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New York, NY
United States

The Beer Friends write, review, and discuss Craft Beer as fans instead of experts.  They share their unique voice and affinity for craft beer through multiple platforms and offer a range of media to join their craft beer conversation.

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Happy Hour

New York state of BEER!

Beerfriend Paul

The guys are all over New York this week as Paul and Graham get out to Captain Lawrence, The Bronx Brewery, and Threes Brewing. They talk about the Brooklyn Brew Shop episode of Brew Dogs, a large beer chain restaurant opening in Manhattan, and a place you can only buy Queens brewed beer.  Phil struggles to get back on his A game as the guys drink Ithaca Green Trail and Victory Kirsch Gose. Email the show #BottomsUp

Macro Beer Mudslinging

Beer Friends

Last year was a banner year for craft beer and big beer is terrified. This is starting to manifest itself in a couple anti craft beer ads that have landed in rather prevalent spots.  The newest commercial hits pretty close to home taking place during New York City Beer Week.   Paul and Phil watch this and react before the conversation moves on to other commercials that we've seen this year. They end the show with a good old fashioned disagreement about which beer is better. All of the videos and articles from this episode are in this companion.

At The Bar: Hollow Nickel, Part 2

Beer Friends

This week we return to the Hollow Nickel for the second part of this podcast At The Bar. Paul, Graham, and Travis turn this half of the podcast over to Nate from Union Beer as he continues to feed them beers.  Nate shows off Union Beer's craft portfolio buy busting out a couple Lagunitas favorites as well as others from Great South Bay and Sierra Nevada.  Nate also has trouble understanding Travis' new TSA approved wine opener and introduces Paul to a brewery he hadn't heard of by opening an incredibly rare bottle.  Needless to say Paul's mind (as well as that of the other gentlemen) was blown. Email the show Thanks for listening. Keep drinking those #crushable brews, #bottomsup

At The Bar: Hollow Nickel, Part 1

Beer Friends

Graham and Paul pay a visit to Hollow Nickel in Brooklyn and had a great conversation with the bar manager Travis and his Union Beer representative Nate.  They talk about the short history of the bar, the beer scene in Brooklyn, and the distribution side of craft beer.  They also sampled and discussed some of the craft offerings Union Beer Distributors provide.  Join the boys as they venture to Boerum Hill to drink some #crushable brews with some new friends. If you are in Brooklyn stop by 494 Atlantic Ave and grab some of the incredible food and drink, say hello to Travis, and see if Graham is still there.

The HOPPIEST Place on Earth

Beer Friends

This week The Beer Friends discuss new seasonal beer options in "The Happiest Place on Earth," a class action lawsuit against a macro brewer, and they round the episode out with a discussion of the highest rated beers in each state. You can contact the show @HappyHourPod on Twitter and Instagram or email: #BottomsUp

Fifty Shades of IPA

Beer Friends

The Beer Friend charged with bringing the on air refreshments has done the unthinkable and brought a macro into the studio that craft beer built...

However, being the scientific minded (read: masochists) people they are, they didn’t let this opportunity go to waste! Listen as they give their opinions of this beer as well as their thoughts on other Craft imposters put out by Macro companies.  Then the discussion moves toward hops as the gentlemen grab Hi-Res from Sixpoint and begin to discuss if craft beer is too hop centric and, more importantly, do we care?

Let us know what you think @TheBeerFriends and @HappyHourPod or you can email the show

Thanks for Listening! #BottomsUp

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

Beer Friends

Recently Stone Brewing Company made some news by announcing that they would be contracting two of their year round releases.  This got The Beer Friends to wonder if they had ever heard of a craft brewery doing anything like this before. The conversation then moved to what beer each of the guys would get rid of from a major craft brewery, also which beers they would give immunity to and save from the chopping block.  Let us know which beers you would cut and which you would save @HappyHourPod.   

Hop Oil, Hot Sauce, and Hullabaloo

Beer Friends

The Beer Friends get together and discuss Sierra Nevada's new Fresh Hop ale that could be available anytime throughout the year. The guys pine for Rogue's Sriracha Stout. Also, they talk about something usually only mentioned as an aside. The middle of the three-tier system comes to the forefront as two huge distributors in New York plan to merge even as they face opposition from bodega owners across the city. Join them as they drink Firestone Walker DBA, Founders Dry Hopped Pale Ale, and listen to them profess their love for Evil Twin I Love You With My Stout.  Join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram @TheBeerFriends and find the show @HappyHourPod. Bottoms Up!

Your Reputation Precedes You Mr. Adams

Beer Friends

This week The Beer Friends got together to discuss a story from Boston Magazine "Wasted: How The Craft Beer Movement Abandoned Jim Koch." It is obvious in this that Samuel Adams doesn't hold the same clout is used to, but have Craft Beer purists truly left Boston Beer Company behind? Has Jim Koch failed to stay with current trends? Is this just making a mountain of a molehill? Listen as they discuss their feelings about Boston Beer Company, as well as if other breweries in the top 10 run the risk of this happening to them. 

Boston's Beer Bribery Boondoggle

Beer Friends

Pay to play allegations lobbed by a Cambridge brewer at two popular Boston bars send waves through the entire Craft Beer ecosystem.  Brewers and bar owners respond and capture the attention of the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission in a story that forces us to confront an ugly possibility. This fight over dirty lines brings legal and commercial consequences to both sides as this ongoing story is only getting started.