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New York, NY
United States

The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.

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Happy Hour

Malt and Mold

Beer Friends

We stopped by the Gramercy location of Malt and Mold to sit down and talk with proprietor Kevin Heald. He tells us about opening a beer and cheese shop in Manhattan in 2012 and he reminds us that this craft beer surge in NYC has been going on a little longer than we remember. We discuss what it’s like to have a beer and cheese shop in Manhattan and he tells us about the different decisions he has had to make in each neighborhood. Follow them on facebook , twitter, and instagram . Then find your way to the Lower East Side or Gramercy location to taste some great local beer and bring home some fantastic fromage. Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

Lineup Brewing with Katarina Martinez

Beer Friends

We went out to Greenwood Park in Brooklyn to talk to Lineup Brewing owner and head brewer, Katarina Martinez. We find out how she started brewing and how her background outside of the craft beer business gave her experience for starting her own brewery. We discuss the future of Lineup Brewing and Katarina alludes to what might be in the near future for the brewery. This episode comes complete with a cameo form a head brewer of another popular New York City craft brewery (that is a professional tease). Find Lineup on facebook, twitter, and instagram. Special thanks to Greenwood Park for allowing us record on their patio. Though it may sound like we were recording in traffic, I can assure you (mom and dad) that we were safely on bar property. Grab a pint and join our conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

Beer Karma: One Year Later

Beer Friends

Last summer we visited an empty storefront in Williamsburg Brooklyn to talk to Dan Lamonaca to talk about his plans for a future bottle shop in this space. One year later we went back out to see his progress and visit the now open Beer Karma Bottle Shop and Tasting Counter. From the liquor license to construction permits we go through the hurdles he encountered and the hoops he had to jump through to open his doors. Dan gives us a unique perspective of what it’s like to open a small craft beer business in New York City. Find Beer Karma on twitter , instagram, and visit Dan at the shop. Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

Wartega Brewing with Merlin Ward

Beer Friends

Merlin from Wartega Brewing joins us this week to talk about the brewery he owns and operates with his wife Mimi. A founding member of the Brewminaries ; Merlin tells us how he turned his home brew hobby into a fully functioning brewery. From the cultivation of their recipes to how they acquired their brewing equipment to we talk about the road they took from brewing in the kitchen of a Brooklyn apartment to their grand opening earlier this year. You can follow them on all social media platforms @wartega and you can get their beer visiting the taproom they share with Industry City Distillery (which boasts one of the best views in the city) or you can join the Wartgea Family to get exclusive release bottles every month. Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

Yes, And... with Radio Room

Beer Friends

We invited Steele Filipek and Adam Lance Garcia from Radio Room to come on to talk about new episodes of their show and drink some of Steele’s homebrew. We discuss all the aspects of home brewing WORTS and all… (get it?!?) A wide-ranging conversation that touches on Ideas for nerdy breweries to different styles of beards and a lot in between. New episodes of Radio Room available now and you can catch up on Soundcloud or your favorite podcast app. You can also find Steele or Adam as well as Green Lama novels online. Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

Good Beer Passport with Rev

Beer Friends

This week we are joined by an old friend Rev from the Good Beer Passport. Rev is a food influencer, an expert burger taster , and (most importantly to us) a former craft beer bar owner. We reminisce about the bar he used to own, how the craft beer market has shifted in New York City since that bar opened, and how the Good Beer Passport started to what it has grown in today’s craft beer landscape. You can find Rev on all social media platforms @RevCiancio, The Good Beer Passport is available now and is valid until September 4th. Also, a very special thanks to Good Passport participant One Mile House for hosting and allowing us to record in their space. Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

Consumer Remorse

Beer Friends

The day after Wicked Weed sold to AB InBev we had another brewery sell. Lagunitas agreed to sell their remaining shares to Heineken giving them total control of the countries 9th largest brewery. Meanwhile AB InBev closes the market of South African hops to American Craft Brewers. We discuss how these major beer companies use nefarious tactics to gain an advantage over craft brewers. Finally, we talk about a disappearing classic brand that may be poised to make a comeback. Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

St. Gambrinus Beer Shoppe

Beer Friends

Owner Ray and bartender Carly, of St. Gambrinus Beer Shoppe located in Boerum Hill Brooklyn, offer a unique perspective on navigating the craft beer landscape while owning and operating a local craft beer bar and bottle shop here in NYC. Join us as we discuss the small business side of craft beer, how a bar that is purely craft differs from other establishments, and Graham asks the cheesiest craft beer questions. Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

Wicked Weed Reaction

Beer Friends

Wicked Weed from Asheville North Carolina was acquired by AB InBev. We talk about the meteoric rise of this craft favorite and react to their decision to sell their brewery. Also, we go back over the previous nine craft brewers to sell to AB InBev and discuss what direction they might go next. Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

Arcane Distilling

Beer Friends

It’s a rare day when we see something new in the world of alcoholic beverages but today is one of those days. We are used to hearing about beer AND whiskey, but what if the beer you were drinking WAS whiskey? We went to Arcane Distilling to talk to Dave Kyrejko about his Lone Wolf Series of Craft Beer Whiskey. He tells us about his process of distilling beer and how his whiskey differs from other distilled craft beers. Also, we learn what Fernet is and got to try his interpretation of this popular spirit. Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.