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New York, NY
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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.


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New York City Craft Beer Events for the Week of August 7, 2011


The Beer Friends are here to get you into full swing for the Dog Days of August.  Which after some confusion, we believe we are now currently experiencing.  Right?  Either way, the beer is still a fresh and relaxing way to keep out of the heat! Monday, August 8 - A Night of Rarities - Brewmasters Collaborations @ Rattle n' Hum, Manhattan:

We all hope for it.  We can't wait for when it happens.  And we love it once it has - Brewmaster Collaborations.  Have you ever drank to different brews, loving both and wishing you could somehow combine the styles of the two brewers into one amazing beer?  Well, that's what brewmaster collaboration does.  The UK's Henry Chevallier of Aspall Cider has done just this with the likes of Allagash, Terrapin and De Prof to create some very interesting styles.  Check it out tonight to open your eyes to a whole new world of beer stylings!

Rattle n' Hum is located at 14 East 33rd Street between 5th and Madison Avenues, Midtown, Manhattan.

Wednesday, August 10 - Founders Fortnight @ The Bodega, Brooklyn:

If you pour Founders they will come.  If you tap a new keg of Founders every 3rd night after your Founders event, then they will come every 3rd night after you Founders event.  This Wednesday show up expecting Centennial IPA, Red's Rye, the Porter, the Pale Ale and Cerise.  Then every following 3rd night you get all those PLUS the tapping of an additional keg!  We're talking Devil Dancer on the 10th, Old Curmudgeon on the 13th, Dirty Bastard on the 16th, Imperial Stout on the 19th and the Blushing Monk on the 22nd.  Look's like I just found a reason to head to Brooklyn every 3 days...

The Bodega is located at 24 St. Nicholas Avenue, Brooklyn.

Thursday, August 11 - Pacific Coast Party @ David Copperfield's, Manhattan:

If you've been following, then you know the Beer Friends have a newly fermented love of the West Coast.  Apparently so does David Copperfield's.  This Thursday they'll be throwing a Pacific Coast Party complete with fish tacos, palm trees, beach music, straw hats and  Stone, Rogue, Greenflash, Ballast Point and Firestone Walker.  The West Coast does know how to party.

David Copperfield's is located at 1394 York Avenue at the corner of 74th Street, Upper East Side, Manhattan.

Saturday, August 13 and Sunday, August 14 - Rated "A" Weekend @ Mug's Ale House, Brooklyn:

This is one of Williamsburg's finest beer bars finest yearly events - the Rated "A" Weekend.  The only brews on tap will be those that  have been given an "A" rating by the users on and  That means, unless the members of those other beer blogging sites are complete Rocky Mountain Cold triple hopped enthusiasts, that everything on tap should be worth stopping in for at some point (many points?) throughout the weekend.

Mug's Ale House is located at 125 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.