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New York, NY
United States

The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.


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Speakeasy Night at Rattle N Hum


Speakeasy at Rattle N Hum Beer Friends here trying out Rattle N Hum Speakeasy night! We may have left our hearts in San Fran but the beer made it to NYC!

First Taste Graham - Untouchable American Pale Ale- Smooth and dry. Easy drinking with a slow bitterness that eases all the way through. Great start to the night beer.

Brad- Zin Barrel Porter, only five kegs in existence-dammit! This is a very interesting pour. the Porter style makes me think of something heavier but the Crush Pad wine barrel aging does a number on this beer- The taste is very much like a wet red Zin. This is smooth and I'm still searching for the porter style... Maybe it's at the bottom...

Graham - If you thought a porter meant it had to be heavy in body then you sir are least with this pour. Texture of a red zinfandel and taste of the same, mixed with black malts, make this beer complex by definition.

Phil-Speakeasy Prohibition. A 6% ABV "hop forward amber ale". Here's the best beer I've had to introduce anyone to the world of hops. A nice malty color with a subtle but recognizable hop overtone, but don't worry, this isn't an IPA so if you're curious about them but are intimidated by the taste, this is where you start.

Brad Third Taste Speakeasy Scarface Stout is the most disappointing beer of the night. Honestly I was on the fence about Speakeasy as a brewery and the Zin porter and coffee beer really changed my mind... Now the stout puts them back in the bin. Honestly stouts are very difficult to do, but this is very run of the mill. I'm a stout guy.. Not any certain kind of branch but this is pretty low key. Good but not amazing. However a good beer to leave the evening not wanting more...

Phil's 2nd: iiipa, that's Triple IPA in case you hadn't guessed already. The weird part is you'd never know if you were handed one. Sure it's an IPA and the hops are the main focus of the flavor, but triple? Surely you jest! How could something this smooth and this tasty be 11.5% ABV? Milder and smoother than a Torpedo?! Witchcraft, that's how, but if you run across this one in your travels don't let it intimidate you, do yourself a favor and have a couple, you'll thank me.