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New York, NY
United States

The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.

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Happy Hour

Black and Tan TV

Beer Friends

This week Paul joins the hosts of Black and Tan TV at The Gutter Bar LIC. Jay and Kern talk about how they discovered craft beer, what drove them to create a series centered around craft beer, and what they learned about the craft beer industry in their first season. We all discuss how important social media has become for breweries today and how they us it for their instagram review show ”Brown Paper Baggin’ It.” Then we look forward to next year and what it will bring the New York City craft beer scene and what we can expect from them for season 2. Follow them on instagram and facebook. Also, we want to give a special thanks to the venue for this week’s show, The Gutter Bar LIC, for allowing us to record in their space. Make sure to check them out for old school bowling and some great craft brews.

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Rock Band Phil

Beer Friends

It’s our 100th episode, and we wanted to do something special. Originally, we had interviews lined up with some of our old guests: brewers, bloggers, and beer slingers, ready to talk all things craft beer. Well, life doesn’t always go as planned. In a change of heart, we decided to go back to the basics, and honor one of our own. Graham and Paul go through the history of The Beer Friends from the original idea thought up over some happy hour brews, to the start of the Blog and video reviews, and finally to the podcast we’ve done these last five years. We opened up the archives to listen to our first ever podcast recording, never released until now. We opened up a special beer, told some stories, and most importantly said goodbye to a dear friend. Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

Grimm Artisanal Ales

Beer Friends

One of the most eagerly anticipated brewery openings in New York this year was Grimm Artisanal Ales in Brooklyn. We are thrilled to be joined for this episdoe by the husband and wife team behind the brewery, Joe and Lauren Grimm. From their inception as a brewery five years ago through their time as nomadic brewers to the opening of their own brick and mortar brewery we cover all things Grimm. We take time to focus on the two years it took them to build and open their brewery and some bumps that in the road that showed up along the way. They also tell us some of the changes and new brews we can expect now that they are fully operational in their new Brooklyn home. Follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for their new can releases Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

Beer Karma Session 3

Beer Friends

Our third summer in a row we visit with Dan from Beer Karma to chronicle his journey from day job to small business owner. He tells us how his life has settled down in his second year of business, and discusses his new normal being an active part of the beer industry. You can find Dan around New York this week promoting his upcoming collaboration with Keg and Lantern Brewing Company, the 8X400 IPA, an homage to his craft beer running group.

Come out, drink the beer, and try the workout it’s named after!

  • August 8th at 6:30pm at As Is
  • August 11th at 10:45 am at Beer Karma August 11th at 10:45 am
  • August 15th at 6:45pm at Beer Noggin

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Revisiting Beer Wars

Beer Friends

We look back on the 2009 documentary Beer Wars with director Anat Baron. Close to a decade after its release this film is still relevant in today’s craft beer scene. Even with the addition of nearly 5,000 breweries there are still the same issues with the three-tier system, the battle for shelf space has only grown fiercer, and how advertising still plays an important role for brand loyalty. Beer Wars is worth a watch for anyone who wants to understand the inner working of the beer business. You can grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

BREWth in Advertising

Beer Friends

We bring back our friend Steele for what has become his annual summer episode! He tells us about the new interactive comic book he wrote for New Belgium and Wired . This takes us on a discussion of what craft breweries are doing to set themselves apart in this ever-crowding marketplace. We discuss advertising in social as well as traditional media for breweries that are craft and macro. Finally, Steele also offers a life hack for drinking cheap in expensive places. You can find Steele online at his website or on twitter and make sure to subscribe to Radio Room on iTunes or your favorite podcast app. Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

Island To Island

Beer Friends

We head out to Prospect-Lefferts Gardens to visit Island To Island Brewery and talk to owner Danii Oliver. She sits with us a she prepares some fruit for a new beer we discuss the unique ingredients she uses for her brews. She tells us how she went from making juice to brewing beer and what may be coming in the future for her brewery. Follow the brewery on Instagram and make sure to get out to visit the brewery at 642 Rogers Avenue in Brooklyn this summer. Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

Beer, Period

Beer Friends

We are joined by the hosts of the live craft beer comedy show Beer, Period. Hayley and Ally tell us about their live show, how they got into craft beer in the first place, and how they both came to work in the industry. We discuss craft beer in New York, some thoughts on the current haze craze in craft beer, and their eternal quest for some cans of Other Half. Make sure to reserve your tickets for Beer, Period on Friday June 8th at the Magnet Theater. Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

Untappd with Greg Avola

Beer Friends

If you’re listening to this episode and don’t know this week’s guest by name, you are almost certainly familiar with his work. We are happy to be joined by Greg Avola, the CTO of Untappd, the popular beer app that adds a social element to drinking. Greg keys us into how Untappd has developed over the past few years and where it may be heading in the future. We talk about how technology is being used more by beer lovers, and how that is affecting the craft beer community. You can hear more from the Untappd crew on “Drinking Socially: The Official Untappd Podcast” anywhere you listen to podcasts. Grab a pint and join our conversation on facebook, twitter, or send us an email.

Joshua M. Bernstein

Beer Friends

Joshua M. Bernstein joins us to talk about his new book Homebrew World (out today!). Over a few brews at Covenhoven in Brooklyn we bond over our interest and admiration of home brewing even though we share a similar lack of ability. Besides Homebrew World we also discuss the three other books he has written, how he follows trends in craft beer to find new stories, and how drinking in New York has changed in the last fifteen years. Be sure to get a copy of his new book and all of his other books Brewed Awakening, The Complete Beer Course, and Complete IPA. Special thank you to our hosts at Covenhoven, you can follow them on facebook, twitter, and instagram. You can grab a pint and join our conversation with Joshua on Twitter or instagram and with us on facebook, twitter, instagram, or send us an email.