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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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New York City Craft Beer Events for the Week of November 25, 2012


For some reason the beer gods have decided to grace this week with an extensively excellent selection of beer events to check out.  We picked the best six and are throwing them your way.  Try to make them all?  Sounds crazy, but you're not a light hearted craft beer fan, you take this seriously.  So do we.  Afraid of the magnitude of it all?  Us too. Good thing beer helps with courage.

One more thing, read this one all the way through.  We saved the best for last.

Wednesday, November 28 - Brooklyn Brewery Tap Attack with Garret Oliver @ Dive Bar NYC, Manhattan:

Remember the good ol' days when you could just bump into Garret Oliver at a beer event as he poured you a cask aged Brooklyn Blast while you discussed the ins and outs of craft brewing in America?  Well, we do.  Brooklyn in recent times has reached super-stardom in the craft beer community, expanding their brewery and upstate brewing capacities in order to meet the demands of expanding to other cities, states, countries...and planets? (the Mars rover totally digs Mary's Maple Porter)  We're proud of Brooklyn but we still have fond memories of those face to face times.  If you do to, then you happen to be in luck.  This Wednesday head on up to Dive Bar NYC and meet with Garret Oliver and the Brooklyn Brand Manager Brian Duprey as they serve up an impressive selection of that delicious Brooklyn brew we're still in love with.

Blanche de Brooklyn

2009 Black Chocolate Stout
2009 Monster Ale
Mary's Maple Porter
Brooklyn Radius
Brooklyn Blast
Sorachi Ace
There Will Be Black
Brooklyn Lager
Brooklyn Winter Ale
Black Chocolate Stout
The Companion
The River

Dive Bar NYC is located at 732 Amsterdam Avenue at 96th Street in the Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan.

Wednesday, November 28 - Avery Brewing Co. Night @ Sunswick 35-35, Queens:

Avery is well known as being one of the big beer hop kings of Colorado - a title not to be taken lightly in a state that, despite what certain rocky mountain fresh breweries want you to think, also does not take it's beer light.  Sunswick 35-35 in Astoria will be pouring a few taps lines of these Colorado favorites and if you're anywhere nearby, you should stop in to consume them.

duganA DIPA

Ellie's Brown Ale
India Pale Ale
Old Jubilation Ale
The Kaiser Imperial Marzen
Sunswick 35-35 is located at 3502 35th Street on the corner of 35th Avenue in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens.
Wednesday, November 28 - Added Value Fundraiser @ The Double Windsor, Brooklyn:
Brooklyn loves a few things:  community garden/farm empowerment programs, charity for hurricane victims in Red Hook and beer.  Combine all three of these things together and you'll find yourself at the Double Windsor this Wednesday showing off your Brooklyn.
Added Value is a community farm located in Red Hook that provides access to healthy, affordable food for the local community through something called a Food Justice ecosystem - youth empowerment programs that engage local youths in art of gardening and growing foods while providing them, their families and their communities with cheap, healthy produce.
Stop on in to the Double Windsor this Wednesday, throw down a $10 donation and get a free pint of either of these big-time locally brewed beers:
Barrier Brewing Saazsquash - butternut squash ale brewed with ginger, honey and Sichuan peppercorns.  A note on this one:  Barrier brewery was heavily affected by hurricane Sandy and will be out of commission for some time.  This could be your last chance for awhile to get any fresh Barrier brew.
Captain Lawrence Golden Delicious - Belgian style Tripel aged in Apple Brandy barrels.
Sixpoint Gorilla Warfare Porter - made with Brooklyn's own Gorilla Coffee
Windsor Terrace is located at 210 Prospect Park West at 16th Street in the Windsor Terrace neighborhood of Brooklyn.
Thursday, November 29 - Weyerbacher @ The Gate, Brooklyn:
What better way to celebrate the onslaught of winter with an over-the-top winter brew from one of PA's best breweries?  Weyerbacher will be bringing their Merry Monks Tripel along with several of their other delicious brews to help you get your holiday indulgence on at the Gate this Thursday.  Check out the rest of the list:
Merry Monks Tripel

Verboten Belgian Pale Ale
Blithering Idiot 2006
Double Smile
Last Chance IPA
Old Heathen 2007
16th Anniversary Braggot
The Gate  is located at 321 5th Avenue at 3rd Street in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn.
Thursday, November 29 - A Night of Pumpkin Ales @ Standings, Manhattan:
Alright, we accept it:  winter is here.   That doesn't mean, however, that we have to give up on the delicious fall brews that we came to love over the past three months.  Standings agrees.  They'll be pouring a trio of pumpkin brews - the last of their kinds for this year - in defiance of the wintry mix raining down on us this week in NYC.  So nestle up to the bar and the warm glow of Thursday night football, fill your belly with the delectable free pizza arriving at 8 p.m. alongside one of your last pieces of pumpkin pie and top it all off with a few pumpkin brews.
Southern Tier Pumking
Carton Imperial Pumkin Cream Ale
Stoudt's Pumpkinfest Lager
Standings is located at Upstairs 43 East 7th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan.
Thursday, November 29 - Meet Owner Mike Stevens of Founders @ Barcade, Brooklyn:
I told you to read all the way to the end and now reader, you are rewarded.  Beer = good.  Founders beer = fantastic.  Drinking Founders beer with the owner and giving him your eternal thanks and praise for changing your life = Momentous, Epic, Life Defining, etc.  You'll get to do just that at Barcade this Thursday.  Not only will Founders owner Mike Stevens be on hand to pour, drink and talk about his beer, he'll also be bringing a selection unheard of in NYC until now.  Brews that we wish we could consume regularly but rarely get the chance.  Go for the beer, stay for the video games and get giddy like a school girl while talking to the owner.
The (epic) list:
Backwoods Bastard
Blushing Monk
Bolt Cutter
Breakfast Stout
Canadian Breakfast Stout
Centennial IPA
Curmudgeon's Better Half
Devil Dancer
Dirty Bastard
Frangelic Mountain Brown
harvest Ale
Imperial Stout 2011
nemesis 2010
Pale Ale
Red's Rye
Happy Early Christmas.
Barcade is located at 388 Union Avenue between Ainslie and Powers Street in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn.

New York City Craft Beer Events for the Week of July 3, 2011


We definitely have a reason to celebrate this weekend.  Actually, two reasons. First, we celebrate the great country we live in.  A country, that sense its beginning has encouraged ingenuity and creativity among its citizens.  It's that common instinct that inspires that brewers of the craft beer that we love to do what they do.  It's why the craft beer industry has continued to be successful and grow by leaps and bounds every year. Craft Beer is as natural to America as fireworks and cookouts on the 4th of July.

We also get to celebrate craft beer itself.  As deemed by the brewers and craft beer bar owners behind The Good Beer Seal, July is Good Beer Month.  Now here at the Beer Friends believe every month should be Good Beer Month.  But we're pretty okay with picking one out and giving it a name.  So tomorrow, while your cooking out and watching the fireworks, raise your glass of your favorite brew in a toast to craft beer and to America, the country that not only allows craft beer to exist, but inspires it's incredible and delicious diversity.

Enjoy the events:

Tuesday, July 5 - The Big Le-Brewski Event: Part 2 @ Rattle n' Hum, Manhattan:

Sit down.  If you're sitting - get closer to the ground.  I'm about to unload every craft beer lovers dream on you.  Imagine you could sample everything that Rattle n' Hum keeps in their cellar.  Bottles of the some of the rarest stuff that's ever been brewed, aged to perfection.  Well, it's not a dream.  It's a reality.  In Part 2 of their "Big Le-Brewski" event Rattle n' Hum will be raiding their cellar to quench any desire your craft beer imagination can conjure up.  Head over Tuesday to sample some really special stuff.  No list is available yet, but c'mon, if it's coming out of Rattle n' Hum's private cellar then who needs a list.

Rattle n' Hum is located at 17 East 33rd Street between 5th and Madison Avenues, Midtown, Manhattan.

Wednesday, July 6 - Barcade Yards Events @ Grove Street PATH Plaza, Jersey City:

One of the best parts about summer is outdoor craft beer drinking.  The cool, carbonated hops and barley make even the hottest summer days bearable.  Barcade Jersey City feels the same way.  As you step of the PATH train Barcade will be waiting with their new draft trailer to pour you a cold, delicious beer from Yards Brewery.  Yards beer, poured by Barcade, outside at the Grove Street PATH Plaza?  Yea, it's summertime.

The Barcade Beer Trailer is located at 325 Grove Street between Newark Avenue and Christopher Columbus Drive, Jersey City, New Jersey.

Thursday, July 7 - Brooklyn Brewery BLAST @ Standings, Manhattan:

Brooklyn Breweries Brewmaster Reserve Collection is a much anticipated and coveted collection of beers that push the boundaries of craft beer to new and excellent heights.  The newest concoction - called "The Concoction" - doesn't stray from the theme.  The Concoction is brewed from an old Scottish cocktail recipe called "The Penicillin" and includes peat smoked malt, minced ginger, lemon juice and wildflower honey.  If you don't know what to think right now, then I think you're getting the point.  To try to make sense of aptly named "The Concoction" head to Standings this Thursday.  It will be on tap alongside four other Brooklyn favorites.  And as always, in perfect Standings tradition, there will be free pizza.

Standings is located at 43 East 7th Street, Upstairs, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, East Village, Manhattan.

Thursday, July 7 - Captain Lawrence Meet the Brewer Event @ Bierkraft, Brooklyn:

One of our favorite New York State breweries will be bringing their beer and their brewmaster to Bierkraft this Thursday night.  Scott Vacarro of Captain Lawrence will be on hand to discuss his brews and what makes them so delicious.   Bierkraft hasn't posted a list of brews yet, but we expect the usual Captain Lawrence favorites will be on tap.  As the Beer Friends found out during this years Beer Friends Final Four, Captain Lawrence has a cult following.  So we suggest getting to Bierkraft early to score a seat next to Scott.

Bierkraft is located at 191 5th Avenue between Berkeley and Union Streets, Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Saturday, July 9 - Kelso of Brooklyn Tasting @ GRAB Specialty Foods, Brooklyn:

GRAB Specialty Foods will be featuring a local Brooklyn favorite in this Saturdays installment of their Saturday Craft Beer Tasting series.  They'll be four or five beers from Kelso of Brooklyn available for tasting.  The people at GRAB also suggest you bring home a growler or two of your favorite brews to help you enjoy your weekend.  We endorse their suggestion.

GRAB Specialty Foods is located at 438 7th Avenue between 14th and 15th Streets, Park Slope, Brooklyn.

New York City Craft Beer Events for the Week of June 12, 2011


I had a feeling.  And not just the usual feelings, but the awesome feelings.  The sort of feelings that let you know this is going to be a big week.  A HUGE week.  Seriously though, the closest example I would give for the events happening this week would be a planetary alignment with the center of the galaxy.  It wasn't organized by anything beyond cosmic happenstance but despite it's coincidental nature, it's pretty damn awesome.  Well, this week you can thank The Beer Friends for taking the random alignment of super-awesome craft beer events and organizing them into a coherent list of what you should drink and where you should drink it.  Let's see what we've got... Tuesday, June 14 - The Good Beer Seal 2011 Awards Party @ Barcade, Brooklyn:

Ever had the urge to share your opinion regarding all things craft beer in the New York City metro area?  But didn't feel like being as verbose as creating a blog on the internet?  Now here at The Beer Friends we don't really know about such things.  However, we do know about a more concise method of expressing your expert craft beer opinions.  And it's happening this week.

The Good Beer Seal is an organization formed by the best brewers and bar owners out of the New York City craft beer scene.  They have really made quite a showing on the scene since their inception - providing us with events, interviews, news and the delicious brew we love so much.  Now they are throwing an awards party to acknowledge the best of craft beer happenings here in our humble little seaside village that is New York.

Even better?  It's at Barcade.  Always a fantastic beer selection.  Always great retro video games to keep us entertained.  And now?  An awards show to give us something to cheer about.  Did you favorite craft beer bar get an award?  We all have our horses that we're pulling for.  Let's take a night to give it up for craft beer here in NYC.  Without it, and the people that provide us with it, we wouldn't be here.

The 2011 Great Beer Seal Awards Show is happening at Barcade which is located at 388 Union Avenue between Anslie and Hope Streets, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Tuesday, June 14 - The Blues Brothers @ TapRoom 307, Manhattan:

Were you afraid you missed it?  One of most badass events of 2011.  Well, you did and you're lucky:  it's happening again.  The Blues Brothers event is happening again, this Tuesday, at TapRoom 307.  TapRoom 307 is a new beer bar in located in that weird area in between Stuyvesant Town, Flatiron and Gramercy Park.  We'll just call is 3rd Avenue at 23rd Street.  It's what we'd call a rich man's Pony Bar.  Meaning: Great selection, great food - but pricier.

Either way - they are throwing the next Blues Brothers Event.  Join Oskar Blues out of Lyons, Colorado and Two Brothers Brewery out of Warrensville, Illinois as well as a screening of the movie Blues Brothers, free soul food, a costume contest with prizes and free giveaways.

You missed it once.  Don't let it happen again.

TapRoom 307 is located at 307 3rd Avenue between 22nd and 23rd Street, Gramercy Park?, Manhattan.

Tuesday, June 14 - 4th Annual Belgian Beer Festival @ Sunswick 35/35, Queens:

Our favorite Queens beer bar is throwing a party this week.  A party that we are all going to love.  Except Phil that is.  And he's the only one who actually live in Queens.  I guess we'll have to make a special trip.

Sunswick 35/35 is throwing their 4th Annual Belgian Beer Festival that will be featuring almost 40 taps and bottles straight from the best breweries out of Belgium.  The list is actually too long to include on the NYC Craft Beer post, but I suggest you check it out HERE

Did I also mention that this event is happening all week?  That's 6 days we can spend trying to get Phil to enjoy Belgian brews.  And then making fun of him when he refuses.

Sunswick 35/35 and the 4th Annual Belgian Beer Festival is located at 3502 35th Street at 35th Avenue, Astoria, Queens.

Wednesday, June 15 - Barrier Brewery Night @ The Double Windsor, Brooklyn:

In all our beer travels around the world the Beer Friends have strived to shed light on the little guys.  The newcomers to the craft brew scene.   We love the big brewers but realize that an industry such as the American Craft Beer industry thrives on continual creativity from both the most experienced brewers and ingenuity from the youngest members on the scene.  Barrier Brewery is just that.  They have added their name to the blossoming Long Island/Metro NYC beer world and we couldn't be happier.  They'll be pouring their Barnacle Brown Ale, Oil City IPA (Black IPA), Bulkhead Red, Cycle Saison, Mare Undarum (Belgian IPA), RipRap (Baltic Porter) and the GreenRoom Pale Ale.

Let's take a short quiz.

Are you experienced with any or all of these brews by Barrier Brewing Company?

a) All          b) Some          c) None

If you answered A, then you should attend the event.  If you answered B, then you should attend the event.  If you answered C, then you should attend the event.  That was easy enough to figure out.

The Double Windsor is located at 210 Prospect Park West between 15th and 16th Streets, Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Thursday, June 16 - Sixpoint Specialty Night @ Standings, Manhattan:

We understand if you are already overwhelmed with the craft beer world this week.  We've dropped a lot of crafty knowledge on your head so far.  Perhaps you should stop reading here.  We know you're better than that though.  So here's a reward - Sixpoint Specialty Night at Standings.

In honor of Sixpoint's 6 Year Anniversary Standings will be throwing them a bash with rare brews that will sure make this a night to remember.  We're talking Gemini, Harbinger Saison and Triple, yes that triple, not just double, Sweet Action.  All that on-top of your regular Sixpoint favorites and FREE brat's from Wechsler's in the East Village.

You're welcome.

Standings is located at 43 East 7th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, East Village, Manhattan.

Thursday, June 16 - FREE Abita @ Mudville 9, Manhattan:

Some things you have to see to believe.  This event is one of them.  The last time someone promised free beer to me I had to sit through a 30-minute presentation of post-modernist Russian interpretive dance.  And the beer was Heineken.

Mudville 9 is promising Free Abita from over 10 draft lines this Thursday night from 6-8 PM.  I'm not sure what the catch is but I can only imagine - Free Save-Our-Shores pilsner with a 6-month committment to the continual rebuilding of New Orleans, a TurboDog pour on-the-house with the completion of eating a dozen raw crawfish-live, or a complimentary Purple Haze when you hotbox some Purple Haze in a bathroom stall with 3 shrimp boat captains.

Or maybe it's just free.  And honestly, the last one doesn't sound like that bad of an option.

Mudville 9 is located at 126 Chambers Street between Church Street and West Broadway, Tribeca, Manhattan.

Friday, June 17 - S.K.I. in the Summer @ Mugs Alehouse, Brooklyn:

Beer Distributor Series nights are quickly taking off here at craft beer bars in the series.  And it kind of feels like selling out.  Like getting free beer from the man.  However, after attending said nights it has been quite easy to shed those feelings.

Here's the reason:  Beer distributors have the availability to bring the best kegs/bottles from a range of different breweries, instead of just one brewery.

I like variety.  So do you.  Mug's will be pouring a range of brews from breweries distributed by S.K.I. Beer.  We're talking the rarest of offerings from Speakeasy, Stone, Founders, Bear Republic, Cigar City, Riverhorse, Harpoon and more.  The full list will be up on the Mug's Alehouse website in the coming days and we'll be doing our research and making available as much info as we can find here on, so make sure you check in and check in often.

Mug's Ale House is located at 125 Bedford Avenue on the corner of North 10th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The Beer Friends love the summer.  This week is an example of why.  We hope to see you at the events this week and in the weeks to come as the summer craft beer season has officially started!

New York City Craft Beer Events for the Week of March 20, 2011


March Madness is fast upon us and we have some craft beer to keep you company while watching all the games.  If you happen to feel empty and wanting the minute-to-minute thrills of bracket competition  in between rounds then you should check in to The Beer Friends to vote on our own March Madness Tournament - Beer Style.  Whichever event we see you out at this week we expect to see you buried face first into your personal-internet-device as you continuously update to see who is leading the nations most important beer competition.  Vote early and vote often to help us decide what is the best beer in the country. Tuesday, March 22 - East Coast versus West Coast IPA Challenge @ Rattle n' Hum, Manhattan:

The Beer Friends have often discussed how American Craft Breweries often prove their worth by brewing a great IPA. It stands as a benchmark that solidifies you as a notable member of the American craft beer community.  Well, then what better way to judge an East Coast v West Coast competition then going head to head with IPA's. Expect a wide selection of hoppy brew from your favorite east coast and west coast breweries including cask offerings, barrel aged and rare releases that only the craft beer gurus at Rattle n' Hum can get their hands on.  East Coast verse West Coast? Let's let the hops decide!

Rattle n' Hum is located at 14 E 33rd Street between Madison and 5th Avenues, Midtown, Manhattan.

Take the 6 train to 33rd. Walk West.

Tuesday, March 22 - Avery Brewery Event @ The Pony Bar, Manhattan:

Avery has long been know in and out of Colorado as a brewery that pushes the boundaries - making some of the hoppiest, maltiest, bad-assiest brews around.  They will be making their Pony Bar debut this Tuesday in full force - taking over all the taps and bringing some of their rarest pours.  Expect the Holy Trinity, Demon and Dictator Series to be hanging out - with a few of the rarer brews only available in 5 oz. pours, due to their extreme awesomeness.  Extreme Awesomeness.

The Pony Bar is located on the Northwest corner of 45th Street and 10th Avenue, Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan.

Take the A/C/E to 42 St.-Port Authority.

Thursday, March 24 - Midwest Beer Night @ Barcade, Brooklyn:

When you walk by random people in the street do you say hello?  If someone bumps into you on the subway do you smile and wish them a good day?  Are you 24 and already married with three kids?  Do any of these things scare the crap out of you as the hard-ass New Yorker that you are?  Well then, this event is the event for you.  Whether you're from the Midwest or wonder what it means when someone "smiles" at you in a "friendly way" in public, we can all agree that they know how to brew some decent craft beer.  Expect your favorite suds from the following Midwest breweries: Arcadia, Atwater Block, Erie, Founders, Goose Island, Jolly Pumpkin, Kuhnhenn, Leinenkugel, Nebraska, Point, Schlafly and Two Brothers.

Even the most bad-assed, sarcastic New Yorker will be friendly as a Nebraska corn farmer after having one from each brewery.

Barcade is located at 388 Union Avnue, between Ainslie and Powers Streets, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Take the L to Lorimer Street.

Thursday, March 24 - Empire Brewery Tasting @ Dive Bar, Manhattan:

Empire Brewery will be making a big appearance Thursday night at Dive Bar on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  They'll be featuring 7 draft lines of Empires brews.  No specific names have been released yet but we can only hope that we get some Cream Ale, Black Magic Stout, Deep Purple, ESPA and many others.

Dive Bar is located at 732 Amsterdam Avenue between 95th and 96th Streets, Upper West Side, Manhattan.

Take the 1/2/3 or the B/C to 96th Street.

Thursday, March 24 - Bear Republic Tap Takeover @ Bierkraft, Brooklyn:

Bierkraft continues their plentiful weekly events by hosting one of California's strongest and hoppiest breweries - Bear Republic - this Thursday.  They say to expect some rare and not so rare stuff.  You know, here at the Beer Friends, we would care if they only poured Racer #5 and Hop Rod Rye - we'd drink em' up and have two of each.  Expect hops and California style in your favorite Brooklyn beer mecca.

Bierkraft is located at 191 5th Avenue between Union and Sackett Streets, Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Take the D/N/R to Union Street.

Friday, March 25 - Sunday, March 27 - Cask Ale Festival @ Rattle n' Hum, Manhattan:

Cask Ales are those elusive brews that every craft beer fan claims to love but rarely orders.  It's time we fix that.  Jump on in to a deep (15 - 20 line) selection of popular and not so popular craft ales at Rattle n' Hum this weekend.  You have 3 days, starting Friday, so we're pretty sure you can go from a novice to an expert by Sunday.  Even if you don't leave with any increased knowledge, you're brain will forgive you and your taste buds will love you.

Rattle n' Hum is located at 14 E 33rd Street between Madison and 5th Avenues, Midtown, Manhattan.

Take the 6 to 33rd.

We hope to see all of you out at the events this week!  And remember the Beer Friends Final Four starts today with the Midwest Bracket and continues with the rest of the regions throughout the rest of the week.  Make sure you check in every day to vote in the new regions and in the new rounds!

Live Blog - Sixpoint Night at Barcade


Return of the Live blog! It must be a awesome event to bring the Beer Friends out of the hibernation holes... Sixpoint at Barcade! Brad's 1st - Oyster Stout on Nitro Pour - this is a smooth pour, granted I can't tell whether or not it's the brew or the nitro pour effect. This is exactly what a Oyster Stout from Sixpoint would taste like - a high quality Oyster Stout - the perfect example of the style.

Phil's 1st - Black Coffee IPA - a very good dark IPA that Sixpoint has brewed with his Beer Friend's hometown coffee house Stumptown Roasters. Very smooth, very bitter - just like a good cup of coffee. The coffee definitely over powers the hops, they're in the somewhere, hiding around the end of the taste, but it doesn't take away from how good it is. A keeper in my book.

Brad's 2nd - Time Out for Porter - this is a great pour. Dry tasting and slightly bitter, this porter will be one and done and on to other great Sixpoint brews.

Phil's 2nd - Berserker Boch - best one so far. Another beer featuring coffee infusion by my favorite coffee roasters Stumptown. I like this one better than the coffee IPA, believe it or not. The coffee flavor is less mouthy and more a flavor that comes up your nose towed the end to round out the fantastic malty goodness that is the body of the beer.

Brad's 3rd - Missionary IPA - this is far from lying on top. This is a great IPA alternative to Bengali Tiger, not as strong but still let's you know it's a hoppy beer.

Phil's 3rd - ESB - a little on the weak side compared to the first two, bit still alright. It's kind of a good 3 outta 4 beers for the night, but I definitely need a stronger follow up.

Brad's 4th - Belgian Rye - this beer keeps creeping up my list as the best Sixpoint beers... It's so smooth with enough of the rye bite.

Brad's 5th - Signal - this is a Sixpoint brew made for BBQ. Smoky and delicious makes Signal. This beer is smooth and easy to drink.

Brad's 6th - Bengali Tiger - Hey, where'd Phil go?  Anyway, Bengali Tiger is the perfect way to end tonight, a classic Sixpoint beer that speaks volumes for their style and the way Sixpoint approaches beer.  Phenomenal taste and hop bite - and like these Beer Friends have discussed, the almost perfect IPA.

Sixpoint Night at Barcade


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Sixpoint at Barcade Night!Who's up for a field trip?  I can only assume everyone is raising their hands so I won't count individuals - so grab that Metrocard, take a train to 14th Street and wait with all the hipsters to head to Williamsburg!  Barcade is having a massive Sixpoint Brewery night and the list looks impressive.  First to find the Beer Friends gets a beer on us!

Check out our review of Bengali Tiger and other Sixpoint Brewery live blogs from Barcade, Rattle N Hum, The Stag's Head, Blind Tiger and when Sixpoint was featured as the Brewery of the Week.

Even to veterans of sixpoint events like us, this event doesn't look like it will disappoint. Look at some of the beers on the list:

Black Coffee IPA? As an IPA and coffee lover, this one tops my list.  They will also have the Mad Scientist #1 and #2.  #1 being a Spelt Wine and being delicious, I encourage you all to try this one.  #2 being a "Beserker Bock" brewed with Stumptown coffee. (coffee may be a theme for this beer friend tonight)

Sixpoint also excells at tweaking their already delicious beers to create some special concoctions.

Diesel dry hopped on Cask? I think this one speaks for itself.

Saison Apollo? Their Apollo wheat with Saison yeast - should be a interesting awesome night.  See you there!

NYC Beer Events - Week of 8/22


Aaaaaand we're back!  The Beer Friends NYC Beer Events calendar updates took a bit of hiatus recently if you hadn't noticed.  I'd apologize, but it was for a good reason.  A Colorado Brewery Tour is a good reason right?  I think so.  You'll be hearing all about the Colorado trip and the 15 breweries we visited while there all in good time.  For now let's talk about what's happening with craft beer this week in this little town. Wednesday, August 25 - Sierra Nevada Extravaganza, Blind Tiger Ale House, Manhattan: It's that time of year again!  Sierra Nevada will be taking over the taps at the Blind Tiger Ale House for their yearly extravaganza.  Last years event was phenomenal with all of Sierra Nevada's fantastic regulars and more than a handful of rarely released and specialty brews.  This is a brewery event you won't want to miss at a beer bar that always puts on a great time.

Wednesday, August 25 - Blue Point Night, Standings, Manhattan: East Village Craft Brew hotspot Standings will be featuring four lines of Long Island's favorite brewery:  Blue Point Brewing Co., out of Patchogue, New York.  They haven't released the names of the brews that will be pouring but we imagine it'll be somewhere along the lines of the Toasted Lager, Blueberry, Hoptical and maybe something mysterious.  Or the Summer Ale.

Thursday, August 26 - Allagash Night, Barcade, Brooklyn: It has been faaar too long since the Beer Friends have made it out  to this Brooklyn brewhouse/arcade.  It has been one of our favorite bars for beer events and Pac-man and an Allagash event seems like a perfect reason to head back.  So come on out to Barcade in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and join us in sharing some of Allagash's traditional and experimental Belgian-Style Brews.  I'm looking forward to grabbing an Allagash Black and maybe a Curieux.

Saturday, September 4- Pony Bar Express, (leaving from) The Pony Bar, Manhattan: I know that Sept. 4th is not part of the week of 8/22...however this is something you need to do a.s.a.p.  The Pony Bar is featuring another installment of their Pony Bar Express tours, this one up to Ithaca, NY for the Ithaca Beer Co.'s Beer Festival.  Let's talk about this event for a moment before you run out and by tickets:  The Pony Bar rents out a chartered coach bus, taps a few (last time it was 4 - this time is a longer drive so...6?) kegs for the ride up and heads out to whatever brewery in the tri (quad?) state area is having a beer festival.  This one is sure to be as spectacular as all the previous combined.  Over 40 breweries will head to Ithaca, a quiet, college city nestled against Cayuga, one of the many gorgeous finger lakes.  We're not sure how many tickets remain but you have to order from the friendly bartenders.  So head in and have a pint and buy yourself a ticket.  However, in order to get a spot on this trip, you gotta act quickly.  As in now.  Run!

The Pony Bar @ 45th and 10th Ave (NW Corner)

The Beer Friends, although we miss Colorado already, are very happy to be back among the concrete mountains of NYC and the crisp craft beer rivers flowing from its many beer bars.  We hope to see you out at these events this week and the many more to come.  Keep checking in every Monday/Tuesday for more weekly brew events here in the world's greatest city.

Greenport Harbor Brewing Co. at Barcade

Beerfriend Paul

There has been a glass in my apartment since I moved in with a whale on one side and "Greenport Harbor Brewing Co" on the other.  This glass taunts me. It tells me there is a craft brewery out on the north fork of Long Island, but it knows my laziness won't allow me to take the day trip.  It knows my desire for craft beer is only trumped by my desire to stay in bed.  However, finally, like everything else in my life; Greenport Harbor Brewing has finally come to me. They brought six beers (5 taps, 1 cask) to Barcade in Brooklyn to finally give me the chance to try this brewery that I think about every time I do the dishes. The question is whether it will be good enough to break me of my xenophobic ways and warrant a day trip, or if I will continue to be skeptical and wait for things to come to me...

Round 1 Paul: Greenport Harbor Ale- This beer is tasty. Its labeled as a pale ale, but it has a little bit more going on. Its cloudier than I would have expected. Its very sweet for a pale ale, which I like a lot. Graham: TRITON - Something dark  was speaking to me tonight apparently because I started with the barleywine.  It was excellent. Easily drinkable that grew into a nice bitter back of the throat taste.

Round 2

Paul: Black Duck Porter - The first sip almost tastes burnt. The menu boasts the charcoal flavor and it is potent. The roasted malts and charcoal work well together and make it taste like you're drinking a grill... And that is not a bad thing. Delicious and light I feel like I could drink this all year round.

Graham: Havre rouge – This tasted like an extra red. It was real big in the malts and the hops weren't terribly recognizable but definitely there.  If you're a fan of a smooth malty beer then this is your pick.

Round 3 Paul: "Dry Hopped" Disorient IPA- A different version of the regular IPA in a cask. This IPA is really smooth and easy to drink. It has a lot of flavor aside from the hops. I like this version of this beer, I'm almost afraid to try the regular brew for fear it will ruin the cask version. Round 4 Paul: Havre Rouge - A spectacular brew. Its a Belgian/American pale ale.  It is very sweet and  goes down incredibly smooth. With an ABV of 5.4 its incredibly refreshing and I could see myself enjoying this beer outdoors at a sidewalk restaurant or a cookout in the backyard during the summer.

It was a quick night for us, but I really enjoyed what I had. On our way out Graham and I were able to have a nice conversation with the Head Brewer DJ, and I look forward to see what else this brewery has to offer.  There were a few brews that I saw on their website that were absent, like the Old Yennecott Ale and the Scotch Ale, which just might be enough to get me to take that day trip.

Brooklyn Night at Barcade

Corporate Kerouac

Here it is! The hangover edition of the liveblog from Barcade last night.

It was a great event all around.  The brews were great and we had a chance to chat with Brewmaster Garrett Oliver.  He was gracious enough to answer all our questions even the dumb ones!  He even brought Ben Hudson from the brewery over so we could accost him for a few minutes as well.  We really enjoyed ourselves and if you didn’t get a chance to get out last night then get yourself down to the brewery and try some of these pours.  You can thank The Beer Friends later…

Update: check out the pictures from the event including our shot with the one and only Garrett Oliver, Brewmaster Extraordinaire!!!

If you live around New York and drink beer you are surely familiar with the Brooklyn Brewery.

Their Lager is the staple and can easily be found when in the city (even some places that sell it for $3 all the time!). They also have the other regulars with a Brown and an IPA that are available throughout NYC.

Recently Brooklyn has been letting a few specialty brew out of their clutches to the fiendish masses. In a coming out party of sorts, Brooklyn has brought some of their fancy brews to Barcade and taken over 10 taps and a Cask for people to come, drink, and enjoy!

The Beer Friends decided this was worth investigating…

6:32pm- First Round!

Paul - Had a Backbreaker to start. This is labeled as an American strong ale, it is one of the rare full pints tonight as most of these brews are in 10 oz pours. It’s a lighter pull but that doesn’t cut down on flavor. Malty at first but the end grabs your jaw with a flavor that makes you salivate like sour candies do. These flavors are not overpowering though. Just enough to notice as you pick the glass up for another pull.

Graham- Had a Sarachi to start. Solid Saison. I like the light candy sweetness and the grassy hops. I mean who doesn’t like grassy beer? Reminds me of spring… And lawn mowing.

7:00pm- Second round.

Paul - Got into the barley wine Monster. I have only recently began trying this type of brew. I think it’s good, but it has a little more alcohol than I usually like in my beers, but I do enjoy this. It is very sweet, but can also get you very drunk. I would like to try this after its been aged even longer (this has a date of 2004 on it… It was a great year!)

Graham - Backbreaker…strong, lightly tart American Ale. You'd better like it. Unless you don’t like America…and Ales.

Third Round?

Graham - Alright I feel foolish saying this, but the Brooklyn Blast on cask here might be top three IPA all-time. It’s too cold perfect for a cask but the flavors at this temp (35 degrees F instead of 40ish F 55 instead of Room) are ridiculously delicious. Floral, citrus and balanced.

Paul - Graham is right, this cask is too cold perfect, this does cause the flavors to be very stark. Graham, however, does have a tendency to embellish. Top 5 IPA of all time might be a stretch. Especially since I’ve personally heard him say that about 7 different IPAs…

Update: After talking with Brewmaster Garrett Oliver we found out an interesting fact.  Cask ales are actually SUPPOSED to be served cooler than room temperature.  The reasoning follows that Casks were stored in basements and cellars that are always cooler than the houses above. Oh the things you learn talking to the Master.

Round 3.5! Graham - WHAT! You just told me you would buy mine for all the cash in your wallet so you wouldn’t have to wait at the bar for your own. However, you are kind of right. You won’t find a cask at this temp usually so Blast experiences may vary. Right here, right now though it’s Top 5.

Paul- Yes Graham, I did say that, but that is effectively $2…

7:12pm Phil finally showed up! Still waiting for Brad...

First Round!

Phil - Cookie Jar Porter: If I could convince my Grandma to make her cookies with some alcohol and put them in a glass, this would be it.  A lot of coffee, like an alcohol cookie with chocolate covered espresso beans…in a beer.

7:42pm Brad made it! Hooray!

Brad’s Late First Round - Brooklyn’s Dark Matter is served in a 10 ounce pour and it’s still the biggest shot of Makers Mark I’ve had. Conditioned in bourbon casks this is a wonderfully smooth beer with a slight alcoholic bite at the beginning that finishes smooth… Well worth the wait!

8:08pm Graham had a Dark Matter… where’d he go?

8:22pm Brad’s Second Round – Brooklyn Blast on cask… Nice smooth IPA- the cask effect seems to tone down the spicy IPA side and it’s a nice pour. Somewhat like the Fort Collins Brewery Rocky Mountain IPA which The Beer Friends reviewed… Watch for the video on Monday!

8:23pm - Phil’s Second Round – Monster Barley Wine- A little too sweet for my taste, but as a barley wine it is the only one I can drink a full glass of. If you have never had a barley wine this is a good first try. A little more flavor, a little less alcohol taste.

8:25pm – Round 4!!

another round!

Paul - The one I have been waiting for! Dark Matter… as a man that loves beer and bourbon this beer is heaven. The taste is amazingly complex. The easiest way to describe it is "it’s the smoothest shot of whiskey I’ve ever had.” In other words, if you have the chance don’t pass it up.

Here are the rest of Phil’s posts because he doesn’t know how to play well with others…

Blast! Talk about an engaging IPA, whew!  Good bold flavor but not overpowering.  A discussion was had amongst us Friends Of Beer about the temp to serve Blast at.  Seems like before tonight it had always been warmer, but after a fantastic brain picking with Brewmaster Garrett Oliver we learned it actually IS better served slightly chilled, in his words at “Cellar Temperature”.  Learn from the masters, Padawans, and we will become strong in the Beer Force.  And in the meantime find some Cellar Temperature Blast, you’ll thank me.

Chocolate Stout: simple and easy going down with quite the biting taste in the beginning, but as always with the BK Brews it finishes the race with a healthy dose of chocolate and a hint of coffee.  If you’ve had get it before, get it again, it’s worth it.

Sixpoint Night at Barcade in Williamsburg

Corporate Kerouac

What a great night in Brooklyn last night for The Beer Friends.  We got there early and took advantage of all the rare pours.  All 3 Gorilla Warfare pours were awesome.  This Beer Friend’s favorite was the Coffee Hopped Cask pour, but I wouldn’t kick any of the three out of bed.  Also, an incredible treat for us was the Hops of Love.  I was amazed that one brewery could have two IPA’s that each have such different personalities.  I certainly hope that Sixpoint brings this one out a little more often. Here is our night (now in chronological order) at Barcade.  If you were there early, let us know what you think of our impressions.  For those who got there late, see what you missed…


Hello and welcome to the second straight night of live blogging by the Beer Friends! Tonight we took the long journey out to Williamsburg to visit a great bar - Barcade. Around 24 taps of Sixpoint with a few cask pours... Should be fun so stay tuned!

6:28pm - First Beers: Brad tries the 2010 Sixpoint Gorilla Warfare- this porter is brewed with coffee from Gorilla Coffee and has a slightly different taste each year. This is one of my favorites, the smooth slight coffee taste goes down amazingly smooth with a little grounds taste on the aftertaste... This beer never disappoints.

Graham started with Bengali – Great as always.  Went on to Glazer. Interesting flavor at the start that I just can’t peg and a real mellow finish.  This is a pale ale of a unique kind…

Paul had a Bonehead Ale.  It’s a sweet amber ale, there is a kick at the beginning but it finishes soft.  Very light on flavor, could have a few of these in a row and not thing about it.

6:50pm - Second Round Graham- Third round actually Brad... Hops of Love is an extremely well balanced IPA. I don't know to say it any better than this: I have hops of love for Hops of Love!

6:56pm - Paul's second round is the cask pour of the "Coffee Hopped" Gorilla Warfare. The description says this particular GW was hopped with an extra batch of fresh ground coffee, and it tastes like it. I would drink this in the morning with my eggs.

7:02pm - Brad's second round - Sixpoint Express 2008 is a Belgian Quad that has a slight bite, finishes smooth and leaves with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

7:22pm - Paul's Third Round - Hops of Love... What a great IPA. This is like the successful older, more reserved, sister of Bengali Tiger. She's smart and sweet, but she's got the kink where it counts...

8:02pm - Brad's Third Round - Hops of Love (seems to be a popular one) - Sixpoint's Hops of Love is a great floral/citrus-y IPA... Light and refreshing yet enough of a kick to be a tasty beer-looks like we have a winner!

8:02:50pm - Paul's fourth round...ish -Mason's Black Wheat: This is an American wheat, of which I am usually critical, but this dark wheat has something to it. It is a dark beer and it smells that way, but it's sweetness overpowers leaving a very mild wheat beer. Another very strong pint from Sixpoint.

8:03pm - Graham's Fourth Round - 2008 Sixpoint Gorilla Warfare - A coffee porter with few equals. Age it a year or two and get something real special. May not pop up again for awhile (if ever again) but if you ever have the opportunity then you should jump on it!

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