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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.


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New York City Craft Beer Events for the Week of May 6, 2012


Hey now!  Is it Tuesday already.  I reckon so.  Here's some beer events for ya! Tuesday, May 8 - Sierra Nevada Night @ The One Mile House, Manhattan:

Remember when Sierra Nevada was the only West Coast game in town?  They would throw events and thousands, millions even, of people would turn out just to see what those crazy Pacific Highway dudes were brewing.  Now, they come back around a little bit less often, but it's okay.  We still love them.  They'll be taking over some taps tonight at the One Mile House on Delancey.  Expect some fancy and semi-rare brews to be pouring.  Here's the draft list:

Hoptimum Ovila Quad Summerfest

They even say they'll be more on the night of the event.

Wednesday, May 9 - Craft Can & Grilled Cheese Night @ Nita Nita, Brooklyn:

Hey remember when craft beer cans were new and not yet all the rage?  And we loved Nita Nita for serving them without regard?  Me too.  Well, even though you can barely walk down the street without getting hit in the head with a Dale's Pale Ale can or a tin of Pork Slap, we still appreciate Nita Nita for being one of the first to jump on that aluminum train.  Hit them up this Wednesday for a tantalizingly good grilled cheese sandwich made with gruyere and 2 craft cans to help ya wash it down.  Only for $15.  Now that's a cheap, crafty, canny date.

Thursday, May 10 - Founders Festival @ Standings, Manhattan:

One could ask right now if life in the beer world could get any better for Founders.  The answer is probably yes.  They'll soon figure out how to age the CBS in bacon barrels.  Yes, barrels made only out of bacon.  This Thursday you can grab a nice selection (minus the bacon aged dream beer) of Founders at Standings, including a KBS being tapped at approximately (exactly?) 6:10 pm.  I'll see ya at 6:05.

Saturday, May 12 - Beer TV Fest @ Jimmy's No. 43, Manhattan:

Beer apparently is the next Zoey Deschanel.  I take that back, it's probably a better actor, but they definitely are both getting onto the big screen these days.  Hit up Jimmy's No. 43 this Saturday for an airing of a series of short films on beer.  While you're watching you can enjoy several pints.  Which would make any actress, including beer, look better on the big screen.