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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.


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BFF4 Round 3: #Sweet16 Part 1

Beerfriend Paul

The confetti has fallen, the fireworks terrified Rick Pitino, and the Louisville Cardinals are the 2013 NCAA Champions.  If you were good enough (or lucky enough) to win your bracket we here at the Beer Friends congratulate you.  For the rest of us we can drown our sorrows in BEER! We are down to the #Sweet16 of Beer Madness.  We have a lot of great beers in the 3rd round and now it's time for some real difficult decisions to whittle down until we only have 1 beer left. 

If you need some help deciding you can click on the links to each video for our “expert” opinion. If you’d like to tell us why one of these beers should win over the other you can tweet us @thebeerfriends or find us on Facebook. it won’t help that beer win any but we’ll enjoy it.


#1 vs #5

Cigar City Maduro Brown is the favorite in this match up; it's a delicious, smooth, easy drinking brown ale that gets all the credit it deserves. Though it faces an opponent that will not let it pass easily, Trogenator Double Bock brings the big flavor and a beefy 8.2  abv.  Two beers that are both very good but for very different reasons.

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#2 vs #11

Poor Richard's Tavern Spruce highlights the great history of brewing in this country.  Based off one of Ben Franklin's recipes this homage to brewing prowess of our founding fathers gives us a glimpse into how great beer has been a part of this country's fabric since it's inception. Victory Brewing Company is on the other side of this match up making sure we don't forget that great beer is still being innovated, Hop Devil is a great representation of what is arguably the most popular style in America.  "Bold, spicy, and menacingly delicious" is what the brewers claim and this American IPA delivers.

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#1 vs #5

Left Hand Milk Stout already defeated one Founders beer in the last round when it took down the similarly styled Porter, but now it has to go  up against a beer of a very different style.  Founder's Red's Rye PA looks to avenge its comrades defeat with its spicy rye malts and its strong hop presence.  Sporting a healthy 6.6 abv and a 70 IBU's this brew looks to give Lefthand its toughest competition yet.

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#6 vs #10

Two Brothers, like Left Hand, defeated a Founder's brew just to encounter another great beer by Founder's.  Heavy Handed is a wet hop IPA from Two Brothers that is available between September and December each year.  The fresh hops used in this brew give it a different flavor than usual in an IPA.  These types of wet hop ales have become popular the past few years, but this offering by the brewers in Warrenville, IL stands out as one of the stars of this style.  Founder's Curmudgeon's Better Half is the other brew in this match up and it is a doozy.  This re-branding of Kaiser Curmudgeon which was an Old ale brewed with molasses and aged in oak. It was then aged in Bourbon barrels that had previously aged maple syrup.  Those familiar with Founder's will recognize these barrels from the highly coveted Canadian Breakfast Stout.  Curmudgeon's Better Half is a big beer with a lot of flavor and it's legend will only grow with its rarity.

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