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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.


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New York City Beer Events for the Week of 9/19 - 9/25


Well Craft Brew lovers, the moment you've been waiting for since NYC Good Beer Month is right around the corner:  NYC Craft Beer Week.  NYC Craft Beer Week, in it's 3rd year of occurrence, will be arriving at this small town's doorsteps this Friday night with a slew of events all over the 5 boroughs.  If you are lucky enough you can still find a NYC Craft Beer Week Beer Passport which gives you a gigantic selection of deals at craft beer bars all around the city, both during NYC CB Week and year-round.  Any craft beer bar participating in NYC Craft Beer Week will have them for sale, however they do sell out.  Check the NYC Craft Beer Week website here for more details including:  participating bars, passports, pub crawls, breweries, beers and events (why would you need to look anywhere else for events besides Here are some of the events leading up to NYC Craft Beer Week, as well as some of our favorites out of the opening ceremonies.

Tuesday, Sept 21 - $10 Dollar Tastings: German Beer @ Jimmy's No. 43, Manhattan: The weekly $10 beer tastings that pairs you, beer and beer experts (and cheese!) together will be featuring German Beers this week to celebrate Oktoberfest's happy, warm, fall arrival here in New York.   If you are the fall type, who suffers through the heat of summer, waiting with anticipation to sip on those slightly hoppy, delightfully malty, warmingly spiced brews that remind you of jumping into a pile of leaves as a child and eating pumpkin pie (like one Beer Friend might...), then taking an Oktoberfest sampling from Jimmy's reserves will please you immensely.

Wednesday, Sept 22 - Sly Fox and Cheesesteak's Night @ Standings, Manhattan: Sly Fox, out of Pennsylvania, will be heading into the E 7th Street brew bar and sports hub of Standings to grace you with their craft brew presence.  And there will be Cheesesteaks.  I know that New Yorker's aren't always the biggest fans of the City of Brotherly Love.  However, for this event you should put your distrust of Philly to rest, sample some of Sly Fox's favorite brews and eat yourself some cheesesteaks.  But if anyone asks to put on the Philly's game, feel free to toss your cheesesteak at them as a response..

Thursday, Sept 23 - Autumnal Equinox @ The Stag's Head, Manhattan: The continuously impressive Stag's Head of the Upper East Side will be keeping up their reputation on Thursday by ringing in the Autumnal Equinox with a beer event of the same name.  Expect friendly bartenders, free baked apples, German sausages and, what you really came for: 10 lines of pumpkin, Oktoberfest and fall styled brews.  I think a Beer Friend appearance is warranted.

Craft Beer Week:  The Opening Ceremonies

This weekend is filled with so many exceptional craft beer events that it will seem impossible to attend all of them.  But we in the craft beer world have seen seemingly impossible things happen before, so we do not doubt that you could accomplish all of these if you set your mind to them.  Expect to see us at many of these events.  Follow our Twitter (TheBeerFriends) and Facebook (TheBeerFriends) updates to find where we're heading and come share some great NYC Craft Beer Week drinking with us.  Is NYC Craft Beer Week the best week of the year?  I don't need to answer that question for you.

Friday, Sept 24 - Ithaca Brewing Co. Event @ The Pony Bar, Manhattan: The Beer Friends long-time favorite NYC beer bar and the bar thatrevolutionized beer on 10th Avenue will be starting off craft beer week by throwing an event with their friends at the Ithaca Brewing Company.  Having just headed up to the Ithaca Brew Co. for the most recent Pony Express Tour must've tasted good enough to have them down to our little town.  Expect 10 draft lines from Ithaca including your favorites (Apricot Wheat, Cascazilla) and possibly some rarities.   The Pony Bar also just updated their menu to include a delictable Chipotle Shrimp Sandwich.  It would really pair nicely with an Ithaca Flower Power IPA, or 3.

Friday, Sept 24 - Two Brother's Night @ Sunswick 35/35, Queens: Since one of The Beer Friends hails from that less gritty, insanely diverse and still-over-the-bridge outer borough, we have to give Queens some love.  Sunswick 35/35 is a good reason to give Queens love.  Or any area it was located.  Lot's of brews on tap, great food and great bartenders Sunswick 35/35 will be hosting Two Brother's Brewery to start off NYC Craft Beer Week.  They will be featuring Domaine DuPage, Ebel’s Weiss, Cane & Ebel, the Bitter End, Atom Smasher & the new release Resistance IPA.  Also, if you bring your NYC Beer Week Passport with you you'll get every beer for $3.  Now that only happens in Queens.

Friday, Sept 24 - Yes We Can Event @ The Stag's Head, Manhattan: The Stag's Head huh?  Sounds familiar, doesn't it?  Is it maybe because I JUST WROTE ABOUT THEM?  Well, it's true, I did.  And that' s why this event is so great.  The Stag's Head opening ceremonies will consist of an homage towards craft beer....that comes in cans! Stag's says they will have canned brews from all over the country as well as: steamed beer hotdogs and a canned beer stacking contest.  Oh, and the Autumnal Equinox event was the night before.  Can we assume that there will be autumn brews on the lines still?  We hope so.

Friday, Sept 24 - Vertical Epicness @ The Fourth Avenue Pub, Brooklyn: Stone Brewing Co. is famous for their Vertical Epic series.  You will be a lucky person this evening, if you show up to the Fourth Avenue Pub at 76 Fourth Ave in Brooklyn, whether you like it or not.  Grab some 09.09.09 Vertical Epic AND Cali-Belgique (one of my all time favorite American  takes on a Belgian Style IPA's) AND the Victory/Dogfish Head/Stone Saison Du BUFF compilations.  That one is a favorite too.   They are all favorites.

Saturday, Sept 25/Sunday, Sept 26 - Get Real NY Cask and Food Festival @ The Altman Building, Manhattan: This is an event that will feature some of the best NYC Food paired with some of the best USA cask ales.  It is a ticket only event that you should buy tickets for right now.  You can find deals on both and to get tickets at a much cheaper price for the same experience.  I know this because I will be there.  I will also be eating great NYC food and drinking great USA craft brew.  I think it could be an 'okay' event.  If 'okay' means 'effin awesome.'

Buy your Get Real NY Cask and Food Festival tickets here! - (hint: check and for discounted ticket deals)

The Altman Building Event Space is at 135 W18th Street btw 6th and 7th avenues - Take the 1, C, E, F or M to 23rd street and it's just a short walk from there.

Saturday, Sept 25 - Staten Island Island Brewfest 2010 @ The Wild Goose: I thought I was really going to have to stretch to include all the boroughs in NYC Craft Beer Week and I will, but I'm not stretching for the borough you thought I would.  NYC's most underground borough(you know, since it's so far away) will be hosting a craft brew festival of their own this Saturday at The Wild Goose (tickets are $25).  There are quite a limited amount of tickets available for each session (of which there are 2 are Sat) but the opposite of limited amount of breweries attending.  We're talking 30 local and not so local American craft brews.  Before you complain about the trip out there, you can get there for cheap and without a car using public transportation.  And we all know, or would think, that from Staten Island you'd still be able to see Manhattan right?

To get to the Wild Goose take the (free) Staten Island Ferry, when you land get off at Ramp D and head to the S48 bus which will take you directly to the bar which is located on Forest Ave and Lawrence.

Saturday, Sept 25 - Kelso of Brooklyn Kicks Off Craft Beer Week @ Moonshine, Brooklyn $4 pints of most of what Kelso has to offer while drinking at an establishment that loves their moonshine.  You can find Kelso Nut Brown, Kelso Pilsner, Kelso IPA, Kelso CarrollGaarden Wit, Kelso Oktoberfest, Kelso St. Gowanus, Kelso Recessionator & Kelso Satisfaction.  You can also find the owner/brewer of Kelso Kelly Taylor and all his brewmasters there with him.

Saturday, Sept 25 - Sixpoint Brewers and Sheep Station Fall Harvest New York City Boat Cruise @ Departs from Long Island City, Queens: You'd think by now we'd have run out of NYC Craft Beer Week Opening Ceremony events.  Well we haven't and we've saved the best for last.  The gang over at Sixpoint is teaming up with Sheep Station to throw you a surely unforgettable boat cruise around this great city of ours.  While you'll be taking in the sites of that Manhattan skyline we all know so well you'll also be taking in all the open-bar Sixpoint you can drink.  Expect all their usuals (Sweet Action, Bengali, Righteous) as well as their two new additions:  Pumkin-Brewster and the Sehr Crisp Pilsner.  One to ring in the fall, one to still hold onto the summer.  There are also rumors that the Sixpoint guys will be throwing a few more surprises your way.  And by surprises we mean beer, not the free German sausages, sauerkraut, spaetzel, potato salad and German potato rolls.  Or the DJ.  Yes, if you feel so overjoyed by all of this you may dance on the boat.  In fact it's encouraged.

Purchase your Sixpoint Boat Cruise tickets here!

Sunday, Sept 26 - Sixpoint Atlantic Antic Festival @ Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn: Did I say best for last?  Well, we figured this and the last event kinda melded together.  Straight from the boat cruise the guys at Sixpoint will be heavily participating, yet again, in one of Brooklyn's biggest and baddest street fair events:  The Atlantic Antic Festival and the attached pub crawl.  Flocks of Brooklyn's craftiest denizens will be taking the streets with their booths selling just about everything you can think of that can be made in Brooklyn.  More flocks of Brooklyn's culinary best will be setting up their booths as well, feeding us Brooklyn's finest grub.  Finally, generously scattered throughout the length of the festival will be Sixpoint beer tents that will be featuring their yearly offering in homage to the Atlantic Antic Festival:  The Atlantic Antic Amber.  All the bars along the path will get a keg to serve up, as well as will be serving up another Sixpoint draft or two.  Here's what I recommend:  Go to boat cruise, dance, drink Sixpoint, take in sights, drink more Sixpoint.  Land cruise, find bar(s) that serve Sixpoint.  Attempt sleep (don't really attempt sleep).  Go to Atlantic Antic, drink Sixpoint, eat Mexican, drink more Sixpoint, eat festival Italian sausage (you know, for Oktoberfest right?), drink more Sixpoint, dance in street.  Love craft beer.

Directions to Atlantic Antic - The event spans Atlantic Ave from Hick's street in Cobble Hill over to 4th Ave approaching Park slope.  You can literally take almost any subway that heads near downtown Brooklyn and hit the event.  My suggestion is get off at the B, D, N, Q, R, 2, 3, 4, 5 stops at Atlantic Ave near 4th street and walk the length of the event eastward towards downtown Brooklyn.  It's truly transcendent when the sun starts to set as you get a view of the East River and the NYC harbor, especially if you've had a few Sixpoint Craft Ales.