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Live Blog at Idle Hands Bourbon and Beer Night

Phil Foleen

Hello beer friends nation!!! Phil and Brad here to bring you the play by play for the bourbon and beer night here at Idle Hands bar in NYC. Tonight we have Founder's Brewing gracing us with some brews with a special appearance by Illegal Mezcal for the Bourbon section. We are hanging with our special guest tonight, David from so he'll chime in on the Founders tastings...

We are definitely excited, but we're a little early so we started with some appetizers:

Phil's pre-game: Rogue Chipotle Ale - being an Oregonian native Rogue Always has a special place in my heart. This one is not really what you would expect. I was thinking it would be more of a pepper taste, but not so. Mostly what I get is the pale ale taste with hint of the smokiness from the peppers, and maybe just a tingle, but no heat. Very good.

Brad's pre-game: Rogue Chipotle Ale - Agreeing with Phil - I hate it when that happens. The pepper taste needs to be stronger especially after having Stones Vertical Epic 11.11.11 and Left Hand Fade to Black Vol 3 recently. Even a friends Jalapeno Saison had a stronger taste... But this is pre-kick off and I can't expect much in the pre-game festivities.

Brad's Second Pre-Game Nectar IPA - Yep, it's been that kinda day. Good basic IPA taste, nothing overpowering and surprised at the 6.8 ABV but easy to drink and I should hurry because the Founders Rep just showed up...

Phil's Second Pre Game Blue Point Sour Cherry Imperial Stout - Leaves a little to be desired. The stout taste is there and the cherry taste is there, but neither is present enough to be really good. Its like they both started to fight, but then gave up and went home. The cherry taste is thee, but it's too strong to be a hint, but of weak to be the main flavor, plus being there it cuts the stout taste back to a tie for second place.

Brad 1st Official Tasting Founders Red Rye PA - We've reviewed this - I love it, drinking it now - still love it.

David also first tasting Founders Red Rye PA - these notes may be a little tainted by the awesome Mezcal tasting that is happening simultaneously. Beautiful copper pour with fantastic hop aroma. The hops are well balanced by rich roasted malts, and a crisp, clean rye finish.

Phil's 1st Official Tasting Founders Red Rye PA - always one of my favorites in bottles, and definitely when it's on tap. In the bottles it's got a much sharper taste, but coming off the draft it's much much smoother with a better blend of the favors. A little sweet with a good balance from the rye at the end.

Brad's Second Official Tasting Dry Hopped Pale Ale - this is a lot different than what I get from the bottle. In a sizer I get a lot more of the Piney hop flavor, but this small sample I get a lot more flower hops, but it's a nice change.

David's second tasting Dry Hopped Pale Ale - agree with Brad that this very different than the last time I had this beer in a bottle. The hops are definitely still there, but much more of a floral, citrus taste than I remember.

Phil's Second Tasting Dry Hopped Pale Ale - a third vote for this being much different than from the bottle. I'm used to the piney note scoring straight out of the bottle. This one off the tap is much more floral an sweet, but in the best way, with a good little bit of the citrus.

Phil's Third Tasting Double Trouble Double IPA - is be is pretty much like I remember from the tap. Good strong hope flavor without being really really bitter. You can taste the hops but the sweetness that comes through helps curb the. It's at the end. Being a double IPA that's pretty much it for this one. A good standby.

Brad's Third Tasting Double Trouble - This is good but not great, I just recently had Resin from Sixpoint and that blew me away, also I've had Devil Dancer from Founders and thought that was amazing so this leaves me wanting something more from the "Double IPA" style... But this is also dangerous because the high ABV is noticeable...

David's Third Tasting Double Trouble - Overall, it is hard to find any fault with this beer...great hop flavor, nice aroma, and good balance of sweetness. But I can't say it's a standout, and may seek other DIPA's given the choice.

Phil's Fourth Tasting Founders Porter - just a good strong beer. This one for me is probably one of those ale defining beers. I might be a little strong for that, but I'll stand by my decision. Good, dark and smokey with a great malty back end that is mostly smooth with enough bite to remind you. What you're drinking. Absolutely one of my fav's.

Brad's Fourth Tasting Founders Porter - I love this beer - In a review with Brew York New York I likened this to a milk porter and I stand completely behind that. smooth and creamy - this carries like a cream stout with more roasted malts.

David's Fourth Tasting Founders Porter - this is a great porter. Creamy, roasty porter with raw cacao notes and just enough hops. A truly robust porter that is thoroughly enjoyable.

Brad's Fifth Tasting Founders Dirty Bastard - this is a good night cap but I'm searching for something more. This Wee Heavy is a better Wee Heavy than most but I've grown to expect more from Founders and honestly, never disappointed. I just think my palate is on overload and I need a break... And then I notice Breakfast Stout in bottles...

David's Fifth Tasting Founders Dirty Bastard - a nice Wee Heavy with characteristic malt sweetness and hop-forward character. Good stuff to end a fantastic night.

Phil's Fifth Tasting Founders Dirty Bastard - it s the usual. Good, but compared to what we've had tonight. It's a distant finish. Usually a good way to go, but being the mildest of the offerings of the vending it's a bit difficult not to get down on the taste. Malty and good, but a bit watery with a little hops on the front. All in all good, but not my favorite way to end the evening.

Brad's Nightcap Founders Breakfast Stout - Couldn't be happier...

And that, ladies and gentlemen concludes our live blog tonight. Thanks so much to Idle Hands, Founders Brewing, and Illegal Mezcal for a great night. Seek these out, you'll thank us.