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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.


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New York City Craft Beer Events for the Week of July 15, 2012


Monday, July 16 - Hopfest: Backyard Hops @ The Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn: We're starting the events of the week a bit early this week for one very hoppy reason:  Hopefest: Backyard Hops at the Brooklyn Brewery.  Stop by the Brooklyn Brewery tonight for a beery educational event that any self-respecting hop-head would not want to miss.  Hops are the ingredient in beer that give it a range of delicious flavors - from bitter to citrus to pine to resin to floral.  Relatives to cannabis, these precious flowering plants are usually grown in large farms that straddle certain climate zones.  However, recently there has a been a large push in the craft beer community to grow your own hops on premises.  This has become so popular that even home-brewers are hopping up their gardens in order to create a more organic, homemade brew.

Hopfest: Backyard Hops showcases these homemade brewers and hop growers by highlighting some of the foremost hop growers in New York City.  These brewers are so dedicated to their craft that they are squeezing greenery out of what little apartment/yard space this urban jungle throws at them in order to produce homemade ingredients.  The event will provide an interesting look into growing hops in NYC including - how to's, what hops to grow,  demonstrations and tastings of local brews made with backyard hops.

The tickets are $35 - but that gets you all of the hoppiness listed above and 3 hours of unlimited eating and drinking.  There will also be prizes raffled and auctioned off from various local businesses AND most importantly,all proceeds will benefit the organization Brooklyn Farmyards, which is dedicated to promoting green-space, home gardening and growing produce throughout NYC's most populous borough.

But really most importantly, 3 hours of unlimited eating and drinking.

Here are some participating people, sponsors and businesses: The Bronx Brewery, in collaboration with the New York Botanical Gardens and the Cornell Cooperative Extension, whose Urban Hop Project is growing hops at community gardens throughout the Bronx; Jeff O'Neill (Peekskill) and John Segal (Segal Ranch Hops); Ben Granger (Bierkraft); John Liegey (Greenport Harbor); host Brooklyn Brewery with more hops growers TBA, Franny's, Ici, Egg, Brooklyn Kitchen, SCRATCHbread, Raganella and more!

Purchase Tickets Here!

The Brooklyn Brewery is located at 79 North 11 Street between Berry and Wythe Streets in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn.  New York's most populous city.

Tuesday, July 17 - BEACH PARTY! @ The Blind Tiger Ale House, Manhattan:

Alongside carbon, water and amino acid based proteins, beach parties are a crucial ingredient to the existence of life.  Without them, there would be no reason for life to continue  during the summer months. Picture that, a massive extinction every summertime.  Life would most likely not recover.

The beer ecologists at the Blind Tiger realize this and have decided to throw an r-evolutionary beach party this Tuesday.  Except this ones at the bar.  With beach themed craft beer.  Bathing suits, Acapulco shirts, sunglasses and beach gear optional, but strongly recommended.  They'll also be playing some classic 50's/60's SoCal surf music from The Beach Bums, Cassius Cool and Captain Ahab.

Beach Brews:

Stevens Point Nude Beach Carton Boat Beer McKenzie’s Cider

Surf's Up.

The Blind Tiger Ale House is located at 281 Bleecker Street between Jones Street and the sandy beaches of 7th Avenue in the ocean-side West Village neighborhood of Manhattan.  Watch out for the jellyfish.

Tuesday, July 17 - $10 Tuesday Tastings: Beer From the Southern Hemisphere @ Jimmy's No. 43, Manhattan:

When one thinks of countries that brew beer rarely do our minds travel down to the Southern Hemisphere.  A strange place, the Southern Hemisphere is - more known for wines from South America, South Africa and New Zealand, kangaroos and elephants, jungles and rum (anything south of Florida counts as the southern hemisphere right?) and Antarctica.   When it comes to beer it's one is usually reminded of something yellow and watery with a Southeastern Asian name or a notorious beer commercial that informs you how to say funny things in a language familiar to wallaby's.

Jimmy's No. 43 is setting out to prove you wrong and show you the bright (or darker, for that matter) side of Southern Hemisphere brewing.  Come on out to get yourself educated on the the craft beer world of the down under (also refers to anything south of Florida, correct?).  I hear when they stir their mash they do it in the opposite direction!  How exotic!

Jimmy's No. 43 is located at downstairs 43 East 7th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan.

Wednesday, July 18 - Beastie Boys Beer Pairing and Fundraiser @ Idle Hands Bar, Manhattan:

Your three favorite things in the world, off the top of your head right now,  GO!

Tacos, Space and Beer.

Okay, not quite what we were looking for, but you got at least one of them right.  Replace "tacos" and "space" with "giving to charity" and "the Beastie Boys" and this Wednesday night at Idle Hands is the perfect spot for you.

This reservation only event is sure to be a blast for any craft beer/music enthusiast.  For an hour and a half they'll be tossing at you a bunch of beer, paired with specific Beastie Boys tunes alongside some tasty snacks to munch on.  Southampton, Sixpoint and Kelso are the featured breweries.  The tickets are $15 with a suggested $10 donation that will go directly to the Food Bank for New York City.  All tips to the bartenders also will be donated to the charity.  In addition, That Burger - the fantastic burger joint just upstairs that already features ridiculously cheap and delicious burgers - will be offering an off-menu Beastie Boys Themed Burger.  In addition to that, $1 from every burger bought will be donated to charity.

Charity is nice.  Beer, burgers and the Beastie Boys are awesome.

Reservations are necessary - so if you'd like to hang out on Wednesday please send your info to:

Please include: - First, Last Name - Date request (there are two seating times 7:00 and 8:30, PROMPT) - Total # of people in party - Contact email - Contact #

Idle Hands Bar is located at 25 Avenue B, downstairs, between 2nd and 3rd Streets in the Alphabet City neighborhood of Manhattan.

Friday, July 20 - Belgian Independence Day @ Jimmy's No. 43, Manhattan:

Independence days are an important holiday for any nation - they remind us of what it took to become a country that stands for a similar set of ideals and principals.  It's a reminder of who we are as a people and the collective identity of a nation.  They remind us of the necessary sacrifices and deep histories that resonate within any group of people and the world as a whole.

So how do we celebrate independence days around the world?  By drinking BEER!

That being said, imagine Belgian Independence Day - a country that cherishes craft beer production and consumption more than any other country on the planet (suck it Germany!).  It's got to be a damn good party.

This Friday Jimmy's No. 43 will be featuring some of the best Belgian breweries and their finest beer including offerings from Latis Imports, including Rodenboch, Boon, Steenbrugge, and many more.  In addition, any independence day party is not complete without a theme aspect, so feel free to arrive with all your Belgian pride showing in all it's gloriousity (look it up, it's Belgian for gloriousness).

Quick, name the colors of the Belgian flag right now.  Go!

Jimmy's No. 43 is located at 43 East 7th Street, downstairs, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan.