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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.


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BFF4: Round 5 (Final 4)

Beerfriend Paul

We are down to the Final 4! It has been a wild tournament with a lot of great beers but now we have shaken down to the 4 best beers (as chosen by you) in the country. The Beer Friend Final 4 looks as some probably thought it would.  We have 2 Breakfast Stouts, a Pliny, and a Bourbon County Stout.

The first match up is between the winners of the Green and Blue Brackets; The Battle of the Breakfast Stout! This brings us the 3 seed from the Green Bracket Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout and pits it against its counterpart, the 1 seed from the Blue Bracket, Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout.  These beers are similar being that they both come from Founders Breakfast Stout, they are both rare, and they are both barrel aged.  Which Breakfast Stout will come out on top? Will the boozy, dark, and delicious flavor from Kentucky; or will the sweet flavor of maple syrup put CBS on top?

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The other side of the bracket brings us a match up of clashing styles.  In the Red corner we have Goose Island Bourbon County  Stout, and in the Orange corner we have Russian River Pliny the Elder. It has been no secret that this tournament has been heavily bourbon aged. 3 of the Final 4 have been brews that have been aged in some kind of Bourbon Barrel, Goose Island brings us a nice dark stout aged in bourbon barrels that has been a staple of barrel aged beers for  years.  However, Russian River comes in unafraid.   Bringing the only non-barrel aged beer to the Final 4, and the only IPA to make it this far, Pliny the Elder comes in as the 1 seed and looks to advance to the finals. Will the IPA be able to come through, or will the Bourbon Barrel come out on top this year?

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