's cold again and the double sweet action tastes great! Like the regular Sweet Action but double in every way. A bit hoppier and bit maltier and just the right amount sweeter. The ABV is bigger too, but with something this tasty you couldn't even notice.

Autobahn IPA - When drinking Bengali's interesting sister I can only compare them using two words: Bengali = citrus v. Autobahn = herbal. This strong herbally hopped brew is a fantastic IPA and only pales in comparison to Bengali by personal flavor preference. However I think this solidifies one thing: Sixpoint knows, maybe better than anyone else, how to use hops.

I also had a chance to talk with some of the Sixpoint guys and they were nice enough to pour out a couple samples of their favorite Sixpoint brews for me:  The Apollo Wheat and the Signal Ale.

The Apollo Wheat is an incredibly easy drinking wheat.  With touches of citrus sweetness this brew goes down with a golden, soda like flavor.  Perfect for any warm summer day with enough flavor to keep you going well into the fall.

The Signal is an ale made with a bit of smoked malts.  Think something in the citrusy nature of Bengali but with a background hint of smoke.  Not nearly as hoppy as the Bengali or Autobahn, but the flavor profile keeps you enticed and interested in ordering another.

As always, The Beer Friends love it when Sixpoint throws and event and you will always find at least one of us their enjoying their offerings.  We also recommend that you head on up to The Stag's Head (51st between 2nd and 3rd ave's) and enjoy their ever changing, but always delicious, selection of craft beer.  Thanks Sixpiont and Stag's Head for a great event!

Great Beer Events in NYC Week of 9/5 -9/11


Hey all you craft beer lovers out there!  We here at the Beer Friends as usual are bringing you your weekly beer events.  School's back in session and what a great way to celebrate sending off the kids than with some good ol' craft brews.  Come have a few with us at these great NYC brew events.

Tuesday, September 7 - Back To School Night with Sixpoint Craft Ale @ The Stag's Head: We got a huge event for you with this one, especially if you're one of NYC's Smartest - Public School Teacher's that is.  The Stag's Head, 51st street between 2nd and 3rd, is throwing a back to school bash for teachers and non-teachers alike.  Sixpoint will be taking control of 8 draft lines.  8!  If you know how many brews Sixpoint regularly produces, then you know that this is almost all of their continuous selection.  We're talking Sweet Action, Righteous Rye, Bengali Tiger, Brownstone, Redd, Otis and who knows what else!  Maybe you'll even get a chance to try their new fall brew Pumpkin-brewster.  Great name.  Also, they are honoring those public school teacher's with a $1 off everything with a DOE ID.  AND if you're good at poetry then take a chance by writing a poem or haiku about your favorite Sixpoint craft ale for a $50 bar tab.  As far as I'm concerned, the only thing you need for Back-To-School is a Sixpoint Craft Ale!

Wednesday, September 8th - IPA Week @ The Double Windsor: The Double Windsor is celebrating their last week before their 1st birthday by declaring it IPA week!  You know one Beer Friend who loves IPA's and this has definitely sparked his interest!  They will be featuring mostly American IPA's but you'll be lucky enough to find some from across-the-pond as well.  They haven't released a list yet, which is kind of exciting in all it's mysteriuosness.  The only way to shed some light on the issue is to head down to Park Slope and check it out yourself.  Did I mention that this week all the beers are $5?  This mystery just got good.

The Double Windsor is located at 210 Prospect Park West @ 16th Street.  Take the F or the G to 15th street/Prospect Park.

Thursday, September 9 - Abita NFL Kickoff Party @ Standings: Standings comes through again as one of the best craft brew sports bars in the city.  The Vikings and the Saints are going head-to-head in the first NFL game of the season and Standings is throwing up a bunch of lines of Louisiana's favorite craft brew:  Abita.  Find Satsuma Wit, Andy Gator and Turbodog along with a few others.  You can also find free pizza.  Standings loves free pizza.  So do I.  And football.  And craft beer.  What a good relationship we all have.

Hope to see you all out at the bars!  As always, if you're the first find us then we'll buy ya a craft brew...or two.

Featured Brewery: Sixpoint Craft Ales


In honor of their heavy involvement in New York City Good Beer Month AND in honor of how much The Beer Friends love what these guys put out, we decided to review one of Brooklyn's best breweries: Sixpoint Craft Ales.  Sixpoint Craft Ales was founded in 2004 by Shane Welch and is located in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.  Despite their youth, Sixpoint has continually put out excellent product after excellent product, all while maintaining one of the most prominent images in the New York City craft beer scene.  They recently did some work on their brewhouse so that they could start accommodating their growing legions of fans.  You can catch tours at their 40 Van Dyke Street location on Saturday afternoons, they are highly recommended. Before I talk about the many top-of-the-line Sixpoint I would like to try to page homage to their creative, artistic and Old School Brooklyn philosophy.  Sixpoint represents the characteristics that have embodied the borough of Brooklyn for what is now centuries.  On their website you can check out their beautifully worded explanation which will far out-weigh anything I have to say about them.  What I will say though is that Sixpoint Craft Ales represents the piece of Brooklyn that is hard work, good craftmenship and unbridled creativity where anything that is done with quality and heart is respected among the rough edged, but artistically minded denizens of this great second city.

Sixpoint's flagship brew is their Sweet Action.  Sweet Action pours a nice Orange/Amber color that gives you your first desire  drink it.  After that the aroma imparts a slightly hoppy, malty sweetness with some touches of pine and earthiness.  Sweet to the taste, with an underlying hint of fruit that melds nicely with the fuller malty flavor.  The hops aren't as present as the smell would lead on, however the strong quality of the malt and the sweet hints at both the beginning and the end are enough flavor to keep one coming back for another.

My personal favorite Sixpoint Craft Ale is their leading IPA: The Bengali Tiger.  Perfect golden orange hue that a light can shine through but is definitely not transparent, which leads one to believe it is on the fuller mouthfeel side of things.  The smell is full of citrusy hops.  The first taste you are rewarded by getting a chance to enjoy a plentiful bouqet of those citrus hops.  The body is closer to the medium side of things, but still drinkable enough to have several.  Same with the hops, if you had three of these, they still wouldn't overpower your palate.  It's harder to find Bengali Tiger than it is some of the following Sixpoint Craft Ales, however I thought this one, if not for my own personal love of it, deserved a bigger write up.

Sixpoint has a few other flagship brews including Righteous Rye, a rye brew with a big rye malt flavor and a good dose of hops.  Brownstone is a deliciously malty brown ale with generous roasted malt flavor.  The Otis is a fantastic oatmeal stout that is full bodied, with a rich creamy head that flows into a generous chocolate-malt flavor.  Finally, their Apollo Wheat is the most easily drinkable, while keeping in full flavor and body, of any summer wheat that I've had.  Goes down without a heavy wheat flavor which leaves it refreshing, but the beer is still substantial enough to know you're drinking a beer.  You can also find their Old Krusher Barleywine around if you're lucky.

Sixpoint Craft Ales are a company who's brews are new takes on classic American beer styles while keeping them incredibly drinkable and refreshing but never sacrificing in flavor.  In fact, the way their beers taste, the flavor probably couldn't be thought about in terms of sacrifice anyways.  Find Sixpoint.  Drink Sixpoint.  Drink it often.