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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.


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Hashtag Battles Season 2 - Championship Weekend


Hello Beer Friends Nation! Just when you thought Hashtag Battle fun was over, the NFl's second season begins... live on Hashtag Battles!

Championship Round - San Francisco 49ers vs Atlanta Falcons (#21stamendment vs #terrapinbrewing)

The Final Four of football - win and you play for the Superbowl in two weeks, lose and you start looking at players plummeting in the first round after character issues, poor performance in the Senior Bowl and those involved in a twitter dating hoax.  In the AFC we have a rematch of last years game, hopefully with more sure handed receivers and more sure footed kickers.  In the NFC we have Atlanta trying to double their playoff win total from the past couple years and San Francisco in a familiar place.  2 more wins to Superbowl glory!

Championship Round - San Francisco 49ers vs Atlanta Falcons (#21stamendment vs #terrapinbrewing)

In the spirit of competition, Beer Friends would like to invite everyone to our second season of NFL hashtag battles! Using we will pit two fan bases against each other when their NFL counterparts are facing off on the gridiron. Are you ready for some football? And drinking? And #hashtag battle?!?!?!

What's a hashtag battle? When you're drinking a beer of a brewery competing in the battle, throw a #hashtag of the brewery and tweet it (or setup your foursquare or untappd to push to tweet and include the #hashtag) and we'll use to declare a winner after the Monday Night football game on ESPN. Support your team, support your beer, drink local and hashtag battle!

San Francisco hosted this game last year in a thriller that came down to a special teams mistake.  This year they upgraded on QB (or rather supersized with those long "ostrich-like" legs) and gained experience from last years short comings.  Somewhat surprising to see them in this position after a tie to the St Louis Rams and a lost with 30 seconds left in the OT period a few weeks later.  Then Strong Arm Harbarugh opened up the play book and made the Green Bay defense look foolish.  A huge play in last years NFC Championship was the naked bootleg by Alex Smith for a TD, this year a majority of the QB runs are by design and directly up the middle - just ask AJ Hawk and  Clay Matthews.  With the 49ers clicking and firing on all cylinders - can this experienced Falcons defense put a cage around the bird?

21st Amendment returns for this Championship game, but awards are nothing new to the San Francisco brewery.  With clever names and even better can art, 21st Amendment raises the stakes for their beer from the outside in.  Then on your first taste you realize how you can tell this can by it's cover.  The Year Round offerings (Brew Free or Die - Back in Black - Bitter American) are all delicious and are great representations of their style.  The seasonals remind us how great a change of weather can be with their Sneak Attack Saison, Hell or High Watermelon Wheat and Fireside Chat Winter Ale, and finally their brewmasters series with Marooned on Hog Island Oyster Stout, Hop Crisis Double IPA and Monks Blood, a Belgian Strong Dark Ale, only reinforces that these guys know what they are doing.

Atlanta Falcons are flying into unknown territory.  After one of the most successful regular seasons in franchise history - they finally got that post season win for Tony Gonzales, Matty Ice and Mike Smith.  However, football is a what have you done for me lately sport, and the Falcons fan base are looking for more... maybe even a SB victory.  The last time the Falcons were in this situation they were doing the Dirty Bird and beat the Vikings in OT to face the John Elway Victory tour in Miami.  That Superbowl was a blow out and most people were discussing the actions of Eugene Robinson who was arrested the night before for soliciting a police office posing as a prostitute.  Hopefully the jailbirds took it easy on him, because the Broncos didn't and Elway hooked up with Rod Smith for a 80 yard TD pass, the longest at the time in SB history.  Now the Falcons are charged with wiping out those Superbowl memories and starting new ones - just wonder what the dance is gonna be.

Terrapin Beer Company has a few more beers than the 9 21st Amendment features.  With a turtle theme, Terrapin has the adorable little pre-ninja guy on all of there labels strumming the banjo (Rye Pale Ale), riding rapids (Golden Ale) and about to behead someone (Hopsecutioner IPA).  In addition to the year round offerings, they have 4 seasonals, 4 in the "Monster Beer Tour," 18 beers in the "Side Project Series", 5 collaborations and 7 special releases (not to mention the 5 retired beers) - which makes for a full week of drinking.

Let the battle begin! Tag with #21stamendment or #terrapinbrewing, the battle begins Saturday morning and ends Monday night… drink to support your teams!