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The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.


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Long Trail Night at The Pony Bar


Hello! Beer Friends here checking out Long Trail Brewery night at The Pony Bar in Hells Kitchen, Manhattan. Long Trail is from Bridgewater Corners, Vermont and might have the most beautiful brewery ever... On the backside of the restaurant portion there is a outside eating area and a small brook running through - pictures to come later. Here are some late thoughts on the night, but hell it's a blog and you can read it anytime-enjoy!

Brad- super excited for this one... After visiting the Brewery in bridgewater corners this summer- tickle me pink for Long Trail to come to Pony Bar.

First beer - brewmasters reserve Double IPA - this is a classic example of a "let it warm up" beer. Strange biting taste at the beginning but as it warmed up in the crowded bar it smoothed out nicely with less bite and a small after taste. This doesn't have nearly the spices of a typical or rather what I'm used to IPA. This is good but I'm looking forward to other stuff....

Graham - Long Trail is a favorite, a brewery that Ive been to many times and is close to my families New Hampshire/Vermont roots. Very excited about tonights event. Double bag is a smooth, malty but strong brew. Easy drinking with subtle malt complexities and a touch of bitterness from the hops.

Phil's first: I started with an Otter Creek Pale Ale, thanks to Graham. A good mild pale ale, but nothing special. a little watered down tasting but decent. Not a bad start

Paul- First round -Brewmaster Reserve Coffee Porter- first sip was very strong but balanced out a lot on the second sip. The entire pint was overall very good. It was a little heavier than I expected.

Brad round two - Long Trail Double Bag- amazing I feel like I heard bagpipes as I started drinking this... it turns out they came in the back door. Double Bag has long been a favorite for me and this was good... Needed to be warmer and will report back later...

Graham - brewmasters reserve porter -My first sip also came with bagpipes and chocolate malts. It's an upfront solid porter. More complex as it gets warmer. I would drink 3.

Phil's second: Next I took on the Brewmaster's Reserve Coffee Stout. Fan-freakin'-tastic! If you like coffee and you like beer, this is the one for you. Excellent coffee flavoring right out of the gate followed by a slow mellowing out to a great stout finish. If you see it. Get it.

Paul-Second round - Brewmaster Reserve Double IPA - Tastes like lemons... It's not bad, it's strong, but I personally like this citrus flavor. I love the bitter flavor, but this one is not for everybody.

Paul-Third round - Brewmaster Reserve Porter - described to me as "the beer I was put on this earth to drink" I found it pretty good. Its a porter that is very full of flavor. Mocha is the flavor I want to peg this with, but it could be any mixture of coffee and chocolate. Very tasty, however, I prefer a smoother porter.

Brad again... Again the taste I was looking for as it warms up. Finally.

Paul-Fourth round - Double Bag- one of the first beers I ever experimented with. When I first tried this beer it was the highest APV I had ever had. This beer is strong and wheaty, both qualities make is something special. This is my favorite beer by Long Trail. I am used to finding this in Coos County, it was a treat to get this on draft. I suggest it to anyone who likes strong beers.

Long Trail at Pony Bar