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New York, NY
United States

The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.


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Welcome to Craft Beer Week!


Today officially starts the 3rd Annual New York City Craft Beer Week. This week long event has grown to feature hundreds of events at dozens (maybe hundreds?) of beer bars and regular bars alike all across the five boroughs of New York City. The focus of the week of course is the craft beer itself, made from all over the United States and the World by skilled and creative master brewers who hone and express their craft at our favorite breweries. The beers we will be drinking have spent hours, days, weeks and months in the brewing process, all for a chance to be featured on such a massive scale as the New York City Craft Beer Week. Consider yourself lucky that you get to be on the receiving end of such a process. I sure do and so do my taste-buds. The atmosphere at the cities best beer bars should be nothing short of celebratory this weekend and over the upcoming week, with beer, breweries and brewmasters hobnobbing around the city with the average craft beer consumer (and blogger...?). This is your chance to join the craft beer revolution and really see what it means to be a part of a community, whose members' desire and demand to drink quality beer has truly revolutionized what we have seen pouring on draught here in NYC. I can say that even in the short 5 years since I've lived in NYC that the tap selection has gone from bars having only one or two real craft brews at each bar to those same bars having only one or two NON-craft brews at those same bars. The People have spoken. We want our craft beer and NYC Craft Brew Week celebrates that demand.

The New York City Craft Beer Week website has an extensive listing of events for you to check out. Trust me, there is not a day in the upcoming week where you should be bored without something to do or a craft beer to drink. As always, The Beer Friends will be out in full force, trying to take on as many events as possible, even if it means splitting up to do so! We will be blasting our Twitter and Facebook feeds with our movements so make sure you follow us and friend us at TheBeerFriends (on both). You can also catch us on FourSquare for an up-to-the-minute-Beer-Friend-locator.

Tonight, to start off New York City Craft Beer Week The Beer Friends will be heading over to where it all began: The Pony Bar. The Beer Friends idea wascoined here and since then it's been a great ride within the NYC craft beer community. The Pony Bar will be featuring Ithaca Brewing Company with a wide selection of their brews and an appearance by their brewmaster, Jeff “The Chief” O'Neil. As always, if you're the first to find us, we'll buy you a pint. I'd suggest the Flower Power. Paul would probably say the Nut Brown. Brad would probably go Anniversary Stout. Phil, well, Phil would pick anything Belgian and make your order two so it would run out faster and he wouldn't have to have any.

We hope to see you out tonight at The Pony Bar and at the many other events occurring over the next week. Lastly, Happy New York City Craft Beer Week! It's what the New York City Craft Beer Community looks forward to every year!

Beer Friend Trivia: One Beer Friends Birthday coincides with this years start of NYC Craft Beer Week. Can you figure out who? Come to the Pony Bar to find out!