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New York, NY
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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.


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Liveblog: S.K.I. Beer Weekend @ Mugs Alehouse

Beerfriend Paul

Mugs Alehouse had a fun event this past weekend.  They did their first ever “Distributor Weekend” with S.K.I. Beer this past weekend.  It was a really cool idea where they had S.K.I. Beer take over the taps on Friday with a new beers to rotate in on Saturday and Sunday.

S.K.I. Beer carries breweries like Cigar City, Founders, River Horse, Bear Republic, Speakeasy, and Stone (To name a few).

Also, with the World Cup’s first weekend in full swing Paul and Phil decided to go check this event out during the USA v. England match.  Well… Paul decided to, Phil just went along with it.

Paul: First round - Founders Reds Rye: Forgot I had this beer until I tasted it. Delicious red ale by founders. It's sweet with a light bite at the end. Always a pleasure to run into a bee I've had before, even if I didn't remember her name.

Paul, standing by himself, cheered when the wrong team scores. Uniform color recognition fail...

Paul: Second Round- Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout: This beer has been said to be a must try, and after first sip it's hard to disagree. Its a strong (imperial) and full of flavor. It definitely has more bite than most stouts, reminds me of other Russian imperials I've had.  If you Like stouts, or any beer, do yourself a favor and find this beer.

Phil finally shows up to keep Paul from feeling like maybe he should stop drinking so much by himself…

Phil: First Round – River Horse Hop Hazard (cask pour) : This is better as a cask pour.  Smooth, flavors rolls over your tongue through the whole profile with no jarring shifts.

Paul totally missed the US goal because he was getting another beer.

Paul: Third Round- Dicks Best Bitter Dry Hop (cask): it reminds me of drinking pulp less orange juice. A very good pull. I would like to try it on draft to see how it differs.  it's a good bitter that goes down smooth. But it leaves me wanting more.

Phil: Second Round - Bear republic Endeavor IPA: Crisp at the beginning, bittersweet through the last 2/3rds with a sweet finish.  The weird thing is there's kind of a skunky smell when you're coming up to it, but don't let that scare you, this beer is delicious.

Paul: Fourth Round- Ithaca Flower Power: I absolutely love this IPA. Great bitter flavor, the hops don't overpower but bring the bitterness late. The hops in this beer are incredible. It's hopped 5 times and it comes through in the flavor. Lots of different flavors in this beer from start to finish. Seriously, I love this IPA.

This was a fun event.  I would have liked to go out the other days to get a couple of the pours that weren’t available on Saturday, but I was happy to get a chance to check out Mugs finally.  The crowd for the game was big, and it was split between US fans and England fans.  It was a lot of fun to watch the game here, It was packed but that didn’t make it impossible to get a beer.  The guys behind the bar did a great job taking care of the huge game crowd.  This would make me feel pretty good about taking a trip out to this bar for a busy event or a busy weekend night.  Prices are middle of the road for Craft Beer in NY, but the selection is tops.