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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.


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Rogue Night at the Blind Tiger


Hola!  Beer Friends here and instead of doing the stereotypical Cinco de Mayo celebratory thing - the Beer Friends did Rogue beer and Oysters!  While enjoying the beautiful summer-like weather, we enjoyed the wide variety of pulls offered at Blind Tiger on Bleecker St. and had a few rounds of Yakima Bay Oysters.  Viva la Oregon!  Viva la Rogue!  Here is a sampling of the night: Brad 1st - Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout on nitro... This was easy... Shakespeare? Nitro? Being a English major in undergrad AND a nitro pour it was a done deal.  Well worth it.  Smooth and delicious even as the weather heats up... From now on I'm getting a nitro pour no matter the time of season.

Graham 1st - An IRA is more than just a rebel army in's also the style of Rogue's Sig's N' Western: India RED Ale!   Red, smooth, malty and HOPPY; it is a deliciously flavorful brew.

Phil 1st - Captain Sig's N'Western Ale is an excellent way to start off the evening, on a light citrus and hoppy note, balanced by a subtle malty finish, I could drink this any time.  India Red Ale is fantastic!

Brad 2nd- Brutal IPA - very tasty, not as hoppy as a Sixpoint Bengali Tiger but enjoyable... Tasty with the oyster shooters.

Graham 2nd - Eugene City 200 Meter.  Golden orange IPA. Just enough citrus with an aromatic touch of flavor.  I'd drink two if there weren't more Rogue to drink.

Phil 2nd - Eugene City 200 meter was great!  Very floral and almost fruity at the forefront, with a very clean finish, take this for your summer choice if you can find it.

Brad 3rd - American Amber - this is almost a perfect Amber beer, smooth and easy on the palette.  A nice end to the night... for Brad.

Graham 3rd - Latona is specially made with a new hop variety and some cool aromatic malts.  Solid malt and hop flavors seem to be the story for the night with Rogue and this one really follows in suit.

Phil 3rd - Chipotle Ale is the way to go if you like BBQ.   Smoky flavor with just the tiniest hint of a bite that really helps to accentuate the spices of anything you would be eating with this beer.

Graham 4th - Mogul is malt madness. end of story.  Smooth with hops, fits with the m.o. of the night.

Phil 4th - Dry Hopped Saint Rouge Red.  I  couldn't have picked a better beer to finish the night with.  A good malty beginning with a hint of hops for the middle, ending with a slightly malty aftertaste that rolls into a citrus.  If you're looking for a closer I would recommend this.

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