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Liveblog Rogue Oyster Night at Blind Tiger


Good Morning Beer Friends Nation! Welcome to Rogue’s Pacific Northwest Beer & Oyster Fest Liveblog: Hangover Edition.

Were you following along last night and finding yourself confused as to what beer we were talking about, or what a "good Peter taste" was? (nice one Phil...)

Well, good news for you, here is the sober edit of drunken iPhone blogging.  Read up and see what The Beer Friends enjoyed last night.  Also, do not miss out on your chance to try some of these tasty brews, this event goes through tonight.  So find your way down to Blind Tiger today and Northwest beers and oysters.


Hello Beer Friends Nation!

We have patiently waited all year, and it's finally here - Rogue's Pacific Northwest & Oyster Fest at Blind Tiger! This is an amazing event - worth every oyster shooter and brew to wash em' down!

Phil's 1st - Dry Hopped Mogul Madness: A good standard hoppy ale with a bit of malty goodness to round out the bunches of hops at the beginning. I don't get too much of the specific nuts and mocha thats supposed to be at the tail end, but that doesn't detract. Nothing too spectacular but it's definitely a good one to start the evening off with.

Brad's 1st - Love and Hoppiness is a fantastic German Pilsner. It's no secret that I'm not a fan of typical pilsners but found that German pilsners are heavier and I like that - this German style pilsner is heavy AND hoppy! Fantastic!

Graham's 1st - Northwestern Ale: Red pine trees instead of green, infused with citrus sap are the thoughts that accompany the first sip of this beer.  The red gives a slightly fruity bread taste to the malt feel and the hops add a front row of piney citrus notes as they pass over the taste buds.  It goes by quick, leaving a little blood orange bitterness in the aftermath, which contributes strongly towards not wasting any time getting to the enjoyment of the next sip.

Paul's 1st - Chipotle Ale:  Starting with this beer and a plate of oysters was a great idea.  It's a nice deep amber ale with a great kick at the end, I really am enjoying this beer.  The chipotle flavor lingers and I love it.  If you don't like a lingering a lingering hot flavor then maybe you should steer yourself in another direction; but if you can handle a bit of that flavor, this beer is worth a go.  Also, the hot spice in this beer leads perfectly to the beer I am going to next...

Susan Gallo (guest post!) 1st - Even though Graham already posted on it, I'm going to comment on Northwestern Ale. The Northwestern was balanced well with a malty resonance on the first sip. The sweet citrus aftertaste was a tad overpowering, but the second taste proved delightful. The perfect brew for an after work pick-me-up.

Phil's 2nd - Double Mocha Porter: it's good. A great porter taste with a good coffee finale that doesn't disappoint. The only thing missing that I can think of is the chocolate. As far as mocha goes this is a little too overpowering with the coffee, so Michael so that the Jo plate is lost on the bitterness of the end, bit it still holds it's own as a second round.

Paul's 2nd - I2PA - A very nice Double IPA. It tastes lighter than a double IPA should. This beer is, dare I say, "dangerously drinkable." It has a lot of hop flavor but it goes down smooth. Doesn't have the trademark punch double IPA's have, but has the ABV that backs it up.

Brad 2nd - Dad's Little Helper Black IPA - another great pour from Rogue. Surprising head for a IPA (thought I got a stout instead) but it was smooth and had a IPA bite. A interesting mixture between the black and IPA - if that makes any sense...

Graham's 2nd - Dad's Little Helper Black IPA - Easily drinkable roasted malt flavor that sticks with you past the hoppy herbal bitterness.  Goes down with a smooth carbonation and leaves you feeling heartily refreshed.

Brad's 3rd - John John Dead Guy is the Dead Guy Pale Ale aged in Whiskey barrels- This is a little watery and in all honesty I'm on a bourbon kick.  This is good but, if it were bourbon, I would have liked so much more...

Susan Gallo 2nd - I'm not one for hoppy beers, but the Dry-hopped Mogul Madness is fantastic. The menu notes it has seven types of hops,however the nutty finish rounds out the bitterness. The perfect choice for a second beer.

Phil's 3rd - Hazlenut Brown: As a family member of the hazelnut growing community I have to give homage to my grandfather who's hazelnuts very well might be in the beer I'm droning right now. Always a favorite, it brings across the nutty essence of the hazelnut. Well balanced it's a great way to round out the evening.

Graham's 3rd - XS Imperial Pilsner: Light as a pilsner, hoppy like a rabbit.  Or a mildly hopped pale ale.  Minus the malt body but including the malt flavor.  This one is refreshingly easy to drink on the hottest of summer days without sacrificing a flavor profile worthy of a deliciously herbal hop nugget.

Graham also tried Brutal Bitter and Mogul Madness but for some reason lacked the words to describe either, but thoroughly enjoyed both.  However, Kristina (another guest!) mentioned that she detected a hint of jelly beans on the nose of the Brutal Bitter.  Interesting...

Also, while we only wrote about the beers, the Yaquina Bay oysters were tops as well.

Great night, thanks to Rogue for bringing the brews and the oysters, and thanks to Blind Tiger for hosting.  The Beer Friends will continue to now sit back and wait for this event to come around next  year...