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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.


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New York City Craft Beer Events for the Week of December 16, 2012


Well, the world's going to end this week and one pressing question comes to mind:  what craft beer should we be drinking as all of existence comes crashing down in apocalyptic hellfire all around us?  Well, we have an answer for that... Wednesday, December 19 - Allagash Flight Night @ The Sycamore, Brooklyn:

Sycamore's flight nights have become one of our favorite new NYC craft brew events.  The details:  show up, drink a flight of the featured breweries best beers, drink some more brews, enjoy great food, go home happy.

This week:  Allagash.

White Ale

Bourbon Barrel Black Ale
Curieux (Jim Beam aged Triple)
Fluxus (French Biere de Garde)
The Syacmore is located at 1118 Cortelyou Road between 11 Street and Westminster Road in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn.
Wednesday, December 19 - Speakeasy vs. Founders Battle Royale @ Dive 75, Manhattan:
Speakeasy and Founders have been blowing up all over NYC the past few years and their previously unknown rivalry has finally come to a head.  They'll be battling it out this Wednesday at Dive 75.  The breweries will be pitting their brews of each style against each other.  Have the guts to try each matchup?
Speakeasy Scarlett Red Rye vs. Founders Red's Rye
Speakeasy Big Daddy IPA vs. Founders Centennial IPA
Speakeasy Payback Porter vs. Founders Porter
Speakeasy Betrayal Ale vs. Founders Dirty Bastard
Sounds like the end of world.
Dive 75 is located at 101 West 75 Street between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues in the Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan.
Wednesday, December 19 - Elysian Apocalypse Redux @ The Blind Tiger Ale House, Manhattan:
No one should ever throw the word "apocalypse" around lightly.  It's serious business.  The brilliant minds at the Blind Tiger and Elysian Brewing realize this and are throwing an epic craft brew event this Wednesday.  Check this list out:
Elysian Nibiru Yerba Mate Tripel
Elysian Rapture Heather Ale
Elysian Fallout Green Cardamom Pale
Elysian Peste Chocolate Chili Ale
Elysian Ruin Rosemary Agave IPA
Elysian Torrent Pale Beet Bock
Elysian Maelstrom Blood Orange Ale
Elysian Blight Pumpkin Ale
Elysian Omen Belgian Raspberry Stout
Elysian Prometheus
Elysian Valhalla
Elysian BiFrost
Some of those brews sound like they might actually cause the apocalypse.
The Blind Tiger Ale House is located at 281 Bleecker Street between 7th Avenue and Jones Street in the West Village neighborhood of Manhattan.
Thursday, December 20 - Thursday Tap with Singlecut Brewery @ Jimmy's No. 43, Manhattan:
A brewery in Queens?  The first one in 80-some-odd years?  Nope, not the end of the world, but something completely beer-tastic.  Singlecut Brewery opened this past month in Astoria, Queens and they've been slinging their delightfully hoppy brew all over town.  Jimmy's No. 43 will feature them at their new weekly-Thursday Tap event and will be pouring their Mahogany Ale and 1933 LAG-rrr (1933 being the last time a brewery existed in Queens).  Head on over for the Singlecut, stay for the oysters.
And seriously, if the world is really ending you seriously gotta try some of that Queens craft brew.
Jimmy's No. 43 is located at Downstairs 43 East 7th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues in the East Village of Manhattan.