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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.



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Featured Brewery: Trinity Brewing Company


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Growing up in Colorado Springs I was exposed to a lot of good beer.  New BelgiumLeft Hand, Odells were all staples in my fridge and I thought that was pretty impressive.  Today the scene has changed quite a bit.  Great Divide and Breckenridge are found in every bar, and Upslope and Bristol Brewing Co are on the rise.  On the Beer Friends Colorado Brewery Tour we came upon a up and coming microbrewery called Equinox and really enjoyed their stuff.  Recently Equinox has been playing nice with the big boy neighbors New Belgium and Odell and found their place among the Fort Collins brew scene.  Enter Colorado Springs beer scene and Trinity Brewing Company.  Trinity, like Avery Brewing Company in Boulder, is somewhat hidden in a industrial park but a gem when you find it.  I was able to find a spot at the bar and ordered the sampler of 6 of their brews including the first day release GOPrisais.  9 dollars for 6 beers and a few chunks of cheese was well worth it.  Being the beer journalist that I am, I struck up a conversation with Kirk behind the bar and found out the skinny on Trinity Brewing Company.

Trinity has been around 4 short years but established themselves as a go-to for craft beers in Colorado Springs.  Still at the original location, they just started accepting accounts for around the state (up and down the Front Range with places in Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo) with the 3 brew kettle expansion they just finished.  My first beer from Trinity was actually at my “home store” Old Chicago’s and was their Sunna Wit - light a refreshing and every bit as good and Mothership Wit from New Belgium.  I sought out this brewery after the buzz on twitter and pinerest was so overwhelmingly positive.

The Beers:

Sunna Wit - Light and refreshing as I mentioned above.  I can’t remember drinking a lot of these brews (Witbier) but I enjoy the style.  At 4.8% this is pretty sessionable and perfect for a hot summer day.

3 Flowers Saison - Another light and airy bres with the herbal taste of the 3 (mystery) flowers.  This walks a fine line between herbal and saison to create a hybrid with a 7.0% ABV.  The lightness makes it seem sessionable but the ABV will sneak up on you!

Slap your Mammy Double IPA - Holy Crap.  This is the definition of hoppy, and in particular - flowery hops.  The description calls this the hoppiest beer ever made and it’s certainly one of the hoppiest I’ve run into.  Trinity says: “this huge ale is brewed with 7 of the highest malts and 9 varities of hops... we pack in 125 IBU’s... we dry hop this one twice to pack in as much aroma as possible” - trust me, at 10.5% ABV these people don’t lie.

GOPrisais - Released on June 15th (thats what they told me) this is perplexing beer.  This saison is aged with apricots and Chardonnay grapes to create a complex flavor.  It was completely lost on me.  Thinking of other Apricot brews (Magic Hat #9 and ApriHop from Dogfish) this doesn’t actually achieve the same profile, but doesn’t attempt to? (This actually is a question - confused about the purpose of aging and the attempted flavor profile).

Soul - This horkey beer (basically the Grandfather of all brown beers) is very malty - which is because it is brewed with little to no hops.  At 5.5% this malt beverage is delicious with a different flavor profile from the other mainly malt beer I know of (Cigar City Maduro Brown)

Awaken - Taken from my Untappd check-in (and I still stand by it): Balancing the Chickory with espresso was a brilliant choice.  The only other beer I can think of that uses Chicory is Dogfish Head Chicory Stout - wish I didn't enjoy (not a strong enough coffee flavor).  However, the Chicory seems to tame the espresso and creates a nice mellow taste.

Overall I really enjoyed my (brief) time at "TriNity Brewing Co" and look forward to going back. TriNity Brewing Company is open Monday - Thursday from 12:00pm - 9:00pm, Friday 12:00p - 11:00p, Saturday 11:00a - 11:00p and Sunday 11:00a - 8:00p and Located at 1466 Garden of the Gods Road Colorado Springs, CO 80907 [googlemaps,+CO+80907&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=35.357014,85.517578&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=1466+Garden+of+the+Gods+Rd+W,+Colorado+Springs,+Colorado+80907&t=m&z=14&ll=38.89726,-104.856204&output=embed&w=425&h=350]