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New York, NY
United States

The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.

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The homepage of our podcast where we talk to brewers, bar owners, and bloggers in the craft beer scene.

Untappd with Greg Avola

Beer Friends

If you’re listening to this episode and don’t know this week’s guest by name, you are almost certainly familiar with his work. We are happy to be joined by Greg Avola, the CTO of Untappd, the popular beer app that adds a social element to drinking. Greg keys us into how Untappd has developed over the past few years and where it may be heading in the future. We talk about how technology is being used more by beer lovers, and how that is affecting the craft beer community. You can hear more from the Untappd crew on “Drinking Socially: The Official Untappd Podcast” anywhere you listen to podcasts. Grab a pint and join our conversation on facebook, twitter, or send us an email.

Joshua M. Bernstein

Beer Friends

Joshua M. Bernstein joins us to talk about his new book Homebrew World (out today!). Over a few brews at Covenhoven in Brooklyn we bond over our interest and admiration of home brewing even though we share a similar lack of ability. Besides Homebrew World we also discuss the three other books he has written, how he follows trends in craft beer to find new stories, and how drinking in New York has changed in the last fifteen years. Be sure to get a copy of his new book and all of his other books Brewed Awakening, The Complete Beer Course, and Complete IPA. Special thank you to our hosts at Covenhoven, you can follow them on facebook, twitter, and instagram. You can grab a pint and join our conversation with Joshua on Twitter or instagram and with us on facebook, twitter, instagram, or send us an email.

Talking POURtraits with Matt Furman

Beer Friends

This week we are joined by Matt Furman who is better known to the craft beer community as @ThePourtraits. We talk about how his visit to Belgium intensified his love of beer, what inspired him to begin his craft beer Instagram page, and his unique experiences photographing some of the most creative and revered brewers in the country. If want to see more of Matt’s photography outside of his craft beer work, you can find him @furmanfoto or on his website. Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

Brand Loyalty?

Beer Friends

This week we discuss the ever-changing landscape of craft beer as we see one brewery sold at auction and another close its doors. Last week Smuttynose Brewing Company was sold at auction to The Provident Bank; we look at how they got to this point and what their place is in the current craft beer climate. Then we talk about the closure of Saratoga Brewing and what that means for some of their contracts. Specifically, a Brooklyn craft brewer trying to make a name for themselves in the New York City Craft Beer scene. Finally we wonder if the term “Craft Beer” has a place in today’s culture , or if we need new terms for what defines the beer we drink. Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

The Beer Can Professor

Beer Friends

Recently, while stranded in Charleston (due to inches upon inches of snow), Paul got his hands on some Holy City Chucktown Follicle Brown . Later that night, there was a familiar face in his Instagram comments… This week we interview the man on the can, The Beer Can Professor ! Paul Roof joins us to discuss how his face landed on a beer label, big beards, and the growing Charleston craft beer scene. You can purchase his line of men's grooming products on Etsy and follow him on Instagram. Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

Dante Hill

Beer Friends

We are joined by the Rooftop Dreamteam to drink some craft beer (mostly) and talk about music. Rapper Dante Hill and manager Rocc discuss some new projects they are working on, how they keep their presence on social media while they are between projects, and what it would take to get Rocc to drink craft beer. Throughout the episode they draw similarities between how independent artists and craft breweries operate on social media to drive fans to their product. Also, Dante and Paul realize they share a favorite watering hole uptown. You can find Dante on Instagram and listen to his music on iTunes, Tidal, Google Play, Soundcloud, and YouTube. Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

Happy BREW Year!

Beer Friends

Some recent news of breweries partnering with companies outside the alcohol industry has us thinking about the future of Craft Beer and what we can expect in the year ahead. Two craft brewers have made major deals in the sports world as other brewers partner with some major food service companies. Also, with the release of some rare beer in late 2017 the guys discuss what whales they might seek out in the new year. Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.


Beer Friends

We discuss another two breweries being sold as #TheGreatBuyout continues. One of the old guard sells and loses its craft status as a younger brewery manages to keep theirs. How do these breweries now fit into the craft beer landscape? We also discuss the trend of bars that are rejecting craft imposters and doubling down on local and independent breweries. Also find out how Paul’s #Hopfast is going while Graham and Phil taunt him with IPAs. Grab a pint and listen as the guys butcher the name Catawba for almost an entire episode! You can join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

Bonn Place Brewing

Beer Friends

We get away from New York and out to the Lehigh Valley to visit one of our favorite bartenders turned professional brewer. Sam Masotto and his wife Gina own and operate Bonn Place Brewing on the south side of Bethlehem Pennsylvania. This is the culmination of an idea that has been brewing since we first met Sam when he worked at The Pony Bar. He tells us how he got his start home brewing to the jobs he had in the beer industry through opening the doors of Bonn Place on July 31st, 2016. We discuss how Bonn Place settled in Bethlehem, how their business has changed in the first year, and their unique Instagram videos. If you find yourself near Bethlehem get over to 310 Taylor St and try one of their award-winning beers!

Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

Stay Gold Pony!

Beer Friends

The heart of The Pony Bar still beats on the Upper East Side. We sit down with Dan McLaughlin to discuss how he got started in craft beer, the history of The Pony Bar, and how the American craft beer scene has changed since the doors first swung open in April of 2009. We talk about how these bars impacted our craft beer journey personally and their effect on the New York craft beer culture. Dan takes us through the years of The Pony Bar from the expansion on the UES to the Closing of the Hell’s Kitchen location and what the future holds for one of our favorite bars of all time. You can find The Pony Bar on Twitter or on the corner of 75th St. and 1st Ave. Though it is important to remember “Some Nights You Ride the Pony, Some Night’s the Pony Rides You.” Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.