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New York, NY
United States

The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.

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Happy Hour

The homepage of our podcast where we talk to brewers, bar owners, and bloggers in the craft beer scene.

Kills Boro Brewing Company

Beer Friends

We hopped on the Staten Island Ferry and crossed the New York Harbor to interview our guest Sean Torres of Kills Boro Brewing Company. He takes us from his discovery of craft beer on Staten Island, to what went into starting the homebrew club Pour Standards, and how that all lead to opening a brewery. Located in Craft House on Van Duzer, it is a quick walk (and even shorter train ride) from St. George terminal. They produce some delicious brews with some unique takes on very popular styles making it a New York City craft beer destination worth a visit. Grab a pint and join our conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

Beer With(out) Beards

Beer Friends

The 2nd Annual Beer With(out) Beards Festival, a 5-day celebration of women in craft beer, comes to New York this week. We are joined by festival organizer Grace Weitz from Hop Culture to talk about how she got her start in the craft beer industry and how that gave her the idea to start this festival. We discuss how women have been overlooked in craft beer and how Beer With(out) Beards puts women who work in craft beer at the forefront. Events run from Wednesday August 7th and go through Sunday August 11th with tickets available on Eventbrite. Special thanks to Covenhoven for hosting us for this episode. You can grab a pint and join our conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

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Dogfish Adams

Beer Friends

Paul and Graham share their thoughts on the newest craft beer merger now that the dust has settled. They discuss how this will affect the craft beer culture, what other medium sized breweries need to worry about, and what we can expect from both of these breweries now that they are one. If you would like more information about this, you can read articles written by former Happy Hour guests Cat Wolinski And Joshua Bernstein. Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

Torch & Crown Brewing Co.

Beer Friends

We are joined by John Dantzler, Founder and CEO of Torch and Crown Brewing Company, to discuss the newest brewery in New York City. John talks us through the long journey he and his partner Joe have taken to get to the point. From their start winning homebrew medals, to the numerus business plans, the search for New York City real estate, and how an opportunity in the Bronx changed their outlook; we go through the entire Torch and Crown story up to this point. John also gives us all the details on the brewery they are opening in Manhattan this summer, including what popular New York City restaurant will be providing their food options and how they will fit into the burgeoning New York craft beer scene. Be sure to follow Torch and Crown on facebook, instagram, and twitter for updates on their brewery. We also need to give special thanks to Clinton Hall for allowing us to use their 51st St. location to record this interview. With great beer and a good atmosphere, they provided a great ambiance for this episode! You can grab a pint and join our conversation on facebook, twitter, instagram, or email us.

Cat Wolinski

Beer Friends

We welcome Cat Wolinski (a.k.a.Beer Affair), senior staff writer at Vinepair, on to discuss craft beer in New York City and around the country. She brings her expertise of what has happened over the last couple years in the craft beer scene and how that will shape the future of the culture moving forward. From New York City based breweries opening locations upstate to Queens breweries moving to Brooklyn, we all talk about what we think we can expect from New York craft beer over this next year. We also discuss a few things Cat has been covering recently like the impact of the government shut down on craft brewers, craft beer destinations, and the growth in market share by some unexpected imports. You can find Cat on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and read her articles on Vinepair. You can grab a pint and join our conversation on Instagram,Facebook, Twitter, or email us.

Black and Tan TV

Beer Friends

This week Paul joins the hosts of Black and Tan TV at The Gutter Bar LIC. Jay and Kern talk about how they discovered craft beer, what drove them to create a series centered around craft beer, and what they learned about the craft beer industry in their first season. We all discuss how important social media has become for breweries today and how they us it for their instagram review show ”Brown Paper Baggin’ It.” Then we look forward to next year and what it will bring the New York City craft beer scene and what we can expect from them for season 2. Follow them on instagram and facebook. Also, we want to give a special thanks to the venue for this week’s show, The Gutter Bar LIC, for allowing us to record in their space. Make sure to check them out for old school bowling and some great craft brews.

You can grab a pint and join our conversation on facebook, twitter, Instagram, or email us.

Rock Band Phil

Beer Friends

It’s our 100th episode, and we wanted to do something special. Originally, we had interviews lined up with some of our old guests: brewers, bloggers, and beer slingers, ready to talk all things craft beer. Well, life doesn’t always go as planned. In a change of heart, we decided to go back to the basics, and honor one of our own. Graham and Paul go through the history of The Beer Friends from the original idea thought up over some happy hour brews, to the start of the Blog and video reviews, and finally to the podcast we’ve done these last five years. We opened up the archives to listen to our first ever podcast recording, never released until now. We opened up a special beer, told some stories, and most importantly said goodbye to a dear friend. Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

Grimm Artisanal Ales

Beer Friends

One of the most eagerly anticipated brewery openings in New York this year was Grimm Artisanal Ales in Brooklyn. We are thrilled to be joined for this episdoe by the husband and wife team behind the brewery, Joe and Lauren Grimm. From their inception as a brewery five years ago through their time as nomadic brewers to the opening of their own brick and mortar brewery we cover all things Grimm. We take time to focus on the two years it took them to build and open their brewery and some bumps that in the road that showed up along the way. They also tell us some of the changes and new brews we can expect now that they are fully operational in their new Brooklyn home. Follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for their new can releases Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

Beer Karma Session 3

Beer Friends

Our third summer in a row we visit with Dan from Beer Karma to chronicle his journey from day job to small business owner. He tells us how his life has settled down in his second year of business, and discusses his new normal being an active part of the beer industry. You can find Dan around New York this week promoting his upcoming collaboration with Keg and Lantern Brewing Company, the 8X400 IPA, an homage to his craft beer running group.

Come out, drink the beer, and try the workout it’s named after!

  • August 8th at 6:30pm at As Is
  • August 11th at 10:45 am at Beer Karma August 11th at 10:45 am
  • August 15th at 6:45pm at Beer Noggin

Grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.

Revisiting Beer Wars

Beer Friends

We look back on the 2009 documentary Beer Wars with director Anat Baron. Close to a decade after its release this film is still relevant in today’s craft beer scene. Even with the addition of nearly 5,000 breweries there are still the same issues with the three-tier system, the battle for shelf space has only grown fiercer, and how advertising still plays an important role for brand loyalty. Beer Wars is worth a watch for anyone who wants to understand the inner working of the beer business. You can grab a pint and join the conversation on facebook, twitter, or email us.